it was all these little struggles going on behind the scenes. And then Feinstein decided to go be a senator, which is fine with me. Except Barbara Boxer is my favorite.

Windy City Times: Yeah?

Margo St. James: And good-time pal!

Windy City Times: Do you attend all of the Hookers Balls?

Margo St. James: I have not been able to travel as much as I would like to lately, but usually I get my way paid. The hookers pay my way to the conferences. It's great. I ended up going back to France in '05. I was over there for three weeks. And they paid me back for my plane fare in Euros, so I didn't suffer, and I spent a week or so down in the south where I lived and saw everybody, then came back up to Paris.

Windy City Times: Talk to me about abortion.

Margo St. James: I did abortions in the '60s.

Windy City Times: You performed them?

Margo St. James: I did. I had a male nurse friend who taught me how. I even did one on myself and almost died. Infection, you know. But everybody else came out okay. Can I say that out loud now? You think the Feds would start coming after me? Yeah. I did them in my nun's habit.