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"Dr. Manipod's extensive experience as a nationally recognized speaker and author on the topics of mental health and physician wellness

make her the ideal person to lead the next evolution of The DO magazine, which has been a valued resource for the osteopathic profession for more than 60 years," says AOA CEO Kevin Klauer, DO, EJD.

"She has a deep understanding of the issues, challenges and opportunities facing today's DOs and osteopathic medical students and will use that knowledge

to ensure The DO's content remains impactful and relevant for their lives and careers." 


2/18/2022 Updates:

I am now officially a "Active Release Techniques Certified Provider", and was personally invited by owner/founder Michael Leahy DC to come be on the IronMan recovery team in Kona, Hawaii in Fall of this year.  (again, already did this twice twenty years ago)  

Thomas Hendrickson, DC has closed his Kensington office, and moved to the Marin County coast.   

I find it beyond ironic to note that 20 years ago I was receiving referrals for advanced soft-tissue treatments from "Lenny" Stein, DC, while working for Kevin Stone MD next door.  Alan Wood DC is now an ART Instructor, but appears to have separated his business from Lenny's.

I met at the ART class. and we talked for awhile about Devin Wu, PT, LAc, and how Devin was my PT mentor at Dr. Stone's office, before the APTA and Stanley Paris told me God hates me because I have pierced ears, and banned me for life.

I mentioned to Stephanie some of the TCM/Fascia theories of Thomas Myers and the Stecco Fascia Manipulation school of thought, how Warren Hammer advised me years ago.   Stephanie likes to play basketball.

For some reason I thought I would hear something from Team USA this year, but this did not happen. 

Might meet soon with Alan Wood DC, to talk about my posssibly returning to the DC program at Life Chiropractic College West (Life West) sometime soon.  I am amused by his 8th degree black belt under Chuck Norris...

I asked Stephanie Wu to talk to me about my appearance at the SF Asian Art Museum in 2008, and "acupressure"... what was it like living in Taiwan?


Medical students involved in sex work need better support, conference hears

BMJ 2021374 doi: (Published 14 September 2021)

Cite this as: BMJ 2021;374:n2247

The General Medical Council and Medical Schools Council must ensure that medical students involved in sex work are safe from expulsion and professionalism proceedings as a result of this work, doctors at the BMA’s annual conference have said.

The motion, passed in part at the annual representative meeting on 13 September, noted that a large proportion of medical student sex workers were from marginalised backgrounds and that … 



White Guy Overhears Massage Gossip, Replies in Flawless Mandarin


7 reasons nurses quit: 


“If we had parents that did a better job of parenting and holding their kids accountable for what they wear

before they left the house, I don’t think we’d have the issues we have right now with our dress code” 

(& bans the sandals worn by Jesus..,and the hairststyle worn by Jesus... and the ear piercings worn by Buddha... and V necks?  WTF?)

777  ok's nose piercings, tattoos below the neck, and brightly coloured hair

American Physical Therapy Association maintains it's 1945 dress code and policies, if they have even made it that far yet, sees no cause for updating, discussion, or debate of anything at all, ever, as usual. 

Because the APTA still says I don't exist, I was never accepted to the DPT, that never even happened, despite all evidence to the contrary.  Stanley Paris is GOD, and GOD hates me... 


Aston Martin Valhalla is ready to Ragnarok with 937 plug-in horsepower

It's so dedicated to forward progress that it doesn't have a reverse gear  /




Dear Diane Moore, President of Paul Gauguin Cruises.

Hi Diane, I know this is unorthodox, but I knew your Dad's last wife Christa

Hi Diane,

My name is Brian.  I am 50 now, and USC just emailed me here on LinkedIn trying to recruit me to apply to their Master's degree in Hospitality Management. 

I started thinking about my whole career, all the ups and downs.  Christa Revnes was actually my main sponsor in 2003 when I was accepted to get my Doctorate in Physical Therapy

from the #1 top most influential PT leader in America, Stanley Paris, but after I moved to FL and started school, I was told that because I have pierced ears, I would not be allowed to

become a PT Doctor, instead I would be expelled on sight and shunned for life.  They say to this day that God hates me, because of my pierced ears.  I designed and built Christa's

wheelchair ramps at the penthouse in SF.  I saw Laurie Revnes a lot, she lived there, but your Dad had died and Christa had MS.  She was very depressed and all of the elite friends

had abandoned Christa, because of her MS symptoms.  This was all 18 years ago.  After the PT's blacklisted me, I became a bit sad myself, and even though I moved back to SF,

I never talked to her again.  The PT's never gave me a single meeting, hearing, or trial.  I was given a $10,000 scholarship to go to the Chiropractic College in the East Bay, but

everyone knows I don't want to be there.  MY BA was in Psychology, and I just got offered a lead Massage Therapist position in the East Bay after being in the Silicon Valley for many years. 

I have always thought of my work in this "5-Star customer service" mindset, but also had an orientation towards rehabilitation.  I have never been a cruise ship Massage Therapist,

but I bought a book on it in 1989, when I first started.  Believe it or not mt most recent LinkedIn email is from Scarlet Fu, a top face at Bloomberg TV. 

I really did sell William Randolph Hearst III his home massage table, in 2001, before i went to the Olympics in 2002 as a Massage Therapist.  Christa never talked about you, and you never visited. 

I can only assume you have a different Mom, from a prior marriage?  I spent a lot of time with Christa, at least 4 hours a day, for at least 2 years. 

I know you are a busy executive, but if you would please reach out to me and offer to consult with me about if you think the USC Master's in Hospitality Management is a good idea for me,

and/or talk to me about who your Mom is, and the story behind that, I truly want to communicate with you about these questions and concerns.  I have a Massage License in Washington State,

that I got in 2003 after I was expelled for life from PT school by Stanley Paris.  If you have any career or life advice for me, or just want to reach out, please get back to me. 

I have an oil painting that Christa did at the SF Penthouse that she gave to me, it is one of my most prized possessions, and I always name drop your Dad,

but now that I found out about you being his daughter, I simply have to reach out to you.  Please help me make sense of all this. 

I applied to Law School in 2010, I wrote my entrance essay about two things: how the PT's breached our contract and destroyed my PT career on baseless discrimination,

and I haven't even mentioned this, but after I was expelled I ended up in an 18 year dispute with the prostitution=massage lobby, also.  I don't want to be famous for these things, but I am. 

I name dropped your Dad when I emailed USC, do I have the right to even think about doing that?  Maybe I can meet you?  Please get back to me.  Should I enter the cruise industry? 

Will USC help me properly develop my brand as a Massage Therapist?  All I want to do is have a stable career and a retirement plan.  My ex-fiancee left me because I do not really have these things together. 

I wanted to start a Pilates company with her, she is why I went to Chiropractic College, and I am now $70,000 in debt to that, for no reason. 

When I got Christa out of the house and she let me drive the Jaguar, I think that car is worth more than my debts.  I used to do house calls for Robert Mueller and the DuPonts. 

The DuPonts or Hearsts could buy your cruise line in cash.  The prostitution=massage lobby has threatened to have me assassinated, 3 times,

and my alma mater SSU invited the first prostitute who threatened to kill me to be a guest professor, lecturing to the nursing students.  Who can explain this? 

Can you explain this and give me the direction and guidance I need?  Please reach out to me, Diane.  


Many PAs have long disliked the word “assistant,” often feeling that this misrepresents the profession and the work PAs do...

The American Academy of PAs (AAPA) House of Delegates (HOD) passed a resolution to affirm Physician Associate as the official title of the PA profession.

A majority of delegates voted for the name change (198 to 68) during this year’s AAPA 2021 Conference.  

“As the gavel lowered to close the 4-day meeting, the resolution became AAPA policy,” according to the AAPA.

“The vote followed several days of deliberation by HOD members and was informed by robust and rigorous research by international marketing and communications firm

WPP/Landor and AAPA’s external legal counsel Foley & Lardner LLP.” 

"...a solid clinical identity and practice as a colleague among all my peer clinician partners in medicine who have responded overwhelmingly with great mutual respect..." 


Hi Brian, 

Good to speak with you, I’m so sorry that things have been so rough all these years.

Here is the article that was published with details about (creators of the California Massage Therapy Council aka CAMTC) Maxine Doogan, Robyn Few, and Margo St James’s arrests.

The article is only 15 pages long, and you probably want to read the part of the text that the footnote refers to , but for a list of these pimps or almost-pimps masquerading as sexworker advocates   see endnote #47 for the details.

Take care and here is to your good health,

Melissa Farley, Ph.D., Executive Director
Prostitution Research & Education
Phone: 415-922-4555





Massage Magazine copied my website's format the other day, editor Karen Menehan decided to do that?  Or was it her bosses who finally couldn't take the pressure anymore?  Are they admitting I exist, that this is all quite true?  

Is my dearest love, my darkest heartbreak, Megan Binkley, a Sociopath, like the Australian model, simply having no conscience at all, no values, no morals?  Why did she make me go to Chiropractic College for her?   Her idea!

Why did she tell my Mom she was my Fiancee at Christmas, while cheating on me for months?  Why did she go with me to study Foundations of Anatomy Trains Structural Integration with Thomas Myers?  She doesn't even do massage.  Her idea.

The owner of, Melissa Farley, PhD, called me the other day.  We talked for about 20 minutes.  It became again more clear than ever that this is all about money, and politics, and noone watns to be honest about anything.  

Melissa only wants to complain about Robert Kraft, the Republican, and will not speak about Eliot Spitzer, the Democrat.  Melissa will not talk about lesbian or gay prostitution, only the exploitation of women.  Hearst must hate her so much.  Oprah.

She will speak about the total corruption of the American Massage Therapy Association, the perpetual BS of Massage Envy, Massage Magazine, she will talk about how Maxine Doogan threatened me,

she will talk about how utterly and unbelievably and proudly corrupt the Sheriffs of San Mateo County and Santa Clara County and San Francisco County, and every Bay Area County are,

how the Sex Work Supremacy ideology is worshipped by Google and Facebook.  

I moving, so I gave all of my marijuana plants to cancer patients.  It was a nice Covid Quarantine hobby, having a small garden. 

It's funny trying to talk about this with my Indian landlord, because he personally doesn't actually care, except he is always worried what the neighbors think, when actually many of the neighbors do thet same thing, or more likely are 

addicted to amphetamines, like Ritalin, it being the Silicon Valley way to get business done. 



Dear Brian, 

Thank you for writing to Focus on the Family (May 18, 2021).  Your interest in our ministry is appreciated and we’re pleased to have this opportunity to serve you by responding to your inquiry.

I can’t speak with absolute authority, but I have a strong feeling that the picture you saw on the Focus on the Family Canada website –

the one accompanying the article “Six Signs He or She Isn’t Marriage Material” and showing a young man with ear piercings – is nothing more than a standard stock photo. 

It doesn’t necessarily imply Focus on the Family endorsement of men wearing earrings, nor would it be fair to interpret it as an indication that our ministry is prepared to “back” you in your

ongoing dispute with the American Physical Therapy Association.  If anything, it reflects simple recognition of the fact that male earrings have become a fairly common feature

of the contemporary cultural landscape.  It’s not a subject on which we’ve adopted a hard-and-fast “position” one way or the other.

For what it’s worth, we find it very hard to believe that anybody would tell you that “God hates you” simply because you have pierced ears. 

What’s the connection?  It doesn’t make much sense. 

Obviously, we’re in no position to answer for the APTA, but if you think it might be helpful to discuss the hurtful treatment to which you’ve been subjected at greater length with a member of our staff,

please feel free to call and speak with one of our counselors.  You can reach them for a free consultation Monday through Friday between 6:00 a.m. and 8:00 p.m. Mountain time at 1-855-771-HELP (4357).

  The Family Help Center staff member who answers the phone will arrange for a licensed counselor to call you back.  One of them will be in touch just as soon as they’re able.

We hope this reply has been somewhat helpful.  Thanks again for caring enough to contact us.  Don’t hesitate to let us know if we can be of any further assistance.  God bless you.   

Timothy Masters

Focus on the Family  


Question of the Day:  Where did MSNBC political pundit Rachel Maddow go to High School?  Castro Valley High School 


You have to click on this link to see that of all people, the hardcore fundamentalist Focus on the Family is now using a huge picture of a guy with massive ear piercings as their Role Model for the Perfect Husband?

James Dobson has my back?  But the American Physical Therapy Association still insists that God Hates Me? 

(Dobson stepped down as President and CEO of Focus on the Family in 2003, and resigned from the position of chairman of the board in February 2009. 

Dobson explained his departure from Focus on the Family as a result of "significant philosophical differences" with successor Jim Daly.)


I watched the Sacred Heart University graduation ceremony on Youtube this morning, the PT's and the Nurses, in particular.  Funny how the slightest typo and you end up saying Scared Heart University.

I got an email back from the Real Estate lawyer David Deibel in Ohio, who I swore was the Ethics professor and Canon lawyer David Deibel, so I tried again and again,

I think I found the David Deibel I am looking for finally:  - so I emailed Father David again, we will see if he replies.

I think he knew Gavin Newsom's Dad, one of the many reasons Gavin Newsom owes me a face to face conversation eventually.  I have only been asking for 18 years, Gavin. 



The course introduces students to the wide range of cultural and ethical questions surrounding the trade in humans.

We consider issues ranging from the traffic in women and children to the trade in human organs.

We especially explore the cultural, racial, class, and gender issues inherent in transactions in human beings and their flesh.

Who is selling their organs on the international market and why?

Whose babies go to whom in international adoption, and who decides what the best interests of the children are?

Whose bones are sold to museums and medical schools, and what do such transactions mean? 


Today brings a triple-double-whammy of heavy thoughts: 

Father David Deibel, who I have known for 30 years, emailed me to tell me I don't exist and he doesn't know who I am. 

He was the Canon Lawyer for the Archbishop of Sacramento the entire time I was seeing him at the Catholic monastery in Napa.

Hong Kong's top cop busted in an organized crime run prostitution massage parlor?  Who knew?  Now you know why Kamala Harris won't debate me, & Massage Envy won't talk to me.  I had to write the Canadian Chiropractic Association to ask, what is 2S at the end of LGBTQ?  2 Spirits!  The Native American slang for transgender or bisexual?


Rolling Along the Anatomy Trains with Jill Miller and Tom Myers for 37 Seconds: 


APTA has expelled Brian for life since 2003, telling Brian he is Hated by God, and is guilty of unprofessional conduct comparable to rape or murder. BUT, at the same time, for my identical twin brother Patrick Seweje, the exact same APTA says the exact same 2 Earrings are ok, and puts him on the National Board!  Doctor of WTF? 

Explain this, APTA.  Today.  NOW. 

We have waited 18 years for you to explain this.

Nominating Committee Member
Patrick Seweje, SPT                                                      Sacred Heart University Graduate Advising Committee 

Email the Nominating Committee Member 


Can I stand up for Nancy Pelosi and ask why all of a sudden the Archbishop of San Francisco is threatening her with ex-communication? 

The argument is cogent and coherent, but why say this now, not 30 years ago, Archbishop? 

Furthermore, Archbishop, I wrote you asking for help with my case.  I wrote Father David Deibel.  I wrote Brother Thomas Westberg.  I wrote Father Salvatore Ragusa.  When are you going to say seomthing about this?



During the struggle for civil rights after the Second World War, several American bishops did not hesitate to threaten excommunication to officials who opposed racial integration of Catholic schools. In 1947 Archbishop Joseph Ritter reminded the people of the Archdiocese of St. Louis of this penalty, and a parents’ group organized to fight the admission of black students to previously all-white Catholic schools was disbanded. In 1955 Bishop Jules Jeanmard excommunicated assailants of a teacher of an integrated catechism class in Erath, LA. In 1962 Archbishop Joseph Rummel of New Orleans excommunicated three Catholic segregationist leaders who attempted to block his school desegregation order. One of them, Leander Perez, quipped by describing himself as “a Catholic, but not an Archbishop’s Catholic.” Excommunication is a medicine of last resort to help erring Catholics return to the faith. 


Do "Black Popes Matter"? 


Yesterday I was on the phone for almost an hour with talking about everything important.  They listened.  We had a conversation.  We will talk again. 






April 7, 2021:  Apparently I have succeeded in opening a dialogue with a Senior Editor at Bloomberg Media.  I cannot say if this will go anywhere, or is is simply a brief whim, particularly since it is clear to me that Michael Bloomberg

knows who I am, he knows this story, and until now he like all other media has pushed hard to see that my story was not listened to, and absolutely will not be told.  This total corruption is what Hearst wants, what CNN wants, etc.

But for now, for today, the Senior Editor at Bloomberg Media is talking to me, we plan to talk again tomorrow.  Congress does not want this story discussed, the APTA wants this story crushed, to have it's throat slit, and tossed in the river.

She says to practice smiling, holding a steady voice, and speaking with authority.  Maintain the charming demeanor, while being honest about harsh facts.  This is essential if I make it to actually being interviewed on Bloomberg news. 

Hearst does not want this to happen.  Hearst wants me dead and raped, because this is what Massage Therapists are for.  Cover up , deny, and ignore.  Take the money and run.  Trust God, trust politicians, trust Jesus Christ, the Lord.

Trust China.   Trust Stanley Paris to care for you.


I owe the Chiropractic College which says Coronavirus isn't real $70,000, so I was looking at this nightmare, and to add joyous insult to overwhelming adversity, NelNet can't spell it's own name, and doesn't care, doesn't have to:

NelNet and posted this:

What to Do When You Can't Pay

If you're strugling to make your monthly payments, we can help. Explore different repayment plans and eligibility requirements. 

Strugling?  This is our government education provider?  They say I don't exist because they really are blind...


As of May 2021, we will be celebrating 19 years solid that the American Physical Therapy Association has blacklisted me, for life, refusing to educate me with my promised Doctorate,

claiming that God hates me, God hates my ears, without a meeting, hearing, or trial of any kind.  My acceptance was unconditional, and based on my academic and professional accomplishments and crystal clear potential for success.

April 5th 2021 makes 31 years since my first Massage Therapy certification.  I see no end in sight of any of this stonewalling, since noone will show leadership, noone will tolerate leadership.  Noone will say a word, at all. 

My landlord says that anyone showing leadership is guilty of "causing discord", and this is the actual crime which must be stopped and prevented.  So the corrupt corporations and bullshit leaders of bullshit religions & bullshit politics are sacred, untouchable... 


I ran into superlawyer Nicole Healy while getting fuel in Palo Alto.  I told her to, "Run for Governor Nicole!"  She frowned, and we changed the subject to motorcycle mechanics.

Nicole was a US Attorney in Washington DC, and wants Massage Therapy covered by health insurance, and recognized as essential healthcare,

while Jeff Bezos's Washington Post wants to pimp me & all Massage Therapists out, and blatantly and unapologetically prmoting sexual harassment and sexual assault of Nicole Healy, under the guise of "massage", because that's what it is, so says Jeff.

Someone asked me why I haven't posted or talked about NBC suddenly deciding to very briefly glorify Morgan Richard's research.  Why would I?  Let me know, please when my client William Randolph Hearst III wants me to write an editorial opinion.

I wrote Morgan and asked why my 20 years of saying the exact same thing was called a "hate crime" by Congresswoman Jackie Speier, but somehow Morgan being a transgender PhD student made it ok to say, for a day,



Special Section: Research Presented at the 46th Canadian Sex Research Forum

Who wants to talk about Jackie Speier's campaign, with Nancy Pelosi & Kamala Harris, to create and condone a sexually violent & hostile work environment for Massage Therapists? 

Sexual harassment of massage therapists by 75% of their clients 


But see the Hearst Corporation and the New York Times and AT&T want to be the pimps, they want to make money off of it, while saying making money off of it is a sin.  

While The American Physical Therapy Association says I don't exist, contracts don't exist, education doesn't matter, my Doctorate was never promised by Stanley Paris, 18 years later...

Simultaneously, Chiropractic Philosophy says Coronavirus isn't real, and Vaccines are the Disease... "Of course I'm a Doctor!"

The APTA, Democrats, Republicans, and media still refuse to discuss or acknowledge reality, of any kind, or even try.  All calls are blocked, and ignored, by everyone, always. 

Gene Simmons (aka Chaim Witz) is retiring and moving to Lake Tahoe, after being hired by Mormon Republican Romney to sing to the world at the Olympics, "Rock all night..."


The Pope smiles and says, "Nothing ever happened.  I don't know what you are talking about." 


"...At stake is the freedom of rational human beings to use a common vocabulary when speaking about what all can see.

Also at stake are the countless vulnerable souls falling prey to the tyrannizing “gender identity” ideology and the medical atrocities that go with it.

That is why religious freedom is also at stake. Religion is the last bastion of sanity..."

Walt Disney is God and Mickey Mouse is His Prophet!  (Disney owns the Wall Street Journal, and Fox News, and ABC News, and controls the NBA, and the National Athletic Trainers Association...should I go on?...)


Today the New York Times simultaneously, along with GQ, etc. says caregivers are prostitutes and it is the #1 & only priority of Massage Therapists to be sexually assaulted on the job, and to sexually assault clients,

while also on the same day saying: 

which all repeats exactly what the all propaganda all the time media did with the Larry Nassar case, what Rhode Island did, what the Queen of England did, what everyone does every day...


Subject:Certificate of Clearance Granted                                                 ...As a document holder authorized to work with children as part of your official duties...
From:"Commission on Teacher Credentialing" <>
Date:Wed, March 24, 2021 2:00 pm                                                                   Congratulations, on the issuance of your Certificate of Clearance.


Princeton English Professor, Anne Anlin Cheng, is cordially invited to contact me for a robust public discussion.

Palo Alto?  Berkeley?  San Francisco?  Where would you like to meet me Professor Cheng?   


3/23/2021:  37 years ago I was 13, I was dating my first real girIfriend, Catholic Natalie Meiron, who now makes $100K a year working for the Tracy School District.  My Mom says, "Good for her!"; another beauty queen gymnast Freeemason...

We broke up just as I was starting to get into New Wave and my friends were using eyeliner and hairspray and having thoughts about mental performance enhancing drugs... Natalie did not approve, but we danced to Animotion, Pretty in Pink...

I finally began the formal application process to be "Clear" by the California Comission on Teacher Credentialing, so know now I am waiting for the Dept of Justice & FBI to give me the thumbs up I need from them.

I am again beyond mortified and appalled to see this extraordinary parade of hypocrisy as I was made by the CTC to sign a waiver saying that if I fail to report child abuse I am in fact criminally liable, and can be sent to prison,

while I am being judged in fact and bossed over by full blown pimps like Gavin Newsom, Diane Feinstein, and Kamala Harris, the whole blatant cabal of corruption, same clowns behind the prostitution massage industry...

Excuse me, I am criminally liable for child abuse and can go to prison?  While being bossed over by pimps?  How far is it exactly from the FBI & DOJ headquarters to the nearest Washington DC "massage parlor"?  You are judging me?

I reported you, Kamala Harris, two decades ago, for promoting child abuse.  No-one did anything, and now you are the ever smiling Vice President, untouchable, identical really to Stanley Paris, same BS, same modus operandi. 

This is why when I was at Sonoma State I paraded across campus to protest CSU Chancellor Barry Munitz, whose name was on my degree, he belonged in prison too, as everyone always knew, Governor Pete Wilson knew, President Bush knew...

fucking hedge fund criminals run everything?  Because we love the children?  Let me know how you like my fingerprints and criminal record, DOJ & FBI.  Because you care so much.  About people.  & God.  & cupcakes.


The Thinkers

The Santa Clara County Library District is proud to announce: 

Photo Credit: Thompson McClellan Photography

Dr. Robert Sapolsky

Science and Nature Writer, Biologist and Neuroscientist and Stress Expert

Stanford Professor Dr. Robert Sapolsky is an outspoken atheist who is not allowed to speak at the local Palo Alto or San Francisco Jewish Community Centers; ("You talk to burning bushes, I am calling a Psychiatrist to put you in a straitjacket").

He has been allowed to speak and present at the Jewish Community Center in Marin County, which is where I met him. 

He lectures diverse topics such as stress and its diseases, the biology of our individuality, and living amongst baboons.

His unique perspective on the human condition comes from his years working in the field and the findings of his research as a neuroscientist.

His notable works include Why Zebras Don’t Get Ulcers (1994), A Primate’s Memoir (2002) and Behave: The Biology of Humans at Our Best and Worst (2017).

Virtual Author Visit with Dr. Robert Sapolsky Wednesday, April 14, 2021 @ 7:00 pm  Link to register  All events are free, held online, and open to the public. 


Today I am thinking about the many times Universities have charged me full price for tuition, then given me a professor who could not speak English to teach the subject, making it impossible for me to learn or get my money's worth.

This first happened to me in a math class at Sonoma State University.  This happened to me 3 times at UC Berkeley.  Of the last 3 times I have tried to take Biochemistry, I have yet to find a Professor who can speak coherent English. 

Every time, the University or College blames the student, and falsely accuses them of racism, for not speaking Scottish, Arabic, or Mandarin or some impossible accent.  Why can't American Universitites hire competent Professors?

Why bother trying?  Why bother watching corporate news, knowing it's all propaganda and lies?  I know William Randolph Hearst III, I know he is stabbing me in the back, with a smile.  I know Susie Tompkins Buell, grinning with glee as she slits my throat. 

Rape the Massage Therapists!  For the Money!  Hoo-ray!  Yesterday a woman was trying to convice me to, "Go to a Catholic University, they are the best!".  I am stunned.  "They have been trying to kill me my entire life," I say to her.  She smiles.


3/20/2021:  Actually, my RN friend from Singapore is "insulted" & "humliated" to have the prostitution industry be announced as the face of the "AAPI community" (and all healthcare providers)

by President Biden and the Associated Press, New York Times, etc.  WTF? is her question.  What could be more blatantly insulting than than the Hearst Corporation's extraordinary and total hypocrisy here?

I am waiting to see a single news media outlet point out that the arrested shooter in the Atlanta massage parlors was too young to rent a car, because every statistician & neuroscientist knows 21-year olds are not logical or trustworthy. 

The military loves boys this age because they will jump out of a plane while getting shot at for little to no pay, "For God and Country".  When they turn 25 they can rent a car, and start to think twice, maybe, about being this stupid. 

Today the Atlanta Journal Constitution claimed that Kamala Harris is Asian, then simultaneously claimed that one of the recently murdered prostitutes was both "running a totally legitimate business",

while having a massive running profile on prostitution massage parlor review website Rubmaps. 

Fox News managed to squeak out this Andrew Sullivan quotefest   

How can the Atlanta Journal Constitution say "AAPI" while denying Kamala Harris is half-black?  Who invents these terms, "AAPI"?  Wasn't it just last week that Biden (& the Pope) denied China was committing Genocide against it's own citizens in the West?

Since when was AAPI some kind of lovefest?  When I lived in San Francisco's Chinatown, there were always posters everywhere commemorating "The Rape of NanKing" (by Japan).  The Mandarin speakers often hate and fear the Cantonese, and vice versa.

When I was at the Olympics, Munich had it's own Hospitality House, completely separate from the rest of Germany.  The greatest longest running cold war in the world about prostitution is non-stop, between Korea and Japan. 

"No Comment", by NPR, NYT, Fox, etc.  

In Seth James DeMoor's recent interview with Kilian Jornet, it is noted Kilian Jornet is Catalonian, not Spanish, mere weeks after the head of the Catalonian rebellion was imprisoned.

When is Hilary Clinton going to call me?  To talk about the massages I gave to her best friend's daughters.  Unlicensed.  Unregulated.  Healthcare.  Elite.  "No Comment".  While the media goes after some airhead NFL player for sexually harassing a female MT?

Rush Limbaugh had a famous catchphrase, "The Clinton Library and Massage Parlor"... Fox news has a memorial for Rush on it's homepage right now, but is incapable of mentioning this today, too hot!  How much money are you making off this?


They spelled it wrong... but thank you Mayor DeBlasio.  3:07 - 13:17 of today's speech (is that a coincidence?  Or am I getting a nod, finally?) the conversation has started:  (When is Hilary Clinton going to call me?)

Mayor DeBlasio of NYC is formally announcing a plan to decriminalize prostitution, as I told Nathan Nordstrom about a month ago,

but he said it wasn't real, it doesn't exist, and no-one, especially not me, should be allowed to talk about this at all.   By coincidence, I was just on the phone while Mayor DeBlasio was making this statement,

with a Teaching Credential program here in California.  Because the American Physical Therapy Association refuses to give me my promised Doctorate or PT License.  Because I am not Christian, and I have pierced ears.

I am an ordained Christian Chaplain, under the creed of the Knights Templar, everyone loves a paradox.  So burn me at the stake, Pope Francis. 

Discrimination which is sytematic, intentional, & illegal.  Covered up, denied, and ignored, always.  Covered up by Shmuel Tatz, the PT above Carnegie Hall.  Stabbed in the back and dumped in the gutter by Stanley Paris & the APTA.  

Covered up by Gene Simmons, whose first song Black Diamond was about black streetwalking prostitutes in NYC, a song he wrote while he was a school-teacher in NYC, then made a ton of money acting like a cartoon,

then raised his daughter in a super strict Reformed Jewish household, wrote a book on prostitution, and a fantastic business advice book called Me, Inc. ... DeBlasio likes ska.  When will William Randolph Hearst III call me?

When will Gavin Newsom call me? 

Do you know your ABC's?  Won't you sing along with me?  Mayor DeBlasio?  Sir?  Is your sacrum sacred?


I am fairly positive I already managed to piss off: the Forbes family (I wish I had a degree in Art History, so I could inherit $20 billion!  Life is so hard as a Forbes, so hard...),

the Hearst family, MD's, PT's, MT's, DC's, stating certain facts and opinions has clearly had an inpact on my career path and trajectory.

Do I keep trying, or do I give up?  Should I post this?  I have already been banned for life by the American Massage Therapy Association (for not being a gay prostitute),

American Physical Therapy Association (for having pierced ears & disobeying Stanley Paris's claim to be God's Angel of ear fashion,

outing the Roman Catholic De La Salle Brothers (who invented modern education, even the recess bell) as the coven of homosexuality the Pope/"Princess Francis" doesn't want to acknowledge.



“Innate intelligence” lost followers fairly quickly, Kaptchuk and Eisenberg write. “Many of [Palmer’s] first disciples, destined themselves to be influential teachers of chiropractic, never adopted it.

The list of those who reject the Innate as 'religious baggage' reads like an honor roll of chiropractic's history. 


This is how to get banned for life from the International Chiropractic Association & Life Chiropractic College West (who I owe $70,000 so far thanks to Megan Binkley lying to me about getting married and having a baby together...). 

My guess is the American Chiropractic Association, when asked about this, will only say, "no comment".  

The interesting key point today on my mind here is how it was Beth Hunkapiller who introduced me to Megan, and what a great advocate Beth is for real science (look up her husband Michael) public education of the poor.

How absurd and demented is it, exactly, that via Beth Hunkapiller I am now both 1) Poor for life & 2) Being brainwashed to believe in religious lies about science??? 

How do you explain this to anyone, especially Beth Hunkapiller, Megan?  Last week someone told me, "You should have been a firefighter, Brian".  Thanks.



But will Beth talk about how the Police & Google promote sexual assault of Massage Therapists, prostitution, and organized crime all day, every single day?   Will Megan talk about that at Oracle?  Megan?  WTF Megan?



  • Make yourself and your senior team accountable to the organization and its people. Nothing should be hidden because that builds trust.



David Van Nuys, lauded Presidential Merit Scholar by the American Psychology Association, just emailed me saying "nothing ever happened/no comment" when I was conned and scammed by Professor Eleanor Criswell in 1995 & 1996, for being ethical 

while trying to get my promised Master's Degree in Mind/Body Psychology, as described and advertised on Page 32 of the June/July 1995 issue of Yoga Journal.  David is who I called for help, he is the one who told me it was a scam in the first place.

Now Professor Eleanor Criswell is a Distinguished Professor at the California Insititute of Integral Studies in San Francisco.  I was her protege for years, her #1 star student.  She conned me, and then blacklisted me, for life.  Just like Stanley Paris... 

I just called and Melissa Farley, Phd, who owns Prostitution Research and Education. 

I was inspired to call Donna & Melissa by being told to "stop researching prostitution" by the past President of the AMTA, Nathan Nordstrom.  

I was mugged and dragged up a flight of stairs by my head 3 blocks from the Jewish Weekly, breaking 4 of my teeth, and the SFPD also said "nothing ever happened", that was before I went to the Olympics in 2002.

I lived at 513 Bush Street  Jweekly is on the 200 block of Bush St.  I should call them.  Maybe we can chat.  Maybe they are in the mood today.


Before reading this, note again that in California, top UC Law School UC Hastings endorsed placing Unrepentant Whore Carol Leigh in complete control of the Massage Board, a move backed nationally by the American Massage Therapy Association

and seen as "heroic" by USA Vice President Kamala Harris: 

Is sexual contact massage illegal and horrifying, or is it the scope of practice and the job description?  Answer the question, Kamala Harris.  Publicly.

The total fraud that is the CAMTC was created by Catholic Republican Arnold Schwarzenegger, by prostitutes, for prostitutes, with full support of all Democtrats, & the entire US Media, including Disney owned Fox News, and Google owned Craigslist

as the 500 massage brothels in Washington DC go about business as usual, all day, every day, 24/7/365... Comedy is business, and business is comedy... and politics is absolutely hilarious! 


“The idea that the state board representing practicing chiropractors could vote unanimously to reinstate the license of a convicted sex offender

is a horrific and dangerous move that defies all logic, and is a slap in the face to people everywhere who have faced the trauma of sexual misconduct,

said Senator Weinberg. “By reinstating the chiropractic license of Bryan Bajakian, the board has placed others, including the most vulnerable, in harm’s way.” 


For the moment, I am restraining the urge to mail a copy of the British Journal of Urology's report recommending that mohel's be Registered as Violent Predatory Sex Offenders, or maybe a copy of Stephenson's Chiropractic Textbook

to the esteemed Senator Weinberg, since he seems keen to talk about ethics and logic.  All these questions intertwine, do they not?  Would you like to debate me, Senator Weinberg?  In public?  Are you marching in Gay Pride, Senator?


Malcolm Forbes died in 1990 of a heart attack at age 70, at his home, Timberfield, in Far Hills, New Jersey. 

In March 1990, soon after his death, OutWeek magazine published a story with the cover headline "The Secret Gay Life of Malcolm Forbes," by Michelangelo Signorile, which outed Forbes as a gay man.[12] 

Signorile was critical of the media for helping Forbes publicize many aspects of his life while keeping his homosexuality a secret.

The writer asked, "Is our society so overwhelmingly repressive that even individuals as all-powerful as the late Malcolm Forbes feel they absolutely cannot come out of the closet?"[13] 

Even in death, the media was reluctant to disclose his sexuality; the New York Times would refer only to him as a "famous, deceased millionaire"[12] while reporting on the controversy.

Since Malcolm Forbes' death, the magazine business has been run by his son Steve Forbes and granddaughter Moira Forbes.



Signorile is noted for his various books and articles on gay and lesbian politics, and is an outspoken supporter of gay rights.

Signorile's seminal 1993 book Queer in America: Sex, The Media, and the Closets of Power explored the negative effects of the LGBT closet,

and provided one of the first intellectual justifications for the practice of outing public officials, influencing the debate and treatment of the issue among journalists from that point on. 


Someone falsely accused me of being stuck in the past, and not being humble.  I asked what I did wrong.  He won't say a word.

I wonder if Robert Trujillo would like to sit with me and talk about that?  How about it Rob?  Chloe? 

I wonder if Phil Lesh would like to sit with me and talk about this?  Phil?  What do you say?  My ex-fiancee Megan would love to meet you Phil.  Linda.



During a conversation with Metal Hammer, the members of Black Sabbath looked back on the early days and

how they entered the scene with the 1970 self-titled debut album.

Saying that Sabbath got rejected by 14 labels before striking a deal for "Black Sabbath," bassist Geezer Butler commented:

"We were always told to go away and write 'proper songs' by the record companies, at least the ones who had the decency to say anything.

Most of them would walk out halfway through the song Black Sabbath." 



I got the Coronavirus Moderna vaccine at Stanford University Medicine today. 

Every single person working for Stanford University Medicine that I interacted with was a male with pierced ears. 


The American Physical Therapy Association says they are all hated by God; they must be expelled on sight and shunned for life!


Gentle Professional Polish hairstylist Adam Nergal Darski is a boring, terrible musician, however after 18 years of asking WTF? 

I finally, finally, finally, understand that the way I am being stabbed in the back by Stanley Paris & the American Physical Therapy Association's commitment to corruption is actually 1,000,000% normal business as usual:


...the court issued the writ without a hearing...


Read More: Behemoth's Nergal Convicted of 'Offending Religious Feelings' | 


February 16, 2021:  It gets worse, not better:  BRITISH MEDICAL JOURNAL:  FORMAL ANNOUNCEMENT of one of the greatest scientific journals of all time:

Welcome to the Brave New World of Hemi-Semi, Silly-Willy, Inside-Out, Wannabe Marxist/Capitalist/Libertarian/WTF? Medicine 

"...embedding activists/organic intellectuals in the theatre of power of the academy..."

"...purposely disrupted traditional power bases of researcher and subject...

"...ensur(ing) a truly Sex Work Supremacist led research process..." 


In an effort to humanize this website, I have periodically brought up musical tastes outside the "Massage Therapy" realm of meditative Japanese flutes, humpback whale echoes, gentle waves on the shores of Maui...

I have never wanted to talk about prostitution, per se, but here according to the facts, the meaninglessness of being an American Massage Therapist, in the face of false accusations of Unprofessional Conduct by the APTA-

In face of the utter despair of having had Megan Binkley abandon me the night before Valentine's Day in 2019, I can only dork out and miss being a teenage hairspray sponge;

this sad article from the UK: blew my ignorant mind!

I always thought the band GBH was a joke about their hair!  Great Big Hairdo  -- ends up GBH is British cop-talk for Grievous Bodily Harm - here stripper vs stripper?

The song "Diplomatic Immunity" does come to mind, if we can be serious about this.  Why are there 500 massage brothels in Washington DC?  Diplomatic Immunity. 



 ...Harpreet Singh, who already has his hands full with multiple services at the protest site, said he had heard enough people complaining

about bodyaches and fatigue and not doing anything for them was just not an option. 


Maori MP ejected from NZ parliament for refusing to wear linen tie


The typical leather, silver, and turqouise stone bolo SouthWestern tie was made the official neckwear of Arizona in 1971.

(Myofascial Release fans of John Barnes, PT such as my 1st Deep Tissue teacher Kim Santa know this, his ever present AZ style.... 

This update has deeper implications in the long simmering dispute between Stanley Paris PT of NZ, the American Physical Therapy Association, and myself, obviously,

especially because of my 2006 meeting with NZ MP Tim Barnett on this issue & massage=prostitution...) 

New Mexico passed a non-binding measure to designate the bolo as the state's official neckwear in 1987.

On March 13, 2007, New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson signed into law that the bolo tie was the state's official tie. 

Also in 2007, the bolo tie was named the official tie of Texas (signed into law by Governor Rick Perry). 

Is America ready to talk about stupid dress-codes, yet? 


I saw the elephant in the room.  I talked to the elephant.  I asked others to see the elephant, how big it is. 

They said, "I don't see an elephant at all!  What's an elephant?  I've never heard if it!  You are lying!  Elephants don't exist!".

So I fed the elephant peanuts, and took it for a walk.  I climbed on top of the elephant, and threw peanuts at politicians.


I keep thinking about the time I saw George Shultz walk by my window, when I lived in San Francisco at 2463 Jackson Street.  He's dead now, you know.  Just one other time I had a random political celebrity experience,

I was in Presidio Terrace, by Diane Feinstein's house, and Nancy Pelosi walked by... I would love to look Nancy in the eye, and tell her how the massage=prostitution lobby ordered me to leave the profession, and California.

How they threatened to kill me, repeatedly.  That would assume that Nancy cared.  Susie Tompkins Buell didn't care.  Hilary didn't care.  Gavin didn't care.  Republicans don't care.  Physical Therapists don't care.  Chiropractors don't care.

The question is, do you care?  Nakashima- "Respectful of that, I felt a sense of responsibility, and was highly motivated when it came to developing the 3rd generation model".


777  Torben Ulrich might be the most interesting client I have ever had, other than Amsterdam's (elite soccer coach) Franz Hoek. 

Torben wanted me to go to Lars's house in Tiburon, but at the time I had no car.

The media flub here is you would think Loudwire would pay a little more respect to Torben, since the most famous rock band in the world, Metallica simply would not exist as it does without Torben's sponsorship, any Metallica fan knows this. 

"Recorded in Denmark".  If someone wants to argue that the Rolling Stones are bigger, I can only say that they, like AC/DC, are technically Rock and Roll.

Also Torben wasn't "an athlete" he was a serious tennis player, with an ear for jazz.  Torben is 42 years older than I am, giving me something serious to think about and aspire to here today.  My 42 year plan.  Will I live that long, to 2064?



I have issued formal requests for an immediate public debate to Texas Christian University, Fort Worth Business, and Vanessa Bouche'. 

of course Kamala Harris is invited! 


Is the Kansas City Star going out of business?  The Kansas City Star will leave its iconic glass building at 1601 McGee St. by the end of 2021.  Printing will move to a 3rd party, immediately.


Is it superficial, or irrelevant?  Hearst publishing (Hi Will) offers this:

Making no mention of Bruce's 3 earrings, (2 left, 1 right) as the opening act for President Biden, strumming his guitar in front of Abe Lincoln's statue, as a prelude to the glorious fireworks above Washington Monument.

Bruce having even a single ear piercing makes him expelled on sight, and shunned for life, according to the American Physical Therapy Association, declared an abomination, detested by God.

Maybe you want to say, "You and your conspiracy theories!"; but isn't Bruce's pea coat virtually identical to the coat that Susie Tompkins Buell, D-Party powerhouse, gave to me, look it's right there in my closet.

Does President Biden want to actually say something out loud about this?  How about it, Joe?  When I call the APTA, they hang up on me.  They say I don't exist, and I have no rights.  What if you call them for me?

Of course any serious Bruce Springsteen fan will take this question a step further, and ask, what if Bruce had brought his long-time guitarist, who dresses like a Gypsy?  Would America freak out?  or applaud?

I have his 2nd solo album, Voice of America, on vinyl, I bought it when it came out in 1984; I was 13. 

What if Steve Van Zandt wore his Sopranos (HBO) outfit, dressed like a New Jersey Mafioso, carrying a concealed handgun, or two?  Would Esquire do a full article on Bruce's Pea Coat, then?

I told my Mom that it was bisexual Lady Gaga who sang the National Anthem there, but they are so alike to me, I was corrected, that was Katy Perry, my LSAT tutor's fave years ago.  He was so high on Ritalin, 24/7.  I am told it raises test scores 5%.   


Another free offer for you, Pope Francis, I'd be happy to do what I can for your sciatica.  You know how to get a hold of me.  Let me be your Brother and friend.


Dear Seth James Demoor,

I just watched both the Run Rabbit Run 100 videos you did, those are for me among the best you have ever posted, great psychology lesson, except you didn't say anything really about your event shoes. They look like maybe Raptors (La Sportiva)? Literally my favorite pair of shoes ever, but that rubber waterproofing can make you hot, stable but heavy. I disagree with many of your Ex Phys reasons for DNFing, but yes any weakness anywhere will break you. I am surprised, it seems like you didn't know the story of why Gatorade was invented by the U of FL, to beat AL at football- with electrolytes. That's why the original colors of Gatorade are the same as UF. I seriously don't think those events are healthy for anyone. My E Phys professor was a SF podiatrist, he loves Western States 100 for pathology. Glad to hear you are admitting to cross-training, using weights, & talking about aging. Truly inspiring story, knowing when to quit, looking ahead, and trying different disciplines. These are lessons I need to consider very seriously. Thank you. For crying and throwing up. Publicly. 


1/20/2021:  If the Biden Administration says this on Day One:

Does this mean the American Physical Therapy Association is obligated to finally fulfill it's duty and promise to give me my Doctorate, first promised by #1 top dog Stanley Paris in January 2003, 18 full years ago?

Or does this mean nothing at all, and the APTA will continue, business as usual, treating me like shit and completely ignoring it's contracts, ethics, and Mission?

Does the knife stay in my back, or is the knife finally being pulled out, APTA?  Why did they ban me for life over my pierced ears?  Is it an anti-transgender thing, or what is it?  They never told me, and still won't debate me.

I must say, after 18 years it would truly blow my mind, if the APTA actually treated me like a human being, even momentarily.  What if they finally give me my Doctorate?  Is that possible?  Stay tuned... 


(Winona Ryder, born Winona Laura Horowitz (October 29, 1971), is an actress. She graduated from Petaluma High School, in Petaluma, CA, in 1989 with a 4.0 GPA.)


Royal Caribbean Group CEO shares new outlook for road to recovery

Jan 19, 2021



I plea to thee, Queen Kamala!  Allow me trust, grace, and prosperity.  Did you talk with Susie about me?  Isn't that enough for you, Kamala?  What else do you need to know? 

Waiting again, waiting for your call, your kind voice, granting me freedom, please.  Or, if you say I am a criminal, Queen Kamala, speak of this crime, tell me what did I do wrong here, my Queen?  


...Not once in her career of condoning, promoting, and profiteering from using Massage as a front for prostitution,

leading to systematic, "normal" sexual assaults of her subjects (we are not citizens, are we?)

has Kamala Harris even once stopped to think about her crimes... a complete lack of conscience...

and now she is President of the USA, without a single "journalist" saying one word...

The corrupt media applauds itself, collects it's criminal profits, and smiles, gives Hilary Clinton a big hug!  Thanks Susie, for caring so much I could vomit!

The Media IS the Mafia.  The Voice of Organized Crime... Everyone knows, Barack Obama blows!


1/15/2020: Ola Grimsby nominated me to the  APTA National - Ethics and Judicial Committee- but the APTA says I do not exist?  How is that supposed to work out?


I was wondering why the American Physical Therapy Association's top ethicists say my pierced ears make me an "abomination", & the gay Roman Catholic priests I know, such as Father Salvatore Ragusa, have little to no support: 

Deuteronomy 22:5:  A woman must not wear men’s clothing, nor a man wear women’s clothing, for the Lord your God detests anyone who does this... 


But my Mom wears pants every single day?  How is that ok?  WTF?


Hello Dr. Victoria E. Malchar, DC,

I have worked and studied as your colleague for 31 years.  

In 2005 I interviewed the Chair of the Women's Studies Dept at the University Rhode Island, Donna Hughes, PHD, about the politics surrounding the wellness industry like yours, as you & practices like yours were 

clearly adversely impacted by Rhode Island's decision to use your Title, your profession, healthcare and wellness as the legal and only allowed euphemism for the prostitution lobby.  

The Rhode Island corruption & fraud was glorified last week, again, by US News & World Report, with no effort made to care at all about how this impacts you, me, and our patients.

I actually became involved in this as a victim of sexual assault and harassment, caused by former San Francisco District Attorney, and now Vice President of the USA - while I was working for her boss, the top D Party fundraiser,

Susie Tompkins Buell, (Who is NY Senator Hilary Clinton's best friend) - while all of the above claim no responsibility for anything, ever.  I was VP of the actual Massage Therapists union in SF when she did this to me, identical, though not even trying to be legal, to the Rhode Island approach -

more accurate is this:,of%20sexual%20services%20a%20crime.

What is your perspective or thoughts on this, since you are actually in Rhode Island?

Thank you,



Call me, US News and World Report.  Let's chat.  My rock climbing coach, Michael Hershberger, is on my mind, and his (so is he) half black, half-jewish sister, who is the advertising model for the Japanese owned Chinese Medicine school in Berkeley, AIMC.

I say this as I was trying to comprehend the ultra-biased Mortimer Zuckerman published utterly absurd article posted yesterday pushing for total and unquestioned decriminalisation of prostitution, regardless of consequences of any kind,

without anything resembling covering the story, and full blown lies about simple facts, the years aren't even correct, the quotes about Sweden are a distortion, wrong, and flat out propaganda. 

I have no budget, and managed to call URI, Rich Holcomb, meet with Tim Barnett.  Do have a point, Mort?  What is it?  You went out of your way to avoid the fact that the RI law scapegoated the massage and spa industry, intentionally, Mort.  This is nothing but a tragic lie, Public Health Fraud, on parade.

(This has nothing to do with Public Health, at all, in any way, shape or form.  It's about helping prostitution advertisers like Google and AT&T make money, while pretending to be innocent angels.)  

My actual curiosity today here lies in my mind being fried to a crisp after watching Seth James DeMoor's posting referring obliquely to Arnold's posting posing with his Conan sword calling for Trump's head, more or less,

and this led me to think about science fiction author Andrew J. Offut, author of 3 highly popular Conan books from the late 70's and early 80's, Conan and the Sorceror, Sword of Skelos, and Conan the Mercenary; 

I have for years and years referred to his Iron Lords novel as a "avatar" of sorts, for me.  I was 9 in 1979, reading these stories.

I always thought the main characters Oak and his alter-ego were interesting, being both an intellectual healer and a Conan-ish warrior.  I recall making this reference many times, I love that book.  It's in my car now.

What fried my mind to a crisp, having been a fan since I was a child, was reading his whole Wikipedia page, and realizing his son revealed and said this about the past President of the Science Fiction Writers of America,

he wrote over 400 erotica novels under fake names, " father had passed as a science-fiction writer while actually pursuing a 50-year career as a pornographer...".   Let's talk about Andrew J. Offut, Arnold. 

Definitely call me, US News and World Report.  We need to talk.  Your article is highly offensive to all Massage Therapists, and all spas, and every massage client in the world.  It's BS.  You know it's BS.


What do you think about the way pro baseball legend Tommy Lasorda is being lauded as a "father figure" since he died last week?   I want to ask James Day, former A's and Giants Massage Therapist.

What did "father figure" Tommy Lasorda have to say about his actual flesh & blood son?  

My son wasn’t gay. No way. I read that in a paper. I also read that a lady gave birth to a fucking monkey. That’s not the truth.”  (Tommy Jr., died of complications related to AIDS in 1991) 

and I thought my older brother was treated like shit by my Mom, our father, and step-father, for no actual reason...

The way I have been treated with fear, hatred, suspicion, and blacklisting by so many, Stanley Paris, etc., seems like carte blanche business as usual... All because of my Ears?  You are kidding, right?  Nope!


Dear Arnold Schwarzenegger,

I watched your speech comparing last week's events at the Capitol to Kristallnacht and Nazi Germany?  You decried "cynicism" and said Republicans are "spineless" and you talked about having a heart of "service". 

Do you like my website, Arnold?

You said Nazi Germany was the worst Government ever?  Are you sure about that, Armold?  Want to go visit the slave built Pyramids in Egypt with me Arnold, the slave built Great Wall of China?  Same thing in Yucatan?  Stalingrad?        

Ok, Arnold.  Why are you and Gavin and Harris and so many others still playing mind and word games like this is scrabble?  #metoo?  Pimping out the Massage Therapists, while making RIP Franco Columbu the best man at your wedding?

I asked Eddie Hall and Randall Strossen about this, Arnold.  Really.   - I get the impression you are running for office, Arnold.  What office are you running for now?  

You have no argument, and no position, whatsoever, for what you are doing to me Arnold.  Talk to me.  Publicly debate me.  Tell me why you want Biden to be President, "forever". 

Let's talk about Massage, Chiropractic, and Physical Therapy.   Diabetes.  Orthopedic Surgery.  Steroids.  When you cheated on your wife for years, and had a child with the housekeeper.

Hollywood money.  (Do a bio-pic, Arnold, spotlight your CA Governor role; if you want to include talking about your father coming home drunk and yelling at your Mom, would people walk out?  Or would your steroid-fueled Heart of Service shine through?)




I just found out that Max Burdick, pictured here with me below died in 2019.  I met Max after he finished the Utah Ironman, on the BYU Football field, in 2002.    Are you looking for inspiration?  Don't want to think about politics or riots?  Think about Max!

...At age 12, he was a milk truck driver....He was in Pearl Harbor on Dec. 7, 1941 when the Japanese attacked.

At the 50th anniversary of Pearl Harbor, he was awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor.

Max ran his first marathon at age 54 and his first Ironman Triathlon in Kona, Hawaii at age 60... instrumental in improving the baseball fields around Salt Lake...

Think about Max Burdick today.  Don't let today's politics and chaos distract you too much from your path.  Two swimmers drowned at this Ironman, which is why they moved it to St. George. 

For the photo here of me with Max, I am 31, and finishing my Physics Prerequisites and about to be to be fully 100% unconditionally accepted by Stanley Paris and the American Physical Therapy Association for my DPT degree and License.

18 years later, and the APTA says I do not exist, and I have never existed, other than making it clear they hate me, therefore there is no inclusion, diversity, or equity to even think about.

Max Burdick, 79, of Salt Lake City, finished in 18:33:05, full IronMan, and came to see me for a massage at the finish line.  Call me anytime to explain this to me, Mitt Romney.  I have been waiting 18 years for your call.    















1/6/2020: Dear Newt Gingrich, My Republican redneck gun-toting Atlanta dad is ecstatic the Republicans lost Georgia, Newt!  Jumping for joy!  Why?  Because they had my little brother raped in prison, for the crime of marijuana possession. 

This is why my baby brother commited suicide, because Republican policy is essentially commited to being incapable of logical thought.  Got Two Ounces of pot?  Let's have you gang-raped in prison, right away!  In the Name of Jesus!

Are Democrats worse?  Usually.  I am such a huge fan of the gun-toting Republican just elected to Congress from Colorado, she reminds me a lot of my ex-fiancee Megan Binkley, actually.  But will she vote to decriminalize marijuana?

Will she see what Georgia Republicans did to my baby brother, having him gay-raped in prison for having a few fat joints?  And you want me to trust you?  Is Lauren Boebert my friend or foe?  Or both, like Kamala Harris?  



12/31/2020            Dear His Holiness, Pope Francis,

Sorry to hear about your sciatica.  I have successfully treated sciatica for 30 years, in fact working for you for 17 years of that time, via the De La Salle Order. 

I have worked for Father David Deibel, Father Salvatore Ragusa, Brother Timothy Diener, Brother Thomas Westberg, St. Mary's, Holy Names, so many many others you know and trust. 

Let me offer you my services, free of charge, you know I can help you.  All I ask of you, Pope Francis, is to treat me fairly and give me the honest hearing you know I deserve.

The hearing I have never been given, these past 18 years of shunning and blacklisting, by your brothers, by you and your Church.  The Education and life I deserve. 

You hold the keys.  I am your prisoner.  Treat me like a human being.  Can you do this?

You know how to get a hold of me, you have known about this for decades, open your heart and keep your promises,  I look forward to meeting you soon. 

I look forward to being given a fair hearing.  Tell me, Pope Francis, what is wrong with my skin?  What is wrong with my ears?  Why do you hate me?  

Ciao! - Brian 


12/30/2020:  When George W. Bush was elected President, the fundraiser behind Kamala Harris, Hilary Clinton's best friend,

Susie Tompkins Buell, called me, to come to her penthouse in San Francisco, to give her a massage for her pounding headache.  True story.  Why not call me today, Susie?  Let's chat.

I wrote the top Orthopaedic scholarly journal in England yesterday, opening with a quote from James Cyriax MD of St. Thomas Hospital.  Will they care?

Let's see if they reply with a functioning conscience about my case. 

Someone asked me what Robert Mueller's balls look like...

Is that what you want me to talk about, Bob Mueller's balls?  Does Robert Mueller have balls at all?  Let's talk about your balls, Bob.  America deserves to know about Washington DC's brothels, IMHO.

Let me wish LeBron James, "Happy 36th Birthday", and observe that, maybe, I do think it's possible actually, LeBron might consider lending me his voice, meeting with me to talk?  

LeBron, give credence to my writing, make a supportive statement on my behalf, as I have asked so many to do.

I am frequently asked, "Why is your website so long, so detailed, so complicated, so confusing?", or they try to dismiss it as a "rant".  I prefer "tome".  I am not crazy, sure my website is a chore to read, I need a better budget and an assistant editor.

Note that this all started at the same time, when LeBron James was drafted by the NBA, in June of 2003, the American Physical Therapy Association had just banned me for life and compared me to a rapist, in May 2003, because of my pierced ears, my skin,

and simultaneously the American Massage Therapy Association threatened to have me assassinated, because I am not a gay prostitute.  Why would LeBron support me?  Why wouldn't LeBron support me?  

I watched the Youtube video the UFC posted yesterday about it's Performance Institute in Las Vegas, and yes, watching the interview with it's Physical Therapy Director, it definitely pissed me off, made me feel my life's work was worthless and pointless...

Megan Binkley was 22 when I started writing this, when the APTA lied to me and stabbed me in the back, & the prostitution lobby & the AMTA threatened to have me killed.  I was 32.  Nothing has actually changed, in these 18 years, has it?    

Kamala Harris as usual will deny everything, cover up everything, ignore everything, and her poodle Biden will follow along. 

Trump spent his entire 4 years in office pimping me out and betraying me, insulting my intelligence, and then last week he makes a big deal about pardoning a Christian prostitute in Texas?  WTF?

I think of William Randolph Hearst's hairy back, the absurd useless waste of time it is, pretending to trust the American media, what a colossal, hopeless, waste of time and energy...  I know who holds the knife, I know who is stabbing me in the back, I know the smell of their breath, but I have no power to fight back, no power at all.  

Noone will read my book because noone will publish my book, I am not the Unrepentant Whore that NBC and Massage Magazine want me to be, so I am left to DIY this the best I can.

Do you trust me yet? There is no point to any of this, if you do not trust me.  There will never be growth or progress if we don't communicate openly regarding the issues at hand.    


Medicine and Justice Scholars is a student-led initiative created to bring about awareness and have conversations about racism, gender, sexuality, and discrimination in healthcare and health education

by the American Physical Therapy Association and American Medical Association. 

Often, these are hard topics to discuss, but it’s important to learn about these realities in order to create a more equitable healthcare community.

MJS is going to bring in speakers every term to talk about their expertise in studying and combatting inequalities in healthcare and to facilitate productive Q&A within the Dartmouth community.  


Donald Trump and his wife are wearing matching James Bond tuxedoes for their 2020 Christmas card.  Your wife is transgender, Mr. President, and your Christmas card is quite gay.  Please explain this to America.

When you are ready to talk to me about that, let me know, Sir.  You have my number, you know where to find me.

777 posted simultaneously, as Ola Grimsby's textbook on Orthopedics landed on my porch,

and my DonJoy Ultrasling III, because my Diverse roommate attacked me and tore my Rotator Cuff.  I can't drive my motorcycle now.  Where does your tolerance begin & end? 

I volunteered at the Olympics thinking, "Oh this is Great!  Group Hug!"  Free masssages for 500 cops and coaches and athletes galore.  WHY?   WTF?  

I met Mitt Romney's CFO and I gave him a free massage.  He gave me a ticket to the Closing Ceremonies. 

Knife in my back today from Stanley Paris & the APTA, what was I thinking?  I asked Muir Orthopedic Associates to comment... still silence.  

2 years ago today, Silicon Valley Pilates Queen, Megan Binkley met my Mom and lied to her about being my fiancee, while having me take out a $250,000 loan for her, telling me to quit my job for her, become a Chiropractor for her, while cheating on me.  Are you happy now?  Asking Megan to marry me again at Taft Point in Yosemite was pointless and sad. 

I called my Mom and cried about it. 

The dueling headlines today from the American Chiropractic Association and the American Physical Therapy Association are virtually identical, both laying claim to the Title of Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity,

while in reality both have been stabbing me in the back for years, for unexplainable reasons  Unexplainable Because No-one will actually say anything Honest, in public?  Is that it? 

I love talking about my roommate from Eritrea, for these conversations about cultural competence, cultural agility.  In lovely Eritrea, sexual slavery, and slavery in general, is common. 

Freedom of the Press in Eritrea?  Worst in the world.  How is the conversation meaningful that does not see this lingering ignored question?  Are you ready to talk?  Face to face?

Please note, Life Chiropractic College West is an "ICA" school, with no ACA representation on campus that I am aware of.  Also of note since the ACA posting tried to claim support of this, LCCW is the only Chiropractic College in the USA with an actual LGBT club,

and of significant contrast to my debate which the APTA refuses to even ackowledge the existence of, while the APTA called me a rapist and banned me for life for having pierced ears, my Life West Professor of Biomechanics has a pierced nose, septum-style.  Welcome to South Oakland, ladies, the Far East of East Palo Alto.


I lived above the massage brothel near the Financial District and the Pacific Stock Exchange at 513 Bush Street in SF & belonged to the Chinatown YMCA,

when this "cold-blooded shooting spree" happened- my Aerobics teacher was one of the silent witnesses, she saw everything  - Still waiting for Gavin Newsom, Diane Feinstein, & Kamala Harris to show up for work.


I filed a lawsuit against my housemate who dislocated my shoulder, in an autistic/OCD Ritalin-fueled rage.  We will see what the judge says.


I tried contacting Senator Cory Booker, or at least to contact his office.  I will try again later.  Not that I trust him, but who am I supposed to call?  Mr. Booker? 


Let's see if we can try to finally figure out American politics, global politics, the Olympics, the media, my career, your career, religion, Sports Medicine, all of it, etc.: 

From "Pirate Nation" by David Childs:

For all the romantic mythology surrounding the court of Queen Elizabeth I, the financial underpinning of the reign of 'Gloriana' was decidedly sordid.

Elizabeth's policy of seizing foreign assets made her popular at home but drew her into

a partnership with pirates who preyed on the state's foes and friends alike, being rewarded or punished depending on how much of a cut the Queen received,

rather than the legitimacy of their action.

For this reason the rule of law at sea was arbitrary and almost non-existent.

Even those, such as the Lord Admiral and the Court of Admiralty, who were tasked with policing the seas and eliminating piracy, managed their own pirate fleets.

While honest merchants could rail and protest, the value to the exchequer of this dubious income was enormous, often equaling, on an annual basis, the input from all other sources such as taxation or customs dues. Moreover, the practice of piracy taught English seamen how to fight and, when the nation was at its greatest peril,

in 1588, it was pirates who kept the Spanish Armada away from invading the English coast.

Charles Howard, commander of the British forces, Richard Grenville, Walter Raleigh and Francis Drake, were all pirates

who became 'admirals all for England's sake', and were well rewarded by the Queen for their exploits. 


The APTA still says I do not exist, and never have, therefore I have no rights. 

In 1937, The United States Mint created a 50-cent coin to honor Raleigh, the man with pierced ears who named Virginia, founding the first real attempted Colony in fact at Roanoke:,colony%20on%20Roanoke%20Island%2C%20NC. 

You can clearly see his pierced left ear on the US Government issued coin, which America now says does not exist and never happened.

He was also instrumental in smashing the Spanish Armada, stopping the "Malleus Maleficarum" reading, Inquisition Catholics from an attempt to conquer and enslave England, and basically ending Spain's dominance globally, along with Sir Francis Drake.


In 2020, the New York Assembly and Senate, according to the idiots at the Associated Press, proposed decriminalising prostitution primariliy as a way to promote males with pierced ears getting "jobs" & "transgender rights". 

America is one big nonstop 24/7 WTF, isn't it?  Being Biden can't make a coherent or thoughtful speech today, who in Las Vegas is betting on my pimp President Kamala Harris taking over by Summer 2021?   

777 independent monitor to combat fraud within the UAW and decide whether to discipline or remove high-ranking labor leaders... 



  • Dear Ola Grimsby, Thank you so much for wishing me a Happy Birthday, you are such an important and amazing legend to me.  I have reached out to you and to your son before, asking for help because in 2003, to this day, Stanley Paris and the APTA had me compared to a rapist and banned for life simply and only because I have pierced ears.  I tried again recently, and the APTA slapped me down again, as has the AAOMPT, which you co-founded, they say I am worthless scum, garbage, guilty of the most extreme and severe Unprofesional Conduct humanly possible.  Last week the APTA, while saying I do not exist, and have never existed, they named the top floor of the APTA and the "Minority Scholarship" after Paris and his wife Catherine Patla, she was the one who pointed out to me in the classroom in May 2003 that I deserved the APTA death sentence, because of my ears.  I turned 50 in October, and I have never in 17 years been given a single meeting or hearing by anyone at the APTA.  Literally no-one will lift a finger or say a word.  It's completely insane.  I appreciate the Birthday wishes, what I need to ask from you is to give me vocal support.  I was supposed to have my Physical Therapy Doctorate and License 15 years ago.  15 years.  Not a single thing has happened.  Nothing.  My case should have been resolved in Summer of 2003.  It has never even been considered, by anyone.

  • Grimsby Ola sent the following message at 3:23 PM
    View Grimsby’s profileGrimsby Ola
    Grimsby Ola  3:23 PM

    Hi Brian: I do remember this case and how Stanley refused to access to his programs because of your ear piercing. I have not heard what has happened since then. What does this have to do with the APTA and the AAOMPT? Did you attend a residency or a fellowship? If so, did you apply for membership? - I would assume from what I remember that Stanley Paris, Catherine Patla and whoever you contacted at the APTA have some misconception of the meaning of professional ethics. There are laws agains discrimination including an individuals visual appearance. Ethics is not well defined, but always best applied to oneself, not to others. I assume you graduated from a DPT program? Where, when? Where did you specifically apply for a License?  Please let me know what you want/expect from the APTA or the AAOMPT and what you have not received. I am retired and have no influence on graduations or licenses, but I'm still interested in the initial reasons for your problems. My email is Looking forwards to hearing from you. All the best from  Ola


Science, Theory and Clinical Application in Orthopaedic Manual Physical Therapy: Applied Science and Theory

by Ola Grimsby 


12/10.2020:  Dr. Tyler Clark at Muir Orthopedic Specialists says my subscapularis is torn, and at this time he is not immediately recommending surgery. 

I am tasked with 6 weeks of home Physical Therapy, which is humbling in so many ways, as the APTA twists my arm, breaking it & killing me, every day.  It hurts.

I initially became so amused and excited, learning about Sir Walter Raleigh, h emust impress the APTA! - his exploration of the Virginia territory, how

he IS THE GUY who brought TOBACCO & POTATOES to Europe in the first place.  The APTA hates my earrings, what if I dressed like Henry of Wales, in super-sexy leggings & a mini-skirt?

Like Shakespeare, he had pierced ears, have you seen the painting?  Who cares?  So I am reading 3 biographies of Raleigh, Mr. Smoking Potato-head.

He entered Oxford in 1568, which makes for great PR, but maybe it would be hard to argue his model to Stanley Paris, or the Pope,

when you note he had Sir Walter Fitzgerald in Ireland drawn and quartered during the Desmond rebellions,

and had 600 Catholics slaughtered in Kerry County.  You think John Kerry is going to sit down with me and speak up for me now? 

NBC made John Kerry and his famous hair look so great last night on TV, right?  Because in politics, you need great hair.

Virginia was named by Raleigh.  Again, the Virginia based APTA would not allow Sir Walter Raliegh onto it's premises, as a male with pierced ears. 

But there it is, in 1584 Raleigh was placed on trial - for Atheism. 

He was known to have befriended astronomers, chemists, mathematicians, and explorers.  This is serious evidence, of a serious crime. 

The trial was dismissed, but it left "a stain on Raleigh's character".

Queen Elizabeth turned against him, even while speaking often privately with him for his intellect and companionship, she felt his hot-headedness was too much, so Raleigh was prevented from advancement to Privy Councillor.

After Queen Elizabeth died, and was replaced by James I, now Walter was truly screwed, and his pierced ears weren't impressing the right people.  Without evidence, he was accused of treason and sentenced to be hanged, drawn, and quartered...

Locked away in the Tower of London, he attempted suicide by stabbing himself, before of all things, writing and publishing in 1614, A Historie of The World, and being appointed Tutor to Henry Prince of Wales.  What a fascinating story!  Pass the Smoking Potatoes!

It ends with his being beheaded by the Axeman on the 29th of October, 1618.  "He was buried in St. Margaret's, Westminster, and Bess, his wife, carried his embalmed head around with her in a red velvet bag for the next 29 years."  With earrings?  It doesn't say.

A portrait of Raleigh was made before his execution, wearing an amazing feathered hat, and armor, but no ear decor. 

That huge frilled neck thing that was popular at the time, still waiting for those to make a fashion comeback,

Biden should totally dress Shakespearean for his inaguration, set the proper "professional" tone for a New America.

Covid lockdown and pending possible further despair, or victory?  Things are getting very serious here, on December 10, 2020. 

Chiropractor Dan Tintor says he thinks I need to seriously plan for permanent shoulder disability, now.  Or will it heal, stronger? 

Will I ever work again, will I ever ride a motorcycle again, will I ever sign my signature or draw a smiley face again?  I don't know.

Will the APTA ever say, oh you do in fact exist?  Not with Stanley Paris in charge, he hates me so much, because I have pierced ears.  Does he hate you too, or am I special?

His wife Catherine Patla was the first to tell me, right there in the classroom sitting for my Doctorate in PT under her and Stanley Paris, how much she hates me, wanting me treated like a rapist, shunned for life.

No cause, no hearing, no incident, no trial.  Guilty, forever.  No-one, will lift a finger, or say a single word.  I asked Susie Tompkins Buell to ask Hilary Clinton to stand up for me 17 years ago, when Christa Revnes was still alive.  Silence, business as usual.

If I can find my cool Secret Service pin collection, from the 2002 Olympics, maybe I can give that to Muir Orthopedic Specialists, maybe they will say something on my behalf, stand up to Stanley Paris. 

The pictures of the MD's, I don't know it's not exactly diverse.  1 female, Dr. Wong.  It's important again to note that this is all East Bay local stuff, with the 100% gay run largest Catholic school nearby, De La Salle, gay Catholic run St. Mary's College, etc.

Everyone is ok with it, if you don't say anything, stay closeted.  Stay invisible.  My earrings don't mean anything, and never did.  If they meant anything, it was Joyce Breckenridge leaving me, in 1995 or whatever it was. 

Dr. Tyler Clark took the time and energy to read my MRI, and the X-rays of my hand and shoulder.  Will he hear me if I tell him this story?  Does it matter?  Kevin Stone and Katy Tang did Jack Shit when I gave them my best Olympics souvenirs.  Jack Shit.


12/9/2020: I am trying to figure out how the Police ignored it and covered it up when last week my autistic/OCD roommate dislocated my wrist

and tore my rotator cuff in my shoulder (now diagnosed, subscapularis tear), sending me to the Emergency Room, 2 X-Rays, an MRI, 5 Chiropractor visits, and

today I see Troy Clark MD at Muir Orthopedic Specialists to see if he recommends surgery I CANNOT AFFORD.  Can I borrow $150,000?  Please?

Note here again, in light of the American Physical Therapy Association's nonstop 24/7 bigotry and discrimination against males with pierced ears, or anyone at all with a face piercing,

ALL staff at Muir Orthopedic Specialists and SimonMed Imaging that I have met are either males with pierced ears, or women with nose piercings.  The APTA says, "I don't know what you are talking about?  Is someone talking?" 

This explains it, Cuomo/Gascon/Harris-brain.

I read Gorsuch's new famously correct smart-ass opinion: 


2 ROMAN CATHOLIC DIOCESE OF BROOKLYN v. CUOMO GORSUCH, J., concurring ...At the same time, the Governor has chosen to impose no capacity restrictions on certain businesses he considers “essential.”

And it turns out the businesses the Governor considers essential include hardware stores, acupuncturists, and liquor stores. Bicycle repair shops, certain signage companies, accountants, lawyers, and insurance agents are all essential too.

So, at least according to the Governor, it may be unsafe to go to church, but it is always fine to pick up another bottle of wine, shop for a new bike, or spend the afternoon exploring your distal points and meridians.

Who knew public health would so perfectly align with secular convenience? 

(Was the Governor questioned to explain why Acupressure Massage is not Essential, but the theoretically identical practice of Acupuncture is 100% essential?

Didn't Governor Cuomo rant on live TV, and was given an Emmy by Hollywood, saying Massage is a non-essential luxury for the elite?... Hello, is anyone out there?  Hello?  I read Los Angeles DA Gascon's new dictatorial rewrite of laws too... WTF? 


Why waste precious time, money, and energy doing the right thing, when you can pay for a Public Relations stunt saying you did the right thing instead?



777  (better article, login required)


"purchasing sex from minors or inducing them to engage in prostitution will result in an additional penalty of up to 10 years in prison or a fine of 50 million won ($45,000)" 


South Korea's new law would put the active sitting Facebook/Google County Sheriff, Pedophile Carlos Bolanos, in prison for 10 years.

He currently oversees all massage businesses in San Mateo County, and ME!  How Exciting!  How Professional!  Business as usual...


I finally had my hair done, by Steve Jobs's old hairdresser, she started with my ears, trimming every little hair.  

She did not charge me, at all.  I am supposed to work on her sister soon. 

She knows why I started this blog, and why it is still being written, and most of all why everyone says it never happened, hush little baby don't say a word..


FINALLY, JOBS! JOBS for the dress wearing men on the Supreme Court!  Even a job for the Pope? 

Or will His Holiness Princess Francis remain unemployed, being illiterate, having no education or skills? 


& of course CBS News has the numb, sick & twisted balls, the gall, to offer me this for breakfast?

...“‘What do you do for a living?’ and you say ‘A massage therapist.’ (for William Randolph Hearst III, Susie Tompkins Buell, Robert Mueller, etc.)

You don’t want this knee-jerk reaction that assumes that you are doing something that is anything less than professional,”... (What Would Kamala Harris Do?) 



When I worked at the Bernard Osher Marin County Jewish Community Center (while the San Rafael Police Department solicited me for prostitution and bribes)

at the JCC they had serious armed guards, with real guns, they will in fact kill you,

and my Boss, Kelly, had been an officer in the IDF... and that's another reason Kamala Harris and Diane Feinstein still won't debate me...




#ChimneySweep #VictorianEra #WeirdHistory

What It Was Like to Be a Chimney Sweeper In the Victorian Era 

Nov 22, 2020



I emailed requesting a publicly posted conversation. You want to see this, right?

Can you handle the Truth?  Cock Sweepers Outreach Project?


Bearded men in dresses from the transgender Kingdom of Saudi Arabia drawing the sacred fake map of the world: 


Hearst owned Buzzfeed buys Huffpost... as reported by Disney owned WSJ 


11/19/2020: Many years ago, when I was in Sonoma County, I knew a Massage Therapist who kept a very large, very obedient dog in her Massage Therapy room.

I am surprised I hadn't come across this before, but I learned recently about Massage Therapy centers who have emergency alert buttons bolted onto the Massage treatment tables,

so that if the Therapist (or client/patient) at any time wants to alert the front desk staff for help, they can do that.  I still prefer the Big Dog idea.

This is why Kamala Harris belongs in prison, not the White House.  She deserves the dog bite on the leg. 


My Mom's Birthday is in ten days.  I can't remember how old she is because ever since she turned 29, she only says, "I am plenty-nine".

She just got her first wheelchair.

My step-father was stationed at Fort Bragg, he learned how to be a sniper there:

Unions aren't unions unless they support unions that steal from workers?  Wait! What? The? Fuck? Now you know why I have hated Joe Sleazebag Biden since 1984.


Betrayal...Bribes...Corruption... "Those of us who worked on the shop floor and on the assembly lines want Mr. Ashton to get much more than the five years in prison"


(Sounds exactly like my experiences with the American Massage Therapy Association and American Physical Therapy Association, except for the actual trial and prison sentences and justice part, Oh That!) 




Google County (San Mateo County Pedophile Sheriff Carlos Bolanos and retired (but still a pedophile) Sheriff Greg Munks must be closely looking at this case, which would dramatically change their silver spoon "get out of jail free" lives: 

Recall, of you will, that the man overseeing all massage businesses in San Mateo County is in fact a pedophile meth-head, who prefers child prostitution massage to anything actually therapeutic...

Pedophile Sheriff Bolanos is my boss... wink and wank!!!  Vote Democrat!  Or Republican!  No-one cares, it doesn't matter!


...4. Tall people are more educated. This is likely one reason why taller people, on average, earn more. In fact, some researchers attribute

 the height premium to taller people obtaining more education. As a result, they enter higher-paying positions.

In the U.S., men in white-collar jobs are about one inch taller than men in blue-collar jobs. In the UK, the situation is similar: men in white-collar jobs are 0.6 inches taller, on average, than men in blue-collar jobs.

And it’s not just men. Women in professional and managerial positions are about one inch taller than women in manual positions. Interestingly, researchers have found education differences related to height even within families...

of 950,000 Swedish men found that among pairs of brothers, the taller brother was more likely to obtain a higher education. Men taller than 6 feet 3 inches (194 cm) were 2 to 3 times more likely to obtain a higher education compared to men shorter than 5 feet 4 inches (165 cm). The same study also controlled for year of birth, socioeconomic status, shared family factors, and cogniti777

11/12/20: Suddenly, quite to my surprise, a ton of Massage stories came out. 

A Massage Therapy College in Australia put out a press release, and a guy in my hometown in Stockton was accused of Massage/Rape?

Two sisters opened a Hand and Stone on the East Coast, and Elements is claiming they will have over 100 locations in NYC alone soon? 

So many stories... Which to address now, here?  Give me some time to think, to plan... to heal.  At least 3 hours.  3 Weeks?  3 Months?

Oh, don't miss this one: 



Will you now debate me, finally, Kamala Harris?  Will NPR manage to spell anything correctly, if they ever get around to talking about Kamala Harris and healthcare, and asking where and how massage parlor prostitution fits in?  I needed a laugh, thanks NPR... 

Arkansas Police Chief Reigns After Calls of "Death" to Democrats

Marshall, Ark. Police Chief Lang Holland resigned after social media posts attributed to him called for the death of left-leaning Democrats in the wake of the ...
NPR28 minutes ago

777 "


Biggest joke in American history? 


DexCom, Inc. (NASDAQ:DXCM) today announced that Rick Doubleday, Executive Vice President and Chief Commercial Officer, will retire at the end of 2020 in order to spend more time with his family.

Rick joined Dexcom in 2009 and has built a world-class sales organization that allowed Dexcom to grow from approximately $49 million in reported revenue in his first full year to its current global commercial success.

More importantly, through the efforts of Rick and the many talented members of his sales leadership team, the lives of countless people with diabetes have been improved by Dexcom CGM technology.

In order to support continued growth and implementation of our commercial strategy, Mr. Doubleday will continue as a consultant and will be actively engaged with the Dexcom leadership team at least through 2021. 


Hillary Clinton
It's my birthday. Hoping Brian 415-350-8893 will sing to me with Susie! So sad I had to stab him in the back and betray everyone in America all these years! Tough luck, fuck you all!


Gates of Steel



[Verse 1]
Twist away the gates of steel
Unlock the secret voice
Give in to ancient noise
Take a chance a brand new dance
Twist away the gates of steel

Twist away
Now twist and shout
The earth it moves too slow
But the earth is all we know
We pay to play the human way
Twist away the gates of steel
A man is real
Not made of steel

But the earth is all we know
We pay to play the human way
Twist away the gates of steel

[Verse 2]
The beginning was the end
Of everything now
The ape regards his tail
He's stuck on it
Repeats until he fails
Half a goon and half a god


Judge Awards MALE Massage Studio Sexual Assault Victim

$19.1 Million

AUSTIN, TexasOct. 21, 2020 /PRNewswire/ --  A Travis County district court judge has awarded a victim who was sexually assaulted at an Austin massage parlor $19.1 million for the damages he suffered. The award was on a default judgment against the massage parlor.  

The verdict stems from an egregious sexual assault that occurred in August of 2018. The victim of the assault, a Carlson Law Firm client who wishes not to have his name published due to the nature of the case, booked a deep tissue massage at Massage Harmony on Anderson Lane. A therapist employed by Massage Harmony forcibly performed oral sex on our client.

Immediately following the assault, the victim reported the assault to Massage Harmony's management. The company took a little over two weeks to respond to our client's communication about the sexual assault. The response from the business was to acknowledge and apologize for the assault, refund our client for the massage session, and assured that their employee was no longer working at Massage Harmony. The business would go on to close all of its Austin locations within months after our client's assault.

Lawyers for the victim initially requested to settle the case for $500,000 or for Massage Harmony's insurance policy limits. However, the insurance company failed to respond to any and all attempts to settle. As a result, Carlson Law Firm, associate Nick Merz filed a lawsuit against the company for damages over $1,000,000

"We hoped the judge would be willing to send a clear message to both victims of sexual assaults, as well as local businesses," Merz said. "For victims like our client, these assaults cause damages that have lifelong effects, and the judge clearly recognized what these types of injuries represent and their value. For businesses that are conducting themselves in a way that exposes their customers, and the public at large to this kind of harm, this verdict hopefully serves as a clear signal that that type of behavior is unacceptable, and they will be held accountable by Austin judges and juries. They have to do their due diligence to ensure they are not exposing their customers to dangerous people and other unnecessary risks."

Attorney Nick Merz is available for comment. Contact Kazia Conway at kconway@carlsonattorneys for scheduling.

About The Carlson Law Firm

The Carlson Law Firm is a national injury law firm dedicated to preserving the Seventh Amendment and advocating for justice.

We provide exception legal services to everyday people in the communities we call home.

The Carlson Law Firm handles a variety of personal injury cases including sexual assaults, auto accidents, trucking crashes, motorcycle injuries, medical malpractice,

defective products, nursing home neglect, offshore injuries, workplace injuries, wrongful death and much more. 




Closeted Gay Sadist 
10:49 a.m., The Week Magazine.

The archbishop of San Francisco performed an exorcism ceremony on Saturday outside the Saint Raphael Catholic Church in downtown San Rafael, at the spot where protesters had toppled a statue of Saint Junipero Serra earlier in the week.

Armed with holy water and Latin prayers, Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone performed the ritual to "drive out evil and defend the image of Serra," the Los Angeles Times reports. As Cordileone explained to the crowd of 150 who'd assembled for the ceremony, "the experts in the field tell me that Latin tends to be more effective against the devil because he doesn't like the language of the church."

For those whose Latin was a little rusty, a translation of the proceedings was provided, and included prayers calling for Satan's "proud head" to be "crushed." "Be gone, Satan, inventor and master of all fallacy, enemy of the salvation of men. Place yourself before Jesus Christ," Cordileone ordered.

As the San Francisco Chronicle notes, despite the popular representation in The Exorcist, exorcisms are "more commonly a solemn ceremony like Saturday's, a religious ritual to evict the devil or evil spirits from an area or person."

Meanwhile, in the more earthly sphere, five people have been arrested on vandalism charges for knocking over the statue on Monday, which was both Columbus Day and Indigenous Peoples Day. Critics say Serra, a Spanish missionary priest, was a "brutal colonialist" who helped "to erase and destroy" the culture of native Californians, Vox writes. Cordileone defended Serra in the Saturday ceremony, saying the missions were "not to dominate and annihilate" but to save native Californians "from domination and annihilation" with the teachings of Catholicism.

The statue will be repaired, according to a spokeswoman for the Archdiocese of San Francisco.




I applied for two jobs at the Mental Health Center of Denver.

One as Director of Diversity and Inclusion (Will Tim Cook or Michael Tilson Thomas or Kamala Harris wrote me a Letter of Recommendation?)

the other a a second tier Supervisor, a slight raise due to prior experience and the BA in Psychology (for 1/3 the pay). 


October 13, 2020:  I got a job offer yesterday to move to Denver to work for Denver Mental Health.  Believe it or not!  Today is Melanie Bayer's Birthday.  I lost my virginity to Melanie in 1986.

Melanie bought me the "Alien Sex Fiend" (rock band) bumper sticker for my 1972 bright orange Volkswagon Squareback, then left me for a Mormon cop.  Go figure. 

So much time has passed since I began writing here, in 2003, trying to move forward with my simple life, trying to get a job, plan for retirement,

yesterday I had a 50-year old man senior moment, completely forgetting Donna Hughes, Ph.D.'s name, though I strongly recall our 2005 telephone conversation, certainly now again with the Supreme Court in play:

Who is Donna Hughes?  Why did she talk with me for so long?  While you won't talk to me at all?  Are you afraid?  All Catholics are afraid to debate me, it seems.  Kamala Harris has been running scared from me for 15 years.

Prostitution in Rhode Island controversy[edit]

From 2006–2009, Donna Hughes was a leading figure in the campaign to end the decriminalized status of indoor prostitution in Rhode Island,[13][22][23] so that police could conduct anti-sex trafficking investigations. She is a founding member of the Rhode Island group, Citizens Against Trafficking (CAT) in 2009. The initial legislative battles over indoor prostitution are documented in the 2009 documentary film Happy Endings?, in which Hughes appears, speaking at a community forum on human trafficking and testifying before the state legislature to change the prostitution law.[24]

In September 2009, Hughes wrote several opinion pieces in the Providence Journal supporting a version of the legislation with stronger penalties for prostitution and taking the Rhode Island State Senate to task for what she viewed as its de facto support for continuing decriminalization of prostitution.[13][25] This version of the bill was signed into law in November 2009.[26] Several Rhode Island State Senators wrote editorials disputing Hughes claim that they had kept indoor prostitution legal, with Senator Charles Levesque taking Hughes to task for, in his view, providing a highly distorted reading of the legislation passed by the RI Senate.[27][28]

Soon after the Rhode Island prostitution law hearings, Hughes was involved in a controversy surrounding the opening of the Center for Sexual Pleasure and Health (CSPH), a sexual education center in Pawtucket, Rhode Island organized by Megan Andelloux, a sex educator who had testified before the Rhode Island Senate in opposition to criminalizing indoor prostitution. Supporters of Andelloux claim that in September 2009, the opening of the CSPH was blocked after an email was sent by Hughes to Pawtucket city council members (stating, "Hello, A center for 'sexual rights' and 'sexual pleasure' is opening in Pawtucket"),[29][30][31][32] also citing remarks made about Andelloux in an earlier Providence Journal editorial by Hughes,[13][14][15][32] as well as in a bulletin on the Citizens Against Trafficking website.[32][33] A 6-month zoning battle followed with the city of Pawtucket; the CSPH was eventually allowed to open in early 2010.[32]

A March 2010 editorial in the Providence Journal stated that Hughes and Citizens Against Trafficking co-founder Melanie Shapiro have faced threatening remarks on various internet forums from patrons of massage parlors in retaliation for their role in banning indoor prostitution in Rhode Island.[34] 



López Obrador insists that the Vatican and the King of Spain must apologize

In the letter, President López Obrador insists that the Vatican, as well as the King of Spain, must apologize to the indigenous communities of Mexico that “suffered the most shameful atrocities to plunder their goods, lands and subdue them.

































Now I get it, now I understand so much better why the American Physical Therapy Association hates me so much, refusing to acknowledge me, debate me, or see my existence as relevant, or worth talking to or about.

I watched this:  Carlos the Catholic Air Force vet doesn't want to talk about this yet either. He already sees America as being at Civil War, Antifa vs. Proud Boys.

The APTA really does want to kill me.  Stanley Paris, PhD is licking my blood off of his sword.  Pope Francis is laughing, all the way to the bank...


October 5th was James Bond Day, in honor of Queeen Elizabeth's Birthday, and the release of Sean Connery's Dr. No.  I turned 50.  Did you celebrate? 


I asked my Catholic friend Carlos, who is an USA Air Force Vet, to explain this new music video to me: 



I saw Megan Binkley, and I gave her the Basil plant I grew from seed for her.  She wouldn't look at me, at all.  She told me to, "Fuck off".   I told her to talk to me, meet with me, tell me why she is mad...

Talk to me, don't lie to me
Save your breath
Don't look at me, don't smile at me
Just close your eyes
I was so impressed by you
I was running blind
I would fall for every trick
Every twist of mind
Heaven is cold
Without any soul
It's hard to believe
I was so in love with you
Don't say your prayers, don't build your hopes
Just walk away
Don't phone me up, don't call around
Don't waste your time
You were so in awe of me
You were so divine
You would do just anything
To still be mine
Heaven is cold
Without any soul
It's hard to believe
I was so in love with you
All the things you said to me
I was so obsessed
You were always talking, talking
God, I did my best
Heaven is cold



Tomorrow is my 50th Birthday.  I am reminded in the moment now, how when I turned 21, Sean Hidalgo and I went to see the Tibetan Buddhist Gyuto Tantric Choir together. 

Mickey Hart introduced them, at the Luther Burbank Center for the Arts, in Santa Rosa, instead of seeing "Snoopy On Ice", easy, since Charles Schulz was a local.  

I thought I was just an average American boy, hoping to have a career, get married, retire.  No, no, no.  Catholics will not allow that.  No.  Kill yourself, now.  Arm wrestle the Pope.

I want to challenge Conor MacGregor to a cage fight.  Punk him Nate Diaz style, give him the Stockton slap, like Ron Marchini and Leo Fong taught me to.  


The American Physical Therapy Association has formally announced that Simone Biles and Team USA Gymnastics does not exist. 



I saw Megan Binkley, twice.  Driving by, she ignored me.  I still want to fill my promise to her, to buy her  a house, I did say that, right, October 5, 2018?  


People are asking me, are you crazy or stoned or something?  Raymond Pettibon did that Black Flag album cover!  I know it's not Edward Colver.  Did I make a point?  Did a discussion begin?  Yes. 


Better, still, Pettibon is an evidence based Chiropractic technique involving full spine rehabilitation.   The APTA owes me $2 million dollars, a public apology, and my Doctorate.  Megan deserves the house I promised to her.


What Would Beth Hunkapiller Do? 

I was talking with Ethan about why the Palo Alto Police were called on his BA level psychology Major's black ass(berger's) while walking in a white upper class neighborhood with white children, 

and we ended up talking about his hairsyle, and his nose piercings, and Karin Swinney, my prom date in 1985, so adored at the time, before she opened the first piercing studio in New Mexico...

I was thinking about Megan Binkley, and what to do with her Wonder Woman boots, the mailers from Geoffrey's Diamonds asking me to buy her another wedding ring...

And like I said earlier today, since Karin was a bisexual Masonic Queen, what songs should I sing from Edward Colver's catalog of album covers?  I want to nail the Wonder Woman boots to Megan's front door.

Family Man

Black Flag


Do you want the family man or do you want the swingin' man?
You choose
(Family man)
You get the family man

Family man
Family MAN
With your glances my way, taken no chances on the new day
Family man
Family man with your life all planned
Your little sand castle built
Smiling through your guilt

Family, man
Here I come
Here I come family man
I come to infect. I come to rape your woman
I come to take your children into the street
I come for YOU family man family man
With your christmas lights already up
You're such a man when your puttin' up your christmas lights, first on the block
Family man
Family man, I wanna crucify you to your front door, with nails
From your well stocked garage, family man, family man
Family man
Saint dad. Father on fire. I've come to incinerate you, I've come home



I wrote Holy Names College in Oakland, CA the other day to ask how many cocks Priest Salvatore sucked today? 

I am requesting Father Salvatore to represent me in my 17 year dispute with the American Physical Therapists Association.

Or the Pope himself. 


Code of Ethics and Guide for Professional Conduct for the American Physical Therapy Association:

Principle 1:  Physical Therapists respect the rights and dignity of all individuals.

(Except males with pireced ears, Hindus, Sikhs, Buddhists, Pagans, Native Americans, homosexuals, transvestites, punk rockers, metalheads, rivetheads, hop-hoppers, rappers, or anyone else we don't like,

these individuals deserve zero respect or dignity of any kind.  "please don't ever contact us again" is our motto). - Class of 2005, University of St. Augustine, Doctorate in Physical Therapy Program guidelines.



He felt this was “the end of the line in terms of priestly ministry for me. I could not possibly have any more dealings with a body that produces such a document. Life is too short, especially at 73.”

There was no immediate response from the press office of the Irish Catholic bishops’ conference. 


9/17/2020: I am trying to convince my cousin, past Georgia State Grand Master Counselor of the Knights Templar descendant Order of DeMolay, to tell me why in 1996 he resigned from all things Masonic, he was a 32nd Degree Scottish Rite, on top of the world.

He won't talk about it, all that DaVinci Code, more than a little bit occult trembling and awe.  Today we talked about Jesus, and the Universe, and I offered to help him write a book about all this.  His Father still holds the 33rd Degree, and his Navy Vet hat.

And the America Physical Therapy Association says I don't exist, so I asked Jeff why the Shriner's Hospitals can morally interfere with Christ's teachings to heal the children, to love, how can they say my ears are immoral?  They say I cannot heal the children.

Jeff said that the Shriner's Hospitals were more or less bought out a long time ago, and the Shriners aren't really involved so much with the Hospitals for Children anymore.  Wouldn't you love to see Newt Gingrich and I debate live on CNN?  Let's do it, Newt!

Let's talk about the Anti-Christian policies and practices of the American Physical Therapy Association, openly, on Fox News.  Mr. Gingrich?  I am waiting for your call.


9/13/2020: I was talking with Steve Jobs hairdresser in Cupertino recently, and along these lines I want to give more credence to the debates about Nancy Pelosi's hairdresser.  Like what happened to me,

with William Randolph Hearst III, and Susie Tompkins Buell, these people can make you, or they can kill you.  Think about how Massage Magazine/Today's's publishers, etc. stabbed you in the back.  Or you can try to chug along.  The hairdresser might TRY not to jump off the Golden Gate bridge. 

Try not to think about how the Mt. Tam ranger told you, he finds a body dead from suicide, every week.   Dean Potter's dive off Taft Point was a mistake; I took Megan there too.

In lovely and pristine Muir Woods, so peaceful, or Muir Beach overlook, where I proposed to Megan Binkley.

At the risk of seriously pissing off Life Chiropractic College West, knowing how President Oberstein loves to talk about the time how worked on Muhammed Ali, etc., I might email Team USA gymnastics DC today,

see if he replies.  See if he wants to talk about Larry Nassar, with me and Simone Biles, or Ali Raisman.  Or Jesus.  Or Donald Chu.

But we already know what he will do.  He will cover up, deny, and ignore.  Because Franco Columbu, DC was the best man at Arnold's wedding, and Rambo's personal trainer.

It's all bullshit, all the time, thats how we do business in America. 



The illegal and unethical discriimination continues to be be covered up, denied, and ignored. Ignored by Pelosi, ignored by Clinton, ignored by Trump, ignored by CNN, ignored by NPR, ignored by the APTA, ignored by Fox. 

Ignored by America's One Party system.


September 9, 2020 

Dear Mr. Longcor:

I understand you recently reached out to some USAHS faculty members and to our San Marcos campus.

As noted in the response you received from Mr. Walton in 2017, (Of Course We LIED about EVERYTHING!)

your concerns were addressed appropriately and in compliance with University policy and applicable state and federal law.

The matter remains closed.  We will not be arranging a further meeting (there was never a meeting in the first place) with you on campus or otherwise and you should not travel to our campus location as you suggest.

We ask that you not contact the University again on this matter.  Thank you for your anticipated cooperation.  


University of St. Augustine for Health Sciences (Fuck the Constitution, & We Hate You!)



9/7/20: I intentionally violated HIPAA when I talked about Robert "Mueller Report" Mueller seeing me as a massage patient at Kevin Stone MD's office.  So sue me.

I violated HIPAA intentionally when I talked about seeing William Randolph Hearst III and his wife, under a Chiropractor's referral.  So sue me. 

I intentionally violated HIPAA when I talked about seeing Democratic Party fundraising powerhouse Susie Tompkins Buell, who was also a Chiropractor and Pilates rehab referral.  Susie was front and center for Kamala Harris, while stabbing me in the back.   Still is.

Let's spend Labor Day covering up the biggest sexual harassment & assault scandal of all time, just in time for the election!   Let's really follow closely this stupid story about Nancy Pelosi's hairstylist instead!  Will Trump help me run for Congress?

How insulting can it get?  Call me Hillary Clinton, call me Kamala.  Call me Allure Magazine.  Let's chat.  Live, on TV. 

Or Kimberly Guilfoyle, who now works for Fox, I challenged you to debate me when you were with Gavin Newsom in 2003 about this.  You covered it up then just as you do now, now that you are with Trump and speaking at the RNC Convention. 

"Being violated during a masssage is the fault of Conde Net, owner of oh so moral Teen Vogue & Allure Magazine & yes, Pitchfork, puppet of the Democratic Party, 

etc. debate me anytime, Kamala Harris, WR Hearst, AMTA, ABMP, you corrupt crooks, I can't wait!  Let's go toe to toe live on CNN!" - Brian 415-350-8893

In April 2019, Condé Nast appointed the former CEO of Pandora Media, Roger Lynch, as the company's first global CEO. It also sold the magazine Brides to the digital media company Dotdash, and in May of the same year, announced the sale of Golf Digest to Discovery, Inc.   In June of the same year, Condé Nast sold W to a new holding company, Future Media Group.  Condé Nast also fired Stefano Tonchi, who had been the head of W for nine years; Tonchi later sued the company for wrongful termination, with Condé Nast suing Tonchi in response, seeking the return of "all monies paid to [Tonchi] during his period of disloyalty", claiming that he had acted as a "faithless servant" during the sale of W, and had interfered with the sale to benefit himself.

In June 2020, following the global outbreak of the coronavirus Covid-19, it was reported that Condé Nast had experienced a drop in advertising revenues of 45% as a result of the pandemic. It was also reported that the company had, in previous years, sublet six of the company's 23 floors in the One World Trade Center, following the cancellation of a number of its publishing titles. 


September 3, 2020: A Chiropractor gave me, for free, two Gonstead adjusting tables. worth about $2 thousand dollars. 

He has pierced ears, and wears earrings.  He is a comfortable multi-millionaire, with 5 horses and a private lake in his front yard, between San Francisco and Lake Tahoe. 

Brand new convertible BMW sports car for his beautiful wife.  What if I gave Megan Binkley a ranch?  Would she talk to me and say, "Okay, that is the promise you made to me on October 5, 2018"; Megan then began cheating on me a few days later...

The American Physical Therapy Association continues to say males with pierced ears are guilty of unprofessional conduct, an unforgivable crime comparable to rape or murder, blacklisted for life.  Who is the criminal again?

Megan really wants a house on a hill in the Silicon Valley, just like Beth Hunkapiller, wife of Michael Hunkapiller, the Bill Gates of DNA.  I could call Beth right now.  I have her phone number on my wall.  Mr. Goldberg, Vice President at Oracle, his number is on my wall too.  No-one cares. 

Cover up, deny, and ignore. 



Abhishek had stated that he had gotten his ear pierced on Aaradhya’s ear-piercing ceremony to see how painful the experience is.

He didn't want the little one to get hurt. Well, when he had revealed this on the show, Big B was touched. 



An Open Letter to


I have testified on live TV to the Mayor and Chief of Police of San Jose the following, but I was ignored, completely.  I am asking you to take my testimony, under oath, today as dead serious:

I was Vice President of the Massage Therapists Association in San Francisco in 2003, after having worked for Senator Feinstein's Orthopedic Surgeon, Kevin Stone, MD, where my work 

and everything I did was systematically categorized and treated as prostitution by pretty much everyone, which makes sense, since the Sex Workers run everything, statewide, with the complete 

cooperation of Governor Gavin Newsom, Willie Brown, Jerry Brown, etc. & in fact Catholic Republican Schwarzenegger is really the key point man for creating the total fraud that is the California Massage Therapy Council.

I was there when the health care fraud that is the CAMTC was created, and I have been challenging everyone at the CAMTC for a public debate about this fraud to the public and the profession for 17 years.

The CAMTC just sent me an email saying to contact you for questions.

The CAMTC threatened to have me assassinated, at the Capitol, at an education conference in 2013.

Please note that I am not even supposed to be involved in this debate at all, since I was supposed to move to Florida to earn my Doctorate in Physical Therapy, but the American Physical Therapy Association

falsely accused me, because I am a male with pierced ears, of extremely unprofessional conduct comparable to in fact rape or murder, and the APTA had me expelled on sight and shunned for life, 

a death sentence for my PT career.  I was in fact at Kevin Stone, MD's office for the purpose of completing my PT internship- before the Olympics, where I worked with CAMTC past President Mark Dixon extensively.

Mark Dixon is well aware of who I am, and the massive political and professional implications of having to tell the truth under oath about how and who the CAMTC is actually run by and for.

I am actively a student at Life West Chiropractic College near San Francisco.  

I was accepted to Law School under past California Bar President Dean Barbieri in 2010, who is 100% aware of everything I am saying here, as all these facts have been directly communicated to him for years, I wrote about all this in my Law School application.

I was on the cover of Massage Today in 2004, July, debating gay anarchist David Palmer about all this.  That is when the death threats against me began.  I was interviewed on the radio in Modesto, and I was 

quoted extensively by the Traditional Values Coalition (I am a "Silicon Valley" atheist, by the way).

I met face to face with global gay lobbyist Tim Barnett, while he was the head of Parliament in New Zealand, in 2006 in Berkeley with Robyn Few, who founded the real Australian union, the Sex Workers Outreach Project.

We talked at length and in detail about the total fraud and complete con that is the CAMTC, and how it was created by herself, Carol Leigh, Maxine Doogan, Margo St. James, and other prostitution activists.

The CAMTC has threatened my life repeatedly, and openly and proudly destroyed my career.

Past President of the California Physical Therapy Association, Donald Chu, endorsed me and everything I am saying, last year, as he was retiring, noting that I am being illegally and unconstitutionally discirminated against by the APTA in being prevented from given my License to practice Physical Therapy, and my promised education, promised in writing by contract.  Leading global Physical Therapy scholars call what is 

being done to me, "genocide", "appalling", and "unprofessional".

Kamala Harris directly oversaw the overthrow of the Massage Therapist profession by the prostitution lobby.  I was there when all this happened.  

Prostitution activist MAxine Doogan, who threatened to have me killed in 2003, was invited to lecture at Sonoma State University to the medical Nursing students, about her health care fraud, which you seem to uphold.  Do you also uphold her death threats against me?  Why have I been silenced and all of this has been covered up by both Republicans and Democrats for so long, with no care at all for patients, 

or Massage Therapy students (throwing their money away on a con career of systematically ignored sexual harassment, actually you and the entire government openly promotes a hostile work environment for Massage Therapists, and the rape of patients), or the public at large?

I sold William Randolph Hearst III his home massage table, he owns Oprah.

I was the Massage Therapist for the lobbyist who paid for Kamala Harris's run for President, Susie Tompkins Buell.   The CAMTC knows who I am, and they know everything I am saying is true.

How in the world do you explain to anyone how you just called prostitution an essential medical service, via the fraud that is the CAMTC?   Prostitute Massage Therapist Maxine Doogan, who threatened to have me killed in 2003, lecturing the Nursing students at Sonoma State University.  Terrence Hallinan, who appointed the author of Unrepentant Whore to create and run the Massage Board in San Francisco in the early 90's being praised by Kamala Harris and the top law school in the State as a "civil rights activist".  He blatantly promoted the rape of hundreds of Massage Therapists and patients.

The CAMTC has nothing to do with medicine, health care, or massage.  It is a total fraud, for the prostitution lobby.  You know it, and so does everyone else.

Again, what I want is for the American Physical Therapy Association to give me my PT License, to agree that my pierced ears are not a crime, I am not guilty of unprofessional conduct, I am owed 15 years back pay, as I was supposed to graduate with my Doctorate in 2005, and be professor, like my classmates who now run the PT Departments at Idaho State and the University of Central Florida.

In fact, the University of St. Augustine for Health Sciences now has a campus near San Diego, and I should be immediately accepted and allowed to earn my PT License there.  The University called me a rapist, and treated me worse than a serial killer, solely due to my skin on my ears being pierced.  This is illegal, unprofessional, and unconstitutional.

The APTA has never given me a hearing, or even a meeting, of any kind, after falsely accusing me of unprofessional conduct and having me banned for life, because of the skin on my ears.

The way I am being treated was explicitly declared a violation of the 1964 Civil Rights Act by the Supreme Court just this Summer.

UC Berkeley Dean of Law wrote about this in the American Bar Association Journal just a few weeks ago:

I could say a lot more, but I will stop here and ask you to take everything I am saying as testimony under oath.  

The lead lobbyist for the California Athletic Trainer's Association is Steve Winter, who was my mentor in sports medicine at Sonoma State University in the early 90's, where I taught anatomy to the Nursing students.  The California State University which gave me my degree, offered the prostitute who threatened to have me killed the title of guest professor, and has completely covered up, denied, and ignored, everything, always.

Who is supposed to be President of the USA right now?  Eliot Spitzer, who was forced to resign from being Governor of New York, while he was being vetted to be Vice President for Barack Obama, in a prostitution scandal, all leading back to massage "parlors".

Why am I being threatened with assassination by the CAMTC, while you lie and call prostitution an essential medical service, when I should have become a PT Orthopedics professor in 2005?

The President of the Soft Tissue club at the Chiropractic College calls me "big dog", because I was a Massage Therapist before he was born.

Let me testify in public.  Take me seriously, please.  This is not a joke.  I lived above the massage brothel in San Francisco at 513 Bush Street twenty years ago.  Today you are telling me that brothel is an essential medical clinic?  Sexual assault is medicine?


Brian Keith Goodwin Longcor

3001 Bridgeway Blvd, K269

Sausalito, CA 94965

text preferred at 415-350-8893

Meet me face to face, let me testify to you, under oath, in public.

I own and I have been writing about this corruption in detail for 17 years.  I am consistently told that nothing ever happened, everything is covered up, denied, and ignored, always.  Why?  I still get death threats.  I had David Palmer at my house,

I went to massage school with Keith Grant, and I have been challenging Beverly May to public debate for over 23 years.  She is the lead lobbyist, you say, to create the CAMTC.  This is a lie, a fraud, and a scam.   


Seth James DeMoor won the prestigious 2020 Pike's Peak marathon trail race  over the weekend in 3 hours, 36 minutes and 31 seconds.   He did it for True Love, his wife.

I ordered my new La Sportivas the day the Big Basin fire started, I get them Wednesday.  I bought my last pair specifically for dancing with Megan Binkley in San Francisco...  


The California Medical Board finally contacted me, approximately 2 years after being sexually assaulted in San Francisco by an MD, who was supposed to be checking me for an external friction skin scar from running,

and decided he really wanted to stick his fingers up my ass and probe my prostate.  I call this rape. My rape was ignored and covered up by the Police, just like my violent mugging two decades ago which nearly killed me and broke 4 of my teeth.

Kamala Harris covered all these things up, and still is, looks like she will be President soon anyways, right?  Does Susie Tomkins Buell care about me?  Does Will Hearst care about me?, Does Beth Hunkapiller care about me?  or Kamala?  Does Gavin Newsom care about my being raped?  No.   

So seeing the Sex Workers own and operate the Republican and Democratic Parties is not shocking, seeing the CAMTC run by prostitutes trying to kill me is normal, government run health care fraud is normal... 

My attempted rape by the Mayor of Cotati when I was studying Sports Medicine at Sonoma State is normal.  Steve Winter covered that up, he's the head lobbyist for the NATA and was my mentor...  and the medusa media smiles and laughs, with Nancy Pelosi...

Being stabbed in the back and/or ignored by the American Physical Therapy Association every day for 6,000+ days is normal.


#Britain #Skippingsikh #BorisJohnson

Britain’s ‘Skipping Sikh’ awarded by U.K PM



I started reading Stephen Hawking's book, "Grand Design", asking big questions about the universe helps me get through the day... I wrote Devdeep Ahuja in the UK again.  


Think again.  Who is the Predator?  Kamala Harris is the Predator.  No political party cares about you.  Give up on that fantasy.  


At least my best friend from Junior High School is sitting pretty.  He failed physics, but became a millionaire Fire Captain anyways. 


I offered Bill Clinton a massage in 1997, via Susie Tompkins Buell, because Bill was having problems with his knees.  This was before I got the job working for Senator Diane Feinstein's Orthopedist, Kevin Stone, MD

Bill said no.  Kamala Harris still says I don't exist at all, therefore Kamala Harris says I have no rights to a hearing, the American Physical Therapy Association can destroy my career without debate or apology,

and the Sex Workers Outreach Project, Maxine Doogan, Big Gay Power & the Sex Work Supremacists, and the American Massage Therapy Association can threaten to have me assassinated, while the Pope smiles.  

Kamala Harris says Massage Therapists have no rights at all, and neither do Massage Therapy patients.   Patients rights do not exist.  Nancy Pelosi is smiling.




- I am posting this because Phil Schiller was my ex-girlfriend Bess (aka Ellen)'s boyfriend before me.  She said he never gave her flowers, not even once.  He never said, "I love you".


The most interesting thing on my resume is probably the fact that I worked on Vice President Dick Cheney's Secret Service bodyguards at the 2002 Winter Olympics, when Cheney was visiting the Olympic Village.  People always ask if I met Apollo.  I am left staring at the 6 discrete guns the Secret Service agents carry.

I wrote Team USA the other day, to ask if they can explain why I worked with Team USA's Rick Middleton & Tom Moulton and the entire Paralympic Hockey Team, at the 2002 Winter Paralympics, while the American Physical Therapy Association says I do not exist, and I have never existed;

I cannot be accepted, or even discussed.  "Not one word", as Princess Francis likes to say.  I am an invited and celebrated adjunct of Team USA, but I am hated by Team USA?  WTF?  Why?  

I also wrote to see if their lawyers might like to speak regarding my discrimination case against the American Physical Therapy Association, though I would say my interests are, like Elon Musk, maybe more "Transhumanist" than "transgender".  The Hearst Corp & NYT say my job is to be a gay prostitute. 

777  ...a first step was taken at the recent Annual Congress to amend the Zero Tolerance Policy...

777  Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone of San Francisco is urging Catholics to fast every Friday

I think I should write the San Francisco Archbishop today.  He should know that at the funeral for Brother Tim Diener, I was pushing Brother Columban Derby's wheelchair.  But Gavin Newsom says I do not exist.  Of course not.   He has never heard of Tim Diener?  Right.



"...I was asked often during The Pause... why we didn't give up the quest... and simply move on... wanted to finish what they had started -

and were willing to make tremendous personal sacrifices to do so... you wanted us to see this through 

I thank you for your patience. I thank you for your passion.

Be well. Stay healthy. And enjoy.

Gary Bettman (NHL Commissioner)


Today I discovered that if you go to Google Images, and you look up the founder of the Moto GP medical clinic, Claudio Costa, and add the word, "massage", no pictures of Claudio Costa come up right away,

(Dr. Costa graduated in medicine on 3 March 1967 and over the years achieved three specializations: in 1971 in clinical orthopaedics and traumatology, in 1973 in orthopaedic physical therapy and in 1980 in sports medicine.) 

but you do see a picture posted only on this website, of me at Halloween with Megan in her Wonder Woman outfit.  This is impossible, and it can't be happening, but it is.  The APTA says I don't exist, but:

If you go the the website for the Clinica Mobile, the first picture they show is of top class racer Valentino Rossi, with the same pierced ears that I am cursed by, which had me called a rapist by the American Physical Therapy Association.

The Clinica Mobile employs a massive crew of top notch Fisioterapisti, who apparently the APTA thinks are aiding and abetting capitol crimes, worthy of a lifetime of exile and punishment.

While I am coming up on Google when you try to look up Claudio  Costa.  The APTA says I don't exist?  Really?  Still?  

777 (My cousin being entered into the South Carolina Hall of Fame) 






July 27, 2020:  Let me begin here by reminding everyone that I am distantly related to the fattest President of the United States, William Howard Taft.  He wasn't a football lineman, he was the line!  Chief Justice too.

But I can't get a hearing by the APTA, I don't exist?   I can't get Robert Mueller to acknowledge he knows me and he was one of my pre-Physical Therapy application patients, when I was in Senator Diane Feinstein's orthopedists office?

My next door neighbor, by an extraordinary coincidence, is close friends with my ex-girlfriend Krista Fechner, PhD (Nutrition and Biochemistry, UC Davis, full scholarship, Undergrad at Brown University). 

I only discovered this by asking him about the 80's industrial music stickers on his car.  Who knows, maybe we can start a Quarantine band?  I have a bass, he has a lawnmower, we are ready to go!

I might add, my neighbor might call me a "rivethead".  Maybe.  This is an important point in regards to anthropological observations of culture, why the APTA called me a rapist, when I just have pierced ears.  When will I get a hearing?

My point here is that maybe if I stop to think about Krista's PhD research, on how the government allows a certain amount of brain damage from lead poisoning to happen to poor children playing in playgrounds, eating 

lead in the sand, and touching lead in the paint on the playground structures, out of sheer convenience and a mind for profits, regardless of morality or conscience.  Playgrounds have no warning labels, parents don't know.

So of course it makes sense for Libertarian Boris Johnson to begin his war on obesity by gagging Micheal Mosely, leading UK NHS obesity expert, and immediately subisidizing Pizza Hut (my first real job not working for my parents, dishwasher!).

I can only doubt Boris Johnson is going to give Tim Noakes MD a moment at the podium, or call for actually labelling alcohol calorie content.

I wrote the Law School at Golden Gate University, to ask what they thought about UC Hastings calling the man who appointed Unrepentant Whore Carol Leigh to run the Massage Therapy Board a principled and dedicated human rights activist:


Any Massage Therapists or massage patients out there want to say, "#metoo???"  Top Law School in the nation, openly promoting rape and sexual assault of Massage Therapists and Massage Therapy patients. 

On top of identity theft and health care fraud.   No-one says a word.

Go ahead and lick the playground structures, eat some playgournd sand!  Order a Pizza from Pizza Hut, Boris is buying!  It's good for your obesity!   It's not socialism at all, it's welfare for Tories, by Tories...

My apartment on Bush Street above the massage brothel, the lease required signing a waiver, because of the lead paint.  Because Gavin Newsom cares! 






Lt. Col. Rachel Marazita, AFMC military personnel and programs branch chief, said on the command’s website,

“Fear of... career-ending disciplinary action is a major stressor that we are looking to eliminate..."  


I applied for an appointment to the American Physical Therapy Association's new Board on Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity. 

The "Diversity" Board is overseen and created by Justin Moore, CEO, who is still discriminating against me every single day after 17 years, owing me my career, & $2 Million dollars back pay.

Justin Moore and the APTA have been discriminating against me for 17 years, destroying my career, based solely on my skin.  Will the APTA give me Inclusion and Equity?

Will Justin Moore and the APTA stop discriminating against me, finally, after 17 years of 24/7 hate?  I used to live with Linda Reid, the Diversity Director for Levi's, in San Francisco, at her mini-mansion in Diamond Heights.

I applied to Physical Therapy School in the forst place to impress Amy Pfaffman, we were supposed to get married and have kids in 2005 after I graduated from Physical Therapy School,  The APTA killed all that, they hate my skin.  


I am asking the UK's' Physios in Sport to again review my case and to immediately intervene on my behalf,

since the American Physical Therapy Association is incapable of reading or comprehending the Civil Rights Act, or it's own rules for that matter. 

I believe 15 years have passed since I was formally endorsed by the President of 

regarding my discrimination lawsuit against the American Physical Therapy Association.   

The APTA continures to cover up, deny, and ignore, 24/7/365.  The APTA owes me $2 Million dollars for 17 years of back pay. Plus emotional damages. 

A public apology for calling me a rapist, for having pierced ears, like King Tut, or Louis Delgado, the last fighter to beat Chuck Norris in competition.  

Your leadership is mentally retarded, pathetic, incompetent, and insane. 


"It's natural for people to think this was crazy" - Sarah Al-Amiri   "You want to have an economy based on knowledge — knowledge of production, utilization of knowledge and creating intangible assets," al-Amiri

HH Sheikh Mohammedverified_user
The Hope probe will travel 495 million km to space with a cruise speed of 121,000 km/hr in the first ever Arab mission to the Red Planet. The data gathered by the probe will add a new dimension to the human knowledge. This is our latest contribution to the world.
Twitter7/18/20 7:54 AM



Seth James DeMoor
Seth James DeMoor
8 hours ago
‪��Warning��‬ ‪Stick around me long enough and I’ll brainwash you into believing that you can accomplish ALL your goals!‬ ‪it’s 4 am, let’s goooooooooooo‼️‬



The State of Louisiana has an obesity rate of 36.8%. 


(If you are NOT CEO, please kindly forward this to your CEO, because this is urgent. If you believe this has been sent to you in error, please ignore it. Thanks)
Dear CEO,
This email is from China domain name registration center, which mainly deal with the domain name registration in China. On July 14, 2020, we received an application from Hongxin Ltd requested "massagewell" as their internet keyword and China (CN) domain names (,,, But after checking it, we find this name conflict with your company name or trademark. In order to deal with this matter better, it's necessary to send email to you and confirm whether this company is your business partner in China?
Best Regards

Thomas Liu | Service & Operations Manager

China Registry (Head Office)

Tel: +86-02161918696

Fax: +86-02161918697

Mob: +86-13816428671

6012, Xingdi Building, No. 1698 Yishan Road, Shanghai 201103, China 


(Still waiting, over 25 years later, for the Cotati Police Department to file attempted rape charges against Mayor Bob Davis, or even to acknowledge that I exist...) 

Dear Cotati Police Chief Parish,

My best friend's Dad was the pot smoking Mormon Chief of Police in Lodi when I was in junior high school, so nothing surprises me anymore, it seems.  He drove his son crazy, with his hypocrisy and lies.

I am curious if you or anyone in Cotati City administration has anything at all to publicly say to explain how it is, exactly,

that simultaneously, you want to say that it makes perfect sense to have this article come out

while in 2017 Sonoma State University had the "prostitution rights activist" Maxine Doogan, who threatened to have me assassinated for being an ethical professional Massage Therapist,

to the same Nursing students that I used to lecture anatomy dissection to when I was at SSU back in the early 90's -

back when Cotati Mayor Bob Davis tried to rape me, as a Massage Therapist, and Sonoma State Sports Medicine and Psychology Student, your Police Department covered it up and denied my report,

and so did Sonoma State, my mentor Steve Winter covered it up (he is Catholic, after all)...

Again this is while Catholic Church pedophile priest lawyer David Deibel is also my client, as is the gay priest at St. Mary's in Moraga, now at Holy Names, Father Salvatore Ragusa- 

Note that Cotati Mayor Bob Davis was in fact convicted of being a pedophile while teaching at Rancho Cotate High School - but you covered up my attempted rape, you say that doesn't matter and never happened?

And it is also supposed to make sense that I ended up working for Senator Diane Feinstein's Orthopedic Surgeon in San Francisco, Kevin Stone, MD, and doing house calls for Robert Mueller, and his wife?

My best friend from high school is a card dealer at the local Rohnert Park Indian Casino, and he laughs at you, he laughs at these stories, he knows they are all true.

The California Massage Therapy Council is a total and complete fraud, created by prostitutes, for prostitutes, with bipartisan support and corruption, created by the same people who did the same thing in Rhode Island, for decades... no-one ever cared, no-one ever took responsibility.

Then, to top it off, the University of California top Law School claims that 

the DA who appointed the author of Unrepentant Whore and coined the term "sex work" to run the Massage Board, is somehow a great Civil Rights activist, the woman who promoted and condoned my being sexually assaulted by your Mayor?

And my client Susie Tompkins Buell, who bankrolled Hilary Clinton and Kamala Harris, and says she is a Women's Rights Activist, has nothing to say?

I am now a student at Life West Chiropractic College in Hayward, though with the recent Gorsuch Supreme Court ruling, and the followup Cherminsky opinion (Dean @ UC Berkeley Law) in the ABA Journal,

I am pursuing my discrimination lawsuit against the American Physical Therapy Association, which blacklisted me for life, because I have pierced ears, which is a violation of the Civil Rights Act.  They owe me $2 Million back pay, my Doctorate degree, and a public apology.

But what about the time you covered it up, when the Mayor tried to rape me?  I wrote about all these things when I applied to JFK Law School in 2010.  These are not mysteries, or secrets.  Everyone knows.

I co-founded the Outdoor Adventure club and the Environmental Club at Sonoma State in the early 90's, graduating one A- away from Magna Cum Laude in 1994.

My Uncle Perry Taft was City Attorney for Stockton, and he is related to Chief Justice and President of the United States William Howard Taft.  

Perhaps these facts add credibility, or as Massage Therapist rapist Al Gore used to say, "gravitas", to my email to you today.

What about the Pedophile Meth-head Rapist Sheriff of San Mateo County, Carlos Bolanos?  Jackie Spier doesn't talk about that either.  Gavin Newsom covers that up, no surprise being he is a cokehead, he is the one who worked with Schwarzenegger to make the CAMTC a front for prostitution, which was easy in CA, it's business as usual.  I may have spelled her name wrong there, I apologize.

I think the City of Cotati should publicly apologize to me, for covering it up when the Mayor tried to rape me.  That should be covered by the New York Times owned Press Democrat?

Just like when I sold William Randolph Hearst III his home massage table, and then he stabbed me in the back?  Just like when I was at the Grand Opening of Mayacamas in Healdsburg, and met Jack Nicklaus?

Mayor Bob Davis told me that the Cotati City Council used to have meetings naked in a hot tub, on LSD.   Is he still in prison?  I heard he got ten years for the pedophilia charges, he was giving A's to high school boys who had sex with him.

Thank you for your time,

Brian Keith Goodwin Longcor  

snail mail me at 3001 Bridgeway Blvd K269 Sausalito, CA 94965 

or look for me on LinkedIn or on the web.  Everyone knows. 


July 14, 2020 - I was writing an email to the San Francisco-based small private independent California Institute of Integral Studies, about how Distinguished Professor Eleanor Criswell conned and scammed me 25 years ago,

with the fake Master's Degree she put a full page ad in Yoga Journal for on Page 32, May/June 1995, (Yoga Journal will tell you this doesn't exist, it never happened) which is where my experience & fact-based mistrust for The Ivory Tower, after being stabbed in the back for decades, 

maybe first began, since Dr. Criswell got away with her crimes, getting a full pension from the State of California, and the swanky Distinguished Professor title she has now, without ever taking responsibility, or apologizing,

or anyone doing anything.  I was her protege for years, taking all of her classes, getting A's in everything, while studying sports medicine under Steve Winter, who is who introduced me to Donald Chu. 

Eleanor brought me to Rollo May's memorial service, and introduced me to Phil Zimbardo and Irvin Yalom, and later to Georg Feurstein and Donna Farhi... but I don't exist, of course, like the APTA will tell you today.    

But much deeper still, it reminds me of another incomprehensible level of corruption and hypocrisy, how the New York Times owned Santa Rosa Press Democrat posted this silly story - while when the Mayor of Cotati tried to rape me in my early 20's, noone did anything, not the Police, not the University.  

The New York Times covered that up, of course. Noone is shocked by this.  It's business as usual in America.  Have some more Gatorade, you'll be fine.

The best part of my letter?  Where I talked about meeting Jack Nicklaus, at the grand opening of Mayacamas.  You know Stanley Paris and the APTA love that, as the knife digs ever deeper, thank you Stanley Paris, you are so professional, so kind.



San Francisco based Civil Rights lawyer Harmeet Dhillon refused to take my education discrimination lawsuit case against the American Physical Therapy Association, despite it's obvious simplicity,

then covered up and refused to offer a single reason as to why, she wouldn't even take cash or agree to mediate this 17 year dispute- then within 72 hours or so she wrote this - 



July 10, 2020 - Two years ago today I bought because I wanted to marry Megan Binkley and change my name to Brian Binkley, hoping we would stay together, in love...

While I am actually more fascinated with the Supreme Court case ruled yesterday saying the United States should, at least here in this case, actually abide by it's treaties and promises to Native Americans,

because maybe this ruling too should sway the American Physical Therapy Association into obeying it's own rules, for one thing, much less common courtesy or respect for Civil Rights or federal law.

I also want to point out that I emailed my childhood next door neighbor, Steve Vera, who owns, asking his opinion, as an amputee-care professional, about both what the APTA did to me,

& the extreme corruption & total hypocrisy of Colin Kaepernick blatantly exploiting the Black community, in fact brutally killing the Black community, worse than any police brutality ever has, as an advertising spokesman for the Diabetes machine known as Disney,

while pretending to care about "Black Lives".  Do the math, Dr. Edd Taylor, and teach the math to Colin, if he will listen to you.

But no, instead I have to also bitch and moan about how absurd yesterday was, so I go to Mt. Tamalpais north of San Francisco to visit the 1945 shrine to peace the United Nations put in Muir Woods following the death of FDR at Cathedral Grove,

and maybe emulate my former coworker who can do the Quadruple Dipsea, but no instead I have to read this and this

which of course business as usual is all politics, all bias, & total cover up, deny, and ignorefest of anything resembling objectivity, there is no gay prostitution - and when I get to the vista point of the Pacific Ocean, where the water fountain is,

there are three half-naked gay go-go boys

playing gay disco music super loud, leaving me to ponder the future of this debate, as if it ever started.  I asked them, "Are you always this obnoxious?" and when they turned the music up, I effectively convinced them to never do that again. 

Why do I have to deal with this BS all the time?  How is it, exactly, that I can be simultaneously stabbed in the back for my entire healthcare career, on the one hand by the APTA conservatives, who say Native Americans don't exist, and the Pope is the fashion Police,

and I simply cannot be allowed to join the PT tribe, solely based on their loathing of the skin on my ears, then on the other hand, being constantly fucked over by Big Gay Power and the Sex Work Supremacists who run Massage Therapy in America...  

But you can't say that and win Scrabble anymore, can you?  My friend Tanmay, an MD from India, is afraid people will notice his nose is pierced, this is another transgression comparable to rape or murder, according to the APTA & Stanley Paris...

I believe the APTA should write me a check for $2 million dollars, today.  The APTA should issue a public apology, today.  The APTA should contact me, today, to offer me my unconditionally promised Doctorate education, 17 years late.


I have pleaded for 17 years for the American Physical Therapy Association to allow me to complete my promised Doctorate degree, I have pleaded that pierced ears are quite irrelevant,

and are not a valid reason to expel anyone.  Today, I talked to (education and civil rights law firm), and I hope to talk to them again soon. 

What kind of offer should the American Physical Therapy Association make to me?   The APTA and Stanley Paris destroyed my life.  Intentionally, willfully, without conscience or care of any kind.


But NBC news, no doubt, maintains it's total devotion and absolute complicity to organized crime, full time, like Nancy Pelosi and Donald Trump...or do you actually trust these people?777 

At $237 billion in medical costs each year, diabetes is the most expensive chronic disease in the countryone of every four health care dollars is spent on a person with the condition. 


When I was in the 4th grade, I was formally nicknamed, "Whitey", because I was the Whitest, blondest, student on campus.  I am Whiter than Donald Trump, and every White Supremacist I have ever met. roggenback.jpg


777 Laser melts stone.  The Confederate art at Stone Mountain in Atlanta could easily be removed/resurfaced in less than a day, 

like elite speed climbing El Capitan, probably in a couple hours.   Similarly, the APTA could fix this debate in ten seconds.  Do it, APTA, do your fucking job!

How long would it take for the Cleveland Indians to change their name?  One second.  How long would it take for the APTA to write me a check?  One second. 


The APTA's 6,000+ day corruption cover up continues, it's business as usual, all day every day.  Cover up, deny, and ignore. 

How much effort is being made by the APTA to update and modernize, to even have a conversation about the $2 million dollars+ they owe me?  ZERO. 


Please wake me up and let me know when the American Physical Therapy Association acknowledges that I exist,

and the fact that they owe me my Doctorate degree and 15 years back pay.  Maybe my ex-girlfriend Michelle Anderson will represent me?  She knows Chemerinsky (Dean at UC Berkeley Law School). 

I made a point of writing Marymount University, which is 2 miles from , and maybe 25 miles from the totally gay run 

owned by the same Roman Catholic order that gave me sanctuary (room, and board, for three full months, at Mt. La Salle in Napa, next to the Hess Winery) from the APTA's vicious attacks in 2003, where I lived with PhD monks galore.

As rioters march today on the Confederate Mt. Rushmore, Stone Mountain east of Atlanta, I know I could walk there from my father's house, or where I was born, or from my younger brother's grave.  I miss Corey so much.

Most absurdly and hypocritically, like many Catholic clergy, the closeted gay Catholic monk uniform is in fact a black dress.  Like the Pope himself, they are all transgender, full-time. 

777 openly allying itself with Al Sharpton—the man who helped incite the Crown Heights riots in the summer of 1991—

the ADL has not just abandoned its core mission in favor of partisan politics,

but has utterly disgraced itself in a manner that ought to shame its staff and donors.  

In his eulogy at the funeral, the Reverend Al Sharpton referred to "diamond dealers" (a Jewish business) and said, "It's an accident to allow an apartheid ambulance service in the middle of Crown Heights."

A banner was displayed at the funeral that said, "Hitler did not do the job."


America has yet to lift a finger, or say one word.  Silence.  Total silence.  Deny the coverup, and coverup the denial.

777  "I was a walking heart attack"- Rev. Al "no sugar" Sharpton first loses 175 pounds, going from 305 to 129 pounds,

then the Reverend turns around and tells PepsiCo/NFL to run more ads making Black livers and hearts diseased & fat, with Colin Kaepernick being paid highly as the salesman, 

he did this at George Floyd's funeral, in the name of "Black Lives".  Is this the single most hypocritical and sickening political move made in American history, perhaps, maybe?

*Note again when I say these things, that I was endorsed last year by NFL Raiders Coach (retired) Donald Chu, PhD in my pending discrimination lawsuit against American Physical Therapy Association,

which the APTA continues to ignore and deny is even an issue, they say I don't exist.  Dr. Chu is one of 2 Asians in the National Athletic Trainers's Association Hall of Fame, btw, & past CA APTA President.

PT Scholar Devdeep Ahuja called what the APTA did and is still doing to me, "Genocide" over a decade ago.  Similarly, I was punished by Governor Gavin Newsom, for asking for deserved dignity and respect.

Before I was systematically, continuously, daily, maligned and attacked by the Hearst Corporation, for not being an immigrant Thai prostitute, I sold Will Hearst his home massage table,

and was offered free access to use Will's personal seats at the SF Giants baseball games, "anytime".  Thanks Will.  My friend James Day used to be the MT for the Giants and the A's.  James calls me "Big Dog". 


Still waiting to hear from you APTA.  You've had me on hold for 17 years.  Why?

777 may be federally Trademarked, regardless of Jackie Speier, Nancy Pelosi, Kamala Harris, Gavin Newsom, Arnold Schwarzenegger, etc.'s preference for using massage as a front for promoting Prostitution and Organized Crime, 24/7/365.


Of the three dietary macronutrients, only dietary carbohydrates are non-essential.

Thus it is established that the minimal daily dietary requirement for carbohydrate is zero grams per day.

Even in persons with Type 2 Diabetes eating 25-50g carbohydrate/day, the liver produces an excess of glucose (from protein and fat). - Tim Noakes, MD


I emailed my high school girlfriend Marilee Dahl, who I was dating around the time I started studying Massage Therapy, who is now Education Director at the Ayn Rand Institute,

asking Marilee to chime in on the ridiculous and far from Libertarian front page article on "Massage Parlor Panic" by Reason Magazine just posted in March 2020.

Reason Magazine, like the New York Times and so many others, obliquely referred to me, yet refused to contact or debate me for that article.  Will Marilee perk up and talk?  Say something? 


Does Pepsi salesman Colin Kaepernick actually give a flying fuck about Black lives?  No, sorry kids.  He couldn't care less.  He's a blatant hypocrite, and a total clown.  Sugar kills you slowly, there is no drama, no George Floyd video.

But the fact of the matter is that Colin Kaepernick personally killed more Blacks than any police brutality has in the last several decades combined.  LeBron James is worse.  Do the math.   It isn't hard.

Minnie Mouse, 1 lolly

Calories: 520 Carbs: 130g Fat: 0g Protein: 0g 

Using brain-scanning technology, scientists at the U.S. National Institute on Drug Abuse were among the first to show that

sugar causes changes in peoples' brains similar to those in people addicted to drugs such as cocaine and alcohol. 


Urban Dictionary: English Smile

When a person is unhappy with their current situation, however, as they are English, they are too polite to admit it Therefore, they will 'put on' an English Smile. 


How much money has been made & spent by Colin Kaepernick, LeBron James, NBA, NFL, NPR, CNN, pretty much the whole shebang,

on ads encouraging black youth to drink sugar-laden beverages despite the very real risk of diabetic leg amputation, coma, and death?

Oh, but Pepsi and Colin Kaepernick are heroes, I forgot.  This is Obamacare.  Hooray!  Black Legs don't Matter, but let's have the NBA and ESPN (Hearst/Disney) say "Black Lives Matter", on a sign next to the Gatorade.  Makes perfect sense.

Just like the APTA stabbing me in the back, all day, every day.  Thanks Robert Mueller, you've been so "professional" according to the Pope.  When the Pope wants to discriminate, "unprofessional" is his term, just like the APTA.


In 1983, Gatorade (36 Grams of Carbohydrates) became the official sports drink of the NFL.  Gatorade is now also the official sports drink of the NBA, AVP, and PGA, Major League Baseball, Major League Soccer...

In 2001, PepsiCo acquired Gatorade's parent company, the Quaker Oats Company, for $13 billion in order to add Gatorade to its portfolio of brands. 


The American Physical Therapy Association and Nancy Pelosi and Robert Mueller and Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump continue to stonewall and say I don't exist, so why have a meeting?  Why have a conversation? 

My best friend from 4th grade is both Black and Gay.  He is afraid most of Black Churches, actually.  You know why.  We see politics and power plays, as Biden was quiet for Pride, but wooing Black Churches all day, Bernie couldn't do that...

EDD V. TAYLOR Curriculum Vitae School of Education University of Colorado, Boulder Office: (303)492-7058 Room 217, 249 UCB Fax: (303) 492-7090 Boulder, CO 80309

EDUCATION University of California, Berkeley Ph.D. Cognition and Development: Human Development and Education,

2005 Dissertation Title: “Low-Income African-American First and Second Grade Students' Engagement in Currency Exchange: The Relationship to Mathematical Development” Geoffrey Saxe (Chair) University of California, Berkeley

M.A. Cognition and Development: Human Development and Education, 1998 Thesis Title: “School Achievement and the Cognitive Development of Children in Poverty: Support for Intervention Efforts” 

777  LeBron James should be asking Barack Obama to apologize for the corruption of Obamacare,

this is sadder, and more horrifying, than anything that Colin Kaepernick has ever talked about, but then he would really get banned by the NFL!  No Pepsi/Bud sponsors for you!  Do Black Legs Matter, LeBron?  Or the money Gatorade pays the NBA?

And I am still waiting to hear from the APTA, about the 15 years of back pay they owe me.  


On last Friday's Redwood hike on Mt. Tamalpais, I quite by chance walked and talked with a monk from the local San Francisco Zen Center.  She kept talking about how nice people can be.  Do you agree?

Which reminds me, another loss to bring up in my APTA discrimination lawsuit, is how ludicrous it is that I had to sell my fastest motorcycle, that I bought from a cop, to a Baptist seminary student

to move to St. Augustine, FL.  Then I had to leave on the 3rd day of school, because of my ears.  Not just any seminary, a Southern Baptist Convention one!  /


In 2003 I was given free sanctuary from being attacked by the American Physical Therapy Association because of my pierced ears,







I contacted the Law Offices of Lawrence Organ, wondering about filing a discrimination lawsuit against the American Physical Therapy Association, President Sharon Dunn, etc.  - right by my old office on Union Street in San Francisco, not far from the first Pilates gym I worked at, when Body Kinetics was on Greenwich at Pierce. 

The APTA owes me 15 years back pay, my Doctorate, and an apology.  I was offered to buy Mill Valley Physical Therapy by Rod Heschong in the year 2010, ten years ago, if we could resolve this issue, but the APTA has stonewalled.

Though now, this Gorsuch ruling also reminds me how my sexual assault and hostile work environment lawsuit against Massage Envy was ignored and tossed out 7 years ago- because I am male, and the perp was female!

Attorney John Burris told me, my case was rock solid, he would make 1/3 of the $1 million I would get from Massage Envy, we would settle out of court in 90 days - if I was a female, and the perp was male. 


I talked to my Agent Orange survivor Father today for an hour, and we talked about why I am not allowed to work for the Veteran's Administration Hospital, because the APTA won't honor it's contract 

and promise to give me my Doctorate in Physical Therapy, because my ears are pierced like Bruce "Born in the USA" Springsteen, or say Buddha, or millions of other boys.  Makes perfect sense, right? 


Top dog Physio, Sharon Dunn, while firmly sticking the knife in my back and continuing to twist it ever deeper, simultaneously and as hypocritical as ever, stated in her Presidential address this week,

"reach out to someone who looks different than us and create space for authentic, hard, and uncomfortable conversations."   Text me anytime Sharon, 415-350-8893.  Let's go!  Get off your ass!

I mailed another book to Lisa Plaster, the one about top dog Evangelical Minister Ted Haggard, by his meth dealing gay prostitute Massage Therapist Mike Jones.   Note Jones was blacklisted by literally everyone.



I successfully reversed my Diabetes, reducing my A1C levels from 9.9 to under 5.5, in 120 days, using knowledge provided by Mark Mattson, Valter Longo, the NHS UK plan of Michael Mosley, and Jason Fung.

San Francisco hospitals have thriving amputation clinics; my doctors told me nothing to actually help me, they gave me pills that made me sicker, and a death sentence, thanks to Obamacare. 

I know the BBC reads my website, because of my relationships with Tim Barnett, founding Director of Stonewall UK, and others.  They want to coverup and avoid the exact same discussion

which they allowed and promoted when spoken by a loftier hand, on a similarly controversial topic: 

(Knight) Chairman Graham MacGregor, professor of cardiovascular medicine at Queen Mary University of London, said (rebuking the BMA!):

"It is a national scandal that because these drinks contain alcohol, they are not subject to the sugar tax or any form of coherent nutrition labelling.

"The new government needs to act now by taking control of the alcohol industry and stop them from exploiting vulnerable young adults." 


Let's talk about why my client William Randolph Hearst III won't review or publish my book, or acknowledge that I exist, for that matter. 
Delivered today to Advanced Massage Therapy owner Lisa Plaster, Hamburg, NY 1591843928
So now you know why Governor Andrew Cuomo, like Barack Obama, or Hilary Clinton, is incapable of engaging in a rational conversation about healthcare.  Republicans are often worse.
Ask my client Robert Mueller to have an honest conversation about reality.  Good luck with that. 


President Trump wisely honored Gay Pride Month today by visiting the Shrine of Super-Gay Super-Icon Pope John Paul II, in his little white dress. 

777 to pay for George Floyd's funeral.


"Most Title Fight Wins" - featuring George St. Pierre: 

Let's talk about Titles, Sharon Dunn, President of the American Physical Therapy Association.  Let's talk about my neighbor near Stanley Paris in St. Augustine, Florida, Vijay Singh. 

Let's talk about golf, and socks.

APTA Presidents, Sharon Dunn and Stanley Paris, should have to pay for my Mother's funeral, and for my funeral, there is no doubt this is true, this is an undisputable fact.


June 1, 2020: Spitting on George Floyd's corpse and kicking him in the balls while giggling hysterically, sitting APTA President, Stanley Paris trained OCS Sharon Dunn,

was only blacklisting and shunning me from my promised Doctorate for a mere 15 years when she first said (restated in today's speech of lies and corruption at the annual APTA address),

..."making strategic investments to support diversity, equity, and inclusion.

That means, as I said in 2018, listening and learning and doing whatever it takes to ensure that

as a profession and association "no one feels like an outsider anywhere within our bounds."  


"The hard work starts here, especially if you are a physiotherapist, a sports scientist, a fitness or rehabilitation coach." 

"...a lot of pressure on medical staff..."   ...these guys are in the best hands...


(unless you the PhysioTherapist have been expelled on sight and banned for life by Stanley Paris and the American Physical Therapy Association because you have pierced ears like David Beckham) 

or being systematically raped and pimped out by the Queen of England, William Randolph Hearst III, Hilary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi, and David Axelrod, of course.   All day, every day.


Will Joe Biden appoint Eliot Spitzer as his running mate?  David Axelrod, Obama's campaign manager, "It's going to be an Obama-Spitzer ticket".  Eliot was Obama's first choice! 

Eliot Spitzer is both 17 years younger, and better qualified than Joe himself!

Page 104, from Client 9, The Rise and Fall of Eliot Spitzer, "...Emperor Special Escorts...special body rub...exquisite...exotic dancers...professional relaxing massage...

my soft fingers will take you to the paradise..." 


"I trust the Governor" - comedian Chris Rock, sitting with Andew Cuomo, May 28, 2020 at the daily NY Coronavirus Press Conference


I mailed Lisa Plaster in Buffalo, New York, a copy of the book "Client 9" that helps explain why ABC News knows everything about why Andrew Cuomo can't try to rationally talk about Massage Therapists,

since Eliot Spitzer is supposed to be President of the United States, since he was Obama's first choice to be Vice President.  Biden is only in the running at all now, because of Eliot Spitzer's "massages".

Nancy Pelosi was a local San Francisco politician, sitting on her hands not saying a word, when the author of Unrepentant Whore, Carol Leigh, was appointed to run the Massage Board by DA Terrance Hallinan.

Who wants to acknowledge these facts?  Disney owned ABC News?  I mentioned to Lisa my attempts, for over a decade, to communicate with and get support from Buffalo's D'Youville College, 

a Catholic school with both Physical Therapy and Chiropractic programs.  Note that prescription Medical Massage is a common practice, and the Catholic Church paid me to do Medical Massages for 17 years,

until they fired me for outing the full 1/3 of Catholic monks and priests that are openly and obviously gayer than Lady Gaga sitting in Liberace's lap.  Father David Deibel should call me.

I would like to add, since I have tried to humanize this, to make this blog readable or interesting, personable, I am friendly, you can talk to me, I have mentioned my friendly chats with

Metallica bassist Robert Trujillo, and Grateful Dead bassist Phil Lesh -

so anyways, way more intense Alex Webster is from Buffalo and his father was a Scottish bagpipe player for   - So call me Nancy Pelosi.  Stop sitting on your hands.  Let's chat.

Let's have William Randolph Hearst III and San Francisco Symphony Conductor Michael Tilson Thomas join us.  We all know each other. 


Feb 11, 2000 - Reds lift ban on players wearing earrings

During much of the 1990s, Reds players were banned from wearing earrings on the field because, according to team owner Marge Schott, “only fruits wear earrings.

In 2000, after Schott had sold her controlling stake in the team, Cincinnati signed Ken Griffey Jr. to a nine-year, $112.5-million contract.

A week later, the team reversed its ban on earrings, but denied the change was to accommodate the hometown hero.

On January 6, 2016, Griffey was elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame, receiving 99.32% of the vote.


May 26, 2020:  Nothing on this website would be here, if I had not had my career and life destroyed by the American Physical Therapy Association in May 2003.

The American Physical Therapy Association is holding it's National Convention next week, while shunning me and blacklisting me for 17 years solid, 

because I have pierced ears.  Despite having their actions condemned as "Genocide" by leading scholars in the UK,

despite my being endorsed by Donald Chu, past President of the California Physical Therapy Assocation, and head strength coach for the NFL Raiders and many Team USA gold winners.

The APTA says I do not exist, I have never existed, I do not deserve the Doctorate degree or essential healthcare education I was promised in writing, and by the handshake of Stanley Paris. 


May 25, 2020: May 25, 2020: I thought Diabetes was hard, but now I am trying so hard it makes me cry,

(as I try to reach out to individuals and organizations, for years, like William Randolph Hearst III, the Olympics, the American Physical Therapy Association, Metallica, my ex-fiancee Megan Binkley, the De La Salle Institute, etc.)

to wrap my head around the utterly absurd proposed reality being promulgated today, the idea that 

Shane Smith (20%) The Walt Disney Company (16%) A&E Networks (20%) TPG Capital (44%) Soros Fund Management (10%) James Murdoch (minority stake) owned Media is the publisher of "The Bernie Blackout", claiming that the mainstream media systematically supports the 

Democratic National Committee and opposes Democratic Socialism & Bernie Sanders?  Disney is anti-mainstream media?  A & E (see Hearst, see NBC...NBC is anti-mainstream media?)  WTF?

and I first hear about "The Bernie Blackout" on Hearst owned Daily Beast?  What?  The?  Fuck?

In the moment, we might wonder about how Massage Today deleted my cover headline debate with gay anarchist David Palmer when he threw a party at his house in the Castro

for the prostitutes union when they took over Massage Therapy in Califonia and San Francisco, and how pretty much everyone in the entire country wants to have their head up their ass

about this and cover it up, deny it, and ignore it... and then falsely accuse Massage Therapists of sexual asault, while glorifying whorestar Carol Leigh and then Catholic Republican Arnold puts her underlings in power in Sacramento...

#metoo is the biggest con I have ever seen, other than maybe, "The Bernie Blackout"... un, fucking, believable.  People hire me to heal them and help them relax?

Come on Kevin Stone, MD, respond to me, give me the help that I need and have been asking for form you for bearly 20 years!  Make the APTA acknowledge that I exist, for starters.


CNN needs a new editor who can read, write, think, and spell, so let me say I am open and available for that job offer.  What is the pay?  Make me an offer.  TEXT me today! 415-350-8893

(I am also very open to writing offers from my former client William Randolph Hearst III, certainly you have a job opening somewhere in your empire, for a competent essential worker, Will?)

CNN just posted this gem: Warren allies shape their case

Progressives have been, for varying reasons, hesitant to publicly plump too hard for Warren. 


May 24, 2020: Hi Robert Mueller!  Do you want a massage today, Bob?  How about calling me today?  What are you doing for Memorial Day, Bob?

I have lost another 7 pounds, in the last 18 days, so now I weigh 142 pounds, and I am entering "fitness level" body fat at just under 18% body fat.

I am occasionally sensitive to this, because in my early 20's when I was at Sonoma State, I was vegan before vegan was cool (1991) and on my bike a lot- 

I was also a guinea pig for the Master's degree Exercise Physiology lab, so I did the gold standard naked underwater fat test, and then I was 5% body fat.  Really.

Is there anything else to talk about?  I was talking to another existential intellectual, and we were thinking I would be better off reading James Joyce's "Ulysses" now,

instead of brooding over Texas letting Massage Therapists work.  What if I dropped out of Chiropractic College and moved to Texas, and they let me "open carry" there?

What if I became more insightful and realized that as I approach turning 50 in October, I could turn towards my original intellectual fantasy, a PhD in Psychology?

Battling Coronavirus isolation every day for all of us is Psychology, right?  I remember reading the autobiography of that Egyptian President who was imprisoned in the 70's,

Muhammed Anwar Al-Sadat.  He said he had memorized the Koran, and would recite it to himself when he was in solitary confinment for so long.  He was assassinated anyways...

I was texting an MD friend of mine, from India, he moved to the USA to go to Chiropractic College, which I still don't understand, recalling my interest in Tibetan Buddhism when I was 21...

I wish I spoke 5 languages... I wonder if I will re-attract Lars Ulrich (How is your Dad Lars?  I need advice today, and work too!  I heard you sold your house in Tiburon for $10 million.  Good for you!),

or simply piss off a bunch of people, if I mention I was seeking comic relief so I was re-watching Alex Webster (I think this is hilarious, most people might not get this, or be super offended)

talk about how Chiropractors react when they look at his neck (fast forward to 2 hours and 40 minutes) and he swings upside down to traction his spine 

It pains me to this day to know that when Lars Ulrich tried to hire me to do a house call for him, I didn't own a car, and Uber didn't exist, and Lars didn't want to see me at Evo Spa in Mill Valley...) 

I wonder every day if or when the American Physical Therapy Association will admit they stabbed me in the back, or if the National Athletic Trainers' Association will give me any credit -

We all know the American Massage Therapy Association wants me shot... I just want to see Hilary Clinton reach out to me, you know me, Hilary.  Admit you know me.  Admit I am right.

Call me, Gavin.  Call me, Arnold.  Let's chat. 


May 20, 2020: In a business as usual, as usual, maneuver the Christian Democrats in Germany are completely covering up all male prostitution while crying about "women's rights"...

So it's interesting to note that with perfect timing, yesterday in lockdown boredom I rewatched China's fine film Brotherhood of Blades -

Conveniently enough there is a negotiation and discussion right before the 13:17 point about bribery and how to make more money fast you can, "Peddle your ass to a General who loves pretty boys"...

Let's hear Angela Merkel talk about that!  I just found my "Class of 2005" T-shirt Stanley Paris gave me before he stabbed me in the back and destroyed my Physical Therapy career, in the name of Jesus!

Note again as observed yesterday, the Queen of England knighted a prostitute stealing the identity of the Massage profession, while stabbing the entire actual Massage profession in the back-

the Queen of England stabbed St. Thomas Hospital in the back, and spit on James Cyriax, as she spits on me, every single day, covering up for Tim Barnett... business as usual!

Trump is the same.  No American politicians or religious leaders have an acting conscience or morals.   Or can you name one?


May 19, 2020: I am trying to justify or understand Nancy Pelosi calling Trump fat, and I am sad that Megan Fox cheated on and lied to Brian Austin Green.  Call me Nancy.  Today.

It's raining this morning; I was thinking about riding my bicycle to Tesla, or to Facebook.  I weighed in this AM at 18% body fat and 144 pounds;

I say this because I was reading about how while Nancy Pelosi & Obamacare pushed America 

to amputate, blind, and kill (while make money off of) Diabetes patients, 

simultaneously in the UK, the NHS is offering Diabetes reversal diet guidance, for free: - Will Boris Johnson look at this, in his new war on obesity?

Please allow me to further weave the facts that tie this story together by pointing out that Boris Johnson was treated for Coronavirus at St. Thomas Hospital -

St. Thomas Hospital is where Orthopedist James Cyriax, author of the 1945 textbook Deep Massage was based- James Cyriax was a principal developer of Stanley Paris affiliate 

Norway's Freddy Kaltenborn's Nordic manual therapies.

So today the Queen of England prefers knighting prostitutes in New Zealand, and Hilary Cinton's best friend gives me money and hires me, but says I don't exist, Stanley Paris and the APTA say I don't exist... 



This is why criminally insane Nancy Pelosi and Hilary Clinton and Kamala Harris and Diane Feinstein and Jackie Speier can no longer run and hide and pretend I don't exist, you know they love stabbing me in the back... All day, every day.

(Reading this in light of today's beyond insulting article, in the "business as usual" New York Times, today pretending to be woeful and caring about a prostitute struggling with University...

one day they will acknowledge I exist, and they are terrified of me... This if course has to be layered with the ridiculous inability of any media or politician to explain why citizen tracking is good for everyone

(except closeted gays going to gay bars, because closeted gays are the only people on earth who deserve privacy, thank you Wall Street Journal, owned by Fox and Disney!) to stop the spread of Coronavirus...




May 12, 2020: Global Triathlon Network posted this amusing and educational youtube video: 

Of note personally is Sam Appleton, with his fantastic records at Santa Rosa Ironman- I worked at the finish line of that event when Sam was learning to walk, as a Massage Therapist.  It was called Vineman at the time.

777  Georgetown educated Catholic Jim Gaffigan perhaps eloquently says far better than I what needs to be said about Massage Therapists, as a comedian with a net worth of $35 million... too bad he is in the Hot Ones Hall of Shame!


The International Olympic Committee posted a video on Youtube highlighting "pound for pound" acheivements.  I noted the "expulsion on sight, shunned for life" (according to the American Physical Therapy Association)

offensive appearance of Spanish athlete Lydia Valentin, with her upper lip piercing.  Also of note is that while she wore the piercing to do the phenomenal lift at London 2012 to win the gold, she did not wear it to the medal ceremony. 

The American Physical Therapy Association has to address this reality, your antiquated bigotry and stupid dress code rules are a path of failure, idiocy, and boredom.  Does Andrew Cuomo have a pierced nipple?  America wants to know...


May 6, 2020: I keep thinking about the time I was across the street from Senator Diane Feinstein's house, giving a massage to a tennis fanatic neighbor who speaks Hebrew and went to Wellsley,

when there she goes, Nancy Pelosi walks by... I was reading that the Supreme Court is discussing the anti-prostitution pledge in relation to AIDS funding, and here here are again, Tim Barnett territory...

During the Coronavirus lockdown, I watched the Hot Ones youtube show where Gordon Ramsay talks about meeting Putin and Tony Blair, and how much he wishes he could stay out of politics...

I am now engaged in my 4th three-day fast to reverse my diabetes, and I need to go get a LabCorp blood test done but according to my CVS home kit, my A1C is way down, am I cured already? 

Theoretically the exciting thing here goes back to the Anatriptic Arts Festival in San Francisco at Fort Mason in, gosh, 1996?  I remember talking with David Palmer there, and's founder Ruthee Piper Hardee

told me I needed to weigh under 150 pounds in her opinion to walk on people's backs professionally.  I weigh 149 pounds today.

Nancy Pelosi should call me, don't you think?  I want Nancy to address this commitment, this conversation, this day before the National Day of Prayer. 

Do I exist, Nancy Pelosi?  Look me in the eye, please.  The American Physical Therapy Association says I do not exist.  Do you agree Nancy?


I read that William Randolph Hearst III bought Runner's World magazine, and Bicycling, and Buzzfeed, and the Daily Beast, and now I understand a little bit better maybe maybe maybe...

Would you like to buy my website, Will?  Let me know.  I was hoping, after I sold you your home massage table, that we could make more deals eventually.  So please reach out to me Will.

Let's have a chat. 

4/15/2020:  I know some readers have complained that I revisit stories more than once too often, 

so I can only say here I have to do this again, if nothing else to update anyone who cares where things are for me right now.

My Diabetes fatigue has been problematic, so I have for the moment dropped out of Chiropractic College for this Quarter,

and as of recently, to reverse the Diabetes, I typically fast 22 hours a day, and twice I have fasted 46-hours, and twice I have fasted 66-hours.  This natural treatment helps!

I should have "six pack abs" in about 4 weeks.  I am getting back into shape a little bit, started with gentle yoga, progressing day by day.

I also am starting to enjoy what is known as rucking, basically walking while carrying a load, for exercise.  I want to try rucking 10-lb bags of sugar.

None of this blog would be here at all, if it were not for my bizarre relationships I think with say, William Randolph Hearst III, or Stanley Paris, or Hilary Clinton.

I just discovered that Christa Revnes died.

I designed and built the wheelchair ramps in her penthouse, in what is perhaps the nicest Penthouse in all of San Francisco, and I was the one who got her to

even leave her bedroom at all, at go out into the art-filled solarium, and onto the roof itself, to enjoy the garden there.

Christa's daughter Laurie dated Governor Gavin Newsom, and Chevron heir Billy Getty. 

Note again that I built Christa's wheelchair ramps while being blacklisted and shunned by the American Physical Therapy Association, for life, because I have pierced ears.

Christa's husband Richard Revnes was the President of Royal Caribbean cruise lines, and a retired Blue Angel pilot, that's how she inherited the beautiful home.

Laurie appear to have married and moved to Marin County as well.

I read that William Randolph Hearst III bought Runner's World magazine, and Bicycling, and Buzzfeed, and the Daily Beast, and now I understand a little bit better maybe maybe maybe...

Would you like to buy my website, Will?  Let me know. 

How irrelevant my tiff with Massage Today is, or my tif with David Palmer? 

How I exist, and yet I seem to have been so invisible, for so long.

I was so depressed last week I told my Mom I was on the edge of taking my 37-meter climbing rope and hanging myself from the cross at her Baptist church with it on Easter Sunday. 

777  -"an academic haven for gifted boys"

...On the first day of his freshman year, he recalled, the Jesuit dean of discipline, a Fr. Flanagan, changed his name from Anthony to Tony, and it stuck.


3/22/2020: At his 3/20 Friday Coronavirus update press briefing, NY's Governor Cuomo stated, at minute 47, that while healthcare workers are entitled heroes and essential,

healthcare is not healthcare, Massage Therapy is a luxury, not essential, and banned in New York until further notice.  Is Shmuel Tatz's PT office open, above Carnegie Hell? 

Recall also, please, that I was endorsed by the Chair of the Physical Therapy Department at Hunter College in Manhattan, who said I should sue the APTA and Stanley Paris. 

Massage was banned in Texas & Colorado a day or two prior by the state Governors, also due to coronavirus.  While the CAMTC remains untouched as CA's official front for prostitution.

The new fast Coronavirus test was developed in Sunnyvale, CA, heart of the Silicon Valley, where El Camino Real has more massage brothels than Bangkok.


3/20/2020: If it is true that the Governors of New York and California have now both issued legal directives that all non-essential services be closed due to Coronavirus,

are these Governors not now actually forced to take actual tangible positions for once in their lives on the question of whether Massage Therapy is healthcare, or not healthcare? on the Upper East Side of Manhattan has closed it's doors voluntarily as of March 16th, but would they be forced to close by you Governor Cuomo? 

How about Governor Cuomo?  Is "gay friendly" "massage" considered an essential protected service?  Gavvy Gav?

Tell us, Senator Feinstein, is Kevin Stone MD an essential service provider?  Or is he a pimp, and his office a brothel?

Is the Jewish Community Center a brothel, Mark Leno?

and Joe Biden wants to appoint Kamala Harris as his Vice President?

Is Susie Tomkins Buell my former "patient", Kamala Harris, and Gavin Newsom, or am I her sexual harasser, her rapist, or am I her male prostitute?  Am I banned by Coronavirus, or am I exempt as a essential healthcare provider?

Are you going to answer the question, Governor Cuomo?  Governor Newsom, William Randolph Hearst, Oprah-matic, answer the fucking question, please.  We're waiting for "leadership" and "guidance".

Was I your male prostitute, Robert "Mueller Report" Mueller?  Or was I your essential healthcare provider, exempt from Coronavirus restrictions?

What Would Robert Kraft Do? 

Don't forget to read the total bullshit letter Stanley Paris trained whore Shari Dunn, President of the American Physical Therapy Association President wrote today abour Coronavirus on the APTA website. 

Waiting to see you provide leadership and answer my questions, Shari Dunn, you've been stabbing me in the back for 18 years... 


I was reading about Olympic athletes who are worried about the Olympics 2020, and I realized that maybe Megan's unique body type is best understood by Greece's gold medal pole vaulter,

Katerina Stafanidi.  I think Katerina and Megan look a lot alike, and I know this will bother Megan for me to say that because she is always worried about her body image and her alcoholism. 

Can I say you look like the greatest female athlete in Greek's history?  That's a compliment, right? 


I just started fasting, a lot, to try to reverse my Diabetes.  Getting into Mark Mattson, PhD, and others, just starting my second 66-hour fast


Adam Odra got a big thing in the New York Times...


3/6/2020: Pricking my finger with a lancet 7 times a day to monitor my blood glucose got really old really quick.  I left school early yesterday to vomit and pass out, courtesy of Glucophage, etc.

So it's funny to think how on my Birthday when I turned 48 I was with Megan on Alameda Island, she was at a Pilates Ouv workshop, and there we were, right up rhe street from Abbott Laboratories-

Phu Le - Sr Scientist II - Abbott Diabetes Care | LinkedIn 

Search Resu

inventors of the modern arm patch needle-free diabetic blood gluconse monitor.  It's runs about $2500 a year, I really want one.

I was reading about the very very rare arrest of a femaie Massage Therapist in SW FL for assertive prostitution sales tactics, and it's interesting to see the choice vocabulary describing the incident-

battery, assault, or, as Disney owned Fox News put it, what was it now, I think they said it was "business"? 

But I just lost a possible job because I am a feared Male Massage Therapist, according to one female prospective client/patient?

See, this is the talk we need to have, Gavvy Gav?   Are we going to sit down with Hillary and Susie and Donald?  Will fasting help my diabetes?  

I went to have my retinas checked for diabetic bleeding, and while I was looking at the Prada eyeglss frames, I thought about my old client 

Blake got his Optomotrist Doctorate, but never practiced, instead makes high-end eyeglass frames.

I wish I could give Megan what Blake has, an extra house in Sausalito "just for fun, to decorate, an art project". 

I am getting really worried about how diabetes will effect my life.  I am serious, should I blow $3K to go to the fasting retreat in Sonoma County?  Will it work?  Diabetes really sucks.  There is a fasting retreat in Sedona, same price?

I told Dr. Fernando I want to dress as a pancreas for Halloween.  The fasting center is owned by a Chiropractor, Alan Goldhamer.  One "m", as I recall.  I met him like 28 years ago?


Dear Megan Binkley,

You promised to marry me, to have a baby with me, and to shate a business with me.  You made me quit my job, and take out a Quarter of a Million dollars in debt, to go to Chiropractic College FOR YOU.

I wanted to finish Biochemistry and apply to the Medical School at Michigan State.  You made me stay, FOR YOU, FOR OUR RELATIONSHIP. 

You made this promise to me, to my Mom, to your Mom, and to your Sister, while cheating on me with a frail old man addicted to Heroin, FOR HIS MONEY, his sole attractive factor.


Call me, text me, let's go talk to a marriage counselor together, Megan, Please, Please tell me you didn't really mean to destroy my life and kill me this way,



2/26/2020:  I was diagnosed with Diabetes on Valentine's Day.  I read the corrupt Boston Globe's lame article on Massage Therapist licensing, with a hollow heart and a cold chip on my shoulder.   APTA where are you now?


I am trying to figure out how to soldier on in Chiropractic College, after be screwed over and stabbed in the back so many times, by so many people, and now the Diabetes fatugue just leaves me exhausted.


I went in for blood tests after sleeping 14 hours one night a week before Valentine's Day.  I thought I was depressed because Megan Binkley left me, and won't even talk to me, or it was my thyroid.


Have you seen amuptated Diabetic feet?  Please don't let that be me!  And still I miss Megan, and still I wonder why William Randolph Hearst III fucked me over so badly, like Susie Tompkins Buell, and the DuPonts.


How will I graduate from Chiropractic College now?  Why? 



Happy Valentine's Day to Megan and all that I love so dearly!

2 new developments pertinent to this story as it had developed so far:

Note that my parents met in the US Air Force during the Vietnam War, and that my father fell in love with my mom "on sight" where he instantly said, "I am going to marry that woman!" - then she left him and gave him 4 heart attacks...


so here we have:

and more amusingly, especially since I think the March issue of Reason Magazine is a response to my quite effectively mocking them to shreds due to their non-Libertarian policies and positions:  (Note that this entire article is total bullshit, and has nothing to do with Libertarian ideals or positions,

at all, Reason Magazine refused to debate or interview me, same as Hearst, etc. so pathetic and hypocritical...)


Humana Military and TRICARE Provider logos




Acupuncture, chiropractic care, and massage therapy

Get 25% off contracted provider’s standard fees when you make an appointment through our ChooseHealthy. external link



"Because American Health Care isn't hypocritical or insane enough yet, I'm launching a 25% off discount program with Kaiser Permanente and the US Military

to subsidize sex trafficked HIV+ teen prostitution, with my pal and best friend Donald Trump's full support!" - Nancy Pelosi


"We're really excited and pumped up about the new celebrate gang rape program.  Let's give health care providers the sexual assault they deserve!  Vote Republican! or Democrat!  It doesn't matter!  Only corruption matters!" - Jackie Speier and Kamala Harris


"I am nominating Google County Sheriff Carlos Bolanos as Sex Trafficker of the Year (he's almost as good as me or Arnold Schwarzenegger!)" - California Governor Gavin Newsom 


Are you ready to talk? 

We could talk about how Andrew Yang, and his wife, are systematically covering up sexual assault and sexual harassment of patients of Massage Therapists, and Massage Therapists,

and how NBC=Fox News=CNN=PBS, and Hilary Clinton and Kamala Harris is helping them do that.


We could talk about Robert Kraft, owner of the NFL Patriots, about how he was simultaneously given an "ethics" award by Israel,

while being charged with conspiracy to promote sex trafficking in massage parlors, and chumming around with President Trump... but no-one wants to do that.


That would require honesty. 


Tonight I am doing a house call in Palo Alto, where former San Francisco 49er Quarterback Steve Young plays tennis with the Mormons next door. 

NBA Warrior Steph Curry just bought a house nearby.  Where does Tim Cook live?

If Michael Bloomberg's publishing and research was this "insulting to mediocrity" in all other areas of economic analysis, he would be dead broke and noone would listen to a word he said: 

Michael Bloomberg claims Rhode Island "accidentally" decriminalised massage/spa prostitution in 2003 for a total of 6 years.

Rhode Island intentionally used massage as a front for promoting prostitution in 1980, until 2009, a total of 29 years.

Michael Bloomberg's math is off by 23 years.  Try that the next time you pay the IRS, or your rent or mortgage. 

I remain fascinated, however, by the fact that one of the forst things Bloomberg did in running for President of the USA, was go to my hometown of Stockton, CA, and get endorsed by the Mayor. 

Hey Mike, you should come too, sit down with Will Hearst, and his pet, Oprah, we can talk about Massage with Gwyneth Paltrow.  

Bring Mark Zuckerberg, while we're at it.  I can freaking walk to Facebook now that I moved to the east side of the Dunbarton Bridge.

I used to massage the lady who cut Steve Jobs hair.  It's funny what a tightwad he could be, at least that is what she told me.

Why is Massage Magazine the #1 enemy of the Massage profession, other than Michael Bloomberg and Steve Forbes and Will Hearst, of course? 

Call me Megan.  Let's talk.

777 is supposed to be contacting me for an interview, to talk about the massages I gave to Will Hearst, her boss.

I am hoping William Randolph III and Margaret Hearst will also agree to attend this historic event! 

Come now Sarah, you can't have it both ways.  Give me a fucking break, Will.  You can't have Hearst simultaneoulsy glorifying massage prostitution while attacking and villifying sexual massage therapists, 

and then go back to Cosmopolitan magazine with it's Yoni massages, then say Pelosi is the height of morality and Constitutional ethics... Will Hearst, I will meet you anytime for a public debate.  You are a hypocrite & a clown.  Talk to me.   




I was thinking about my old roommate I didn't know Mike almost died in a fire. 

Christopher has a Master's Degree in Physics, presumably a rare trait in winemakers.   Henri has a Ph.D. in Economics from UC Berkeley, and might be the first person I ever talked to about the question of 

going to Chiropractic College.

I maintain that this is Megan Binkley's baby, she got me pregnant, and she has a Core Values Pilates Body obligation to face this reality. 


Was asked to appear on @msnbc this weekend - and told them that I’d be happy to after they apologize on-air,

discuss and include our campaign consistent with our polling, and allow surrogates from our campaign

as they do other candidates’. They think we need them. We don’t.

7:14 AM · Nov 23, 2019·Twitter for iPhone 


Eyeing Presidential Bid, Michael Bloomberg Makes Big Television-Ad Buys

Former New York City mayor books about $37 million in advertising in dozens of markets 


As humankind's ancestors were learning to walk upright, a star was launched from the supermassive black hole at the center of our galaxy at a staggering 3.7 million mph (6 million km/h). 

Five million years after this dramatic ejection, a group of researchers, led by Sergey Koposov of Carnegie Mellon University's McWilliams Center for Cosmology, has spotted the star... 


11/16/2019 - ...In a series of statements, Bolivia’s new foreign minister, Karen Longaric, told local media that about 725 expelled Cubans — including doctors and medical staff — would begin leaving Bolivia...


 ...Last year, Cuba recalled more than 8,000 medical staff from Brazil after President Jair Bolsonaro demanded that the doctors receive more money. 


Bloomberg’s daughter Georgina told a biographer that the Bloomberg family would celebrate the major Jewish holidays but that her mother,

who was born in Yorkshire, “kind of raised us to be Church of England.” 


Bloomberg has a combination of liberal social views and centrist economic views that mesh well with a certain strain of educated pragmatist who isn’t willing to go as far left as the Democratic Party seems to be headed. 



"No one standing there said anything, and the fact that no one stood up for me spoke volumes." 


Dear Congresswoman Kackie Speier, 

I tried to buy you a neon pink "Super Slinky" T-shirt for Ernie Ball guitar strings at Guitar Center, but they only have Large in stock.  What is your size?   Text me anytime Jackie, and let me know when you are ready to debate me live on CNN.

Christopher Berumen threatened to kill me last week, twice.  Do you want to talk about that?  Or pedophile Sheriff Bolanos of Google & Facebook County?  There is so much we could talk about, Jackie.   


Tiger Woodsverified_user
I’ve been in the spotlight for a long time, and because of that, there have been books and articles and TV shows about me, most filled with errors, speculative and wrong. This book is my definitive story.
Twitter10/15/19 7:04 AM 


I am curious to hear from Larry Nassar's MSU Law School; I wrote MSU Law last night, right before the November 25, 2019 LSAT payment deadline.

I was invited this Saturday to attend the MBA recruitment event at St. Mary's College in Moraga, an idea which in and of itself fascinates me, especially if it is held at my old client Brother Jerome West's namesake Hall.

I was at Brother Jerome's funeral, and gave him a massage a few days before he died.  I was living with the Brothers as a long term guest at the time,

after the American Physical Therapy Association expelled me for life, for having pierced ears, in the name of Jesus, and Stanley Paris, PhD, a short walk from the World Golf Hall of Fame in St. Augustine, FL


I am not surprised in the very least that fake Libertarian Law Professor Volokh at UCLA Law declined to discuss and barely acknowledged my contacting him to talk about gun rights for prostitutes, 

and how the California Massage Therapy Council threatened to have me asassinated, twice.  Professor Volokh is always happy to talk about legalising pimping, or "John's" rights,

but he doesn't want to talk about gun rights all of a sudden.  Reason Magazine is not, and has never been, Libertarian.


I can't understand anything Dr. Yang says.  I have been under a lot of stress, it seems.  I keep asking Megan Binkley, the best Pilates teacher in the Silicon Valley, to talk to me,

to come back to once again by my unique and special friend, to be my wife in shining armor.

I applied to transfer to Law School in Ohio.  I applied for ten jobs in San Francisco, and ten jobs in Seattle.  I applied to transfer to Portland's Chiropractic College.  I contacted CorePower Yoga's top yoga teacher, Tania Storm,

who I used to live with, and I remended her that I asked her to marry me too.  She started talking to me about Wim Hof and Inner Engineering teacher Saadghuru.  I miss Megan so much, it's so sad.

I don't think I can make it living in the San Francisco Bay Area without her.  My Central Nervous Sytem tutor Eagle Scout Rob Campbell lives with his wife, and my Systemic Physiology tutor Nicole Homer-Wong lives with her lesbian wife.

Gas is $4.50 now.  It was Megan Binkley's idea that I quit my job and take out a Quarter of a Million dollar loan for her, to go to Chiropractic College in the SF East Bay.  While the CAMTC & AMTA wants to have me killed.  While the prostitution industry stabs me in the back.

My classmate James Day was the Massage Therapist for the SF Giants and the Oakland A's.  My first Master's degree was supposed to be in the Psychology of Yoga. 

Psoas Bodywork in SF is hiring, but told me they are not hiring, because they are liars and afraid of Nancy Pelosi's gang.

I was talking to a CPA today who told me outright that she does insider trading for a living.  Her cousin does the same thing, as an attorney for the Securities Exchange Commission.  Ha!


One Minute and Thirty-Seven Seconds with Sasha 


10/13/2019:  I should be in Megan Binkley's arms... Today is the Birthday of the first woman I ever asked to marry me, Melanie Bayer.  I bought her a violin, even though she didn't know how to play it.  Was that stupid, or romantic?

More interesting to announce here today is the fact that the National Athletic Trainers' Association emailed me this morning (on a Sunday?) to ask my serious professional opinions on some very heavy stuff.

This is on top of having Canada's Robertson College contact me to say they like my website and want to talk to me about advising future Massage Therapists and Massage Therapy students.  I told them to ask Tim Barnett and the Queen. 


Nancy Pelosiverified_user
@realDonaldTrump, I am above the law.  I will not be held accountable. Like Super Slinky Jackie Speier, I love massage parlor sex trafficking and celebrate sexual assault and  harassment of Massage clients and Massage Therapists every chance I get!  #TruthExposed
Twitter10/8/19 5:35 PM



Donnie Yen & wife looking for home in S’pore going for S$5 to S$10 million ...In 2013, Yen bought his wife a HK$135 million (S$23.8 million) home 


"my beautiful wife, she is truly a WonderWoman of many talents" 


10/8/2019:  The former strength and conditioning coach for the NFL Oakland Raiders, and former President of the California Physical Therapy Association,

Donald Chu, PhD (Stanford), finally, as he is about to retire, may finally be supporting me publicly.

The APTA has to recognize I exist now.  The APTA has to talk about my case, how they stabbed me in the back for 16 years


9/28/2019:  I am perplexed reading about the singer for Metallica, James Hetfiled, going back into addiction rehab.  He told me his wife kept him clean, "She kicked my ass".  I want dearest Megan Binkley to talk to me about this, why she left me for a heroin addict.

Sure, he has Silicon Valley money, and I cannot afford to buy her the house I promised her, or raise the children I promised her.  Megan?

I should open a brothel in San Francisco, or Menlo Park.  Gavin Newsom will give me keys to the State, as his lawless father's senseless prose passed for legalese...

Will Nancy Pelosi and Kamala Harris come to me for massages?  How about you, Diane Feinstein?  Come see me at Dr. Kevin Stone's office, it'll be great to see you again.  You are so polite, the way you stab me in the back, it's so hospitable, so kind. 


The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence will remain involved in this year's Folsom Street Fair despite an initial contract dispute that threatened their participation.


Why we need to talk about porn | Jo Robertson | TEDxChristchurch

•Sep 23, 2019   

777 (If you want to see the new 2020 Yamaha R1); 

The bodywork is slightly massaged for 2020, and Yamaha claims a 5.3-percent increase in aerodynamic improvement when a rider is at full tuck.



"Thank you for your interest in the health and well-being of our service members, veterans, and their families," he wrote... 

In his letter to the chairmen and ranking members of the House and Senate Armed Services Committees,

Stewart did not say whether the DoD is considering an expansion of chiropractic services at military health facilities or for Tricare beneficiaries.

WOULD anyone like to talk about the fact that all Palmer Chiropractic Colleges have banned me for life BECAUSE I filed a formal complaint

after I was told by the Palmer tour guide, "The best thing about Palmer Chiropractic, is it's a Whites Only Campus!" 

MAYBE Venus Williams would talk to me about that... 





 APTA Retweeted



We already have a record number of tables sponsored for this event in October in Seattle, let's break the record for participants! We need about 75 more to attend. If you can't attend, buy a ticket and we'll donate to a student's suicide. 


Does Disney now own the Wall Street Journal?


I am thinking a lot today about my old friend Charles Vidano, who used to be the CFO of Intuit.  His wife was an angel investor in Google, and he coaches Sergei Brin's kid in baseball.

But I don't exist, right? 


I am also thinking about my friend Laura, whose father is Maynard Webb, the former CFO of EBay, currently on the Board for SalesForce.

while the American Physical Therapy Association and Donald Trump and Nancy Pelosi and Robert Mueller and Carlos Bolanos will tell you I don't exist.  Nothing ever happened.


And then I read this "body work" article by the University of New South Wales:

and I know why Mark Zuckerberg is afraid of me, why the Pope is afraid of me, why Sheriff Carlos Bolanos is terrified of me and wants to intimidate me and make me "please leave" asap.

Megan and the lesbian psychologists want to accuse me of being crazy, find a way to not talk, a way to ignore the truth...

I got a job offer in Seattle, while I got a decent offer on a studio near the Chiropractic College near San Francisco... I have to make this decision maybe today.  The UNSW "body work" article is the biggest mindfuck ever.  Read it.


Note again, of course, that Arnold Schwarzenegger completely betrayed Franco Columbu, all Chiropractors, and everyone in Sports Medicine,

due to his strong preference for using Massage as a front for promoting prostitution, his total appeasement of the prostitution=massage=prostitution industry.

Arnold is a total coward, and a complete con artist.  Arnold pimped out his best friend, Franco Columbu, because he has no morals, no ethics, and no conscience.


Franco Columbu, DC, the best man at Arnold Schwarznenegger's wedding, died on Friday, August 30th.  He was 78. 

He was swimming in Italy and began drowning, then died during a rescue attempt on the helicopter.


8/24/2019:  Father David Deibel wrote my Letter of Recommendation when I applied to Law School in 2010.  Then I wondered why he stopped talking to me...

I used to think, oh, yeah, my writing is kind of controversial, right, I mean, I met Robyn Few, I met Tim Barnett, I failed to get the American Physical Therapy Association to recognize my humanity...

I sold William Randolph Hearst III his home massage table, then he stabbed me in the back too...without apology or debate, or even acknowledgement...

I interviewed Rich Holcomb, Derek Ellerman, Melissa Farley, Donna Hughes, David Palmer... Now Rolling Stone is glorifying the Sex Workers Outreach Project, while denying they run the surprise.

Why is Rolling Stone afraid of admitting that the Sex Workers Outreach Project created and controls the California Massage Therapy Council?  They had no problem interviewing SWOP's director in Sacramento.

They had no problem putting California "Sensual Massage" on their cover.  Why are you so afraid to tell the truth now, Rolling Stone?  Why can't Arnold, Gavin, Jerry, Kamala, Diane, and Slinky Jackie Speir be held accountable?

But wow, after so many strange stories, I found out my 17-year Massage Therapy client Father David Deibel is at the center of this storm, and now I now why the Pope of all people really does know who I am:

and the Pope does not want me talking, either, do you Frank?  Why does your new book, "Crucified Women" completely deny that Rome is crawling with male prostitutes, Frank?  Let's be Frank, Frank.

...“more vulnerable beneficiaries may be lost to suicide during the transition.”

Both Opus Bono and Men of Melchizedek now list the same canon lawyer, Father David L. Deibel, as their chairman.

Deibel, Maher and Maher’s attorneys did not return multiple messages from the AP. 

So now I'm waiting for the Pope to write me a Letter of Recommendation.  How about it Princess?  Let's have a one on one, face to face conversation, Francis.


8/23/2019:  Sometimes I have been watching the occasional youtube video for popular Naprapath and Chiropractor Beau Hightower, and I would like to offer my congratualtions on his engagement.

His wife-to-be, like my love lost, Megan Binkley, is clearly a ridiculously fit fitness model of some kind, and probably has a hair budget and strict diet similar to Megan's.

Megan should be a model, but as far as I know she only really was a Pilates model for Balanced Body and Elizabeth Larkam.  She can be so shy; will we ever speak again, look in my eyes, Megan,

Tell me why.  Should I stay in Chiropractic College, this was your idea, you wanted me to buy you a house in the Silicon Valley, some shack for $3 Million?  We had a contract Megan.  You wanted a baby.

We were supposed to share a business.  But now I have this possible job offer in Seattle.  I could start over, pay off my debts.  People at Life Chiropractic College West have such an 1895 philosophy,

but I am more of a Futurist, I think.  My classmates say stay, suffer, live in your car, do it for the money.  I have had my WA State Massage Therapist License since 2003, ever since the American 

Physical Therapy Association blacklisted me for having pierced ears.  To this day the APTA won't acknowldege that I exist.  Do you exist?  Are you good enough for the APTA's backwards mentality?

Sometimes I have this bizarre fantasy that through the grapevine the UFC knows about my blog.  I lived across the street from Nate Diaz's coach Cesar Gracie's gym when I was briefly in Law School in 2010.

Walk by, you can smell the vomit, the blood, the sweat.  Contrasting sharply with the Corporate UFC gym not even a mile away.  Hans Florine's Diablo Rock Gym is just across the highway.

Beau Hightower is the Chiropractor for Jackson's MMA in New Mexico.  I just am finding the Bay Area economy increasingly draining, tiring.  I miss Megan all the time, but I can't buy her the $3 Mill house.

Unless William Randolph Hearst III wakes up one day and says, "You know, I could totally give Brian the respect and love he deserves.  He did, after all, help me have my 3rd child with my wife Margaret".

Dream on. 


Despite the vehement objections of pedophile Sheriff Carlos Bolanos and Sex Work Supremacists Nancy Pelosi, Kamala Harris, Jackie Speier, and Diane Feinstein,

Author of Danbury’s massage parlor ordinance gets lawyer of the year award by the International Municipal Lawyers Association


“I am humbled and honored by this award,” he said in a release.

Danbury Deputy Corporation Counsel Laszlo Pinter said in support of the award that he had known Casagrande for 30 years.

“I can tell you that he is in the narrowest class of the finest, most skilled, creative, erudite, professional

and honorable attorneys in any state, and especially in our field of municipal law here in Connecticut,” Pinter said.

Mayor Mark Boughton in an endorsement letter for Casagrande’s award agreed.

“He has enthusiastically worked to improve our city’s safety and quality of life,” Boughton said. 



In 2018 Casagrande earned the Connecticut Law Tribune’s Giant Slayer award for attorneys from mid-sized firms who take on cases against much larger firms. 


8/14/2019: I finally sold the wonderfully fun Pink Vespa that I bought for Megan Binkley as the 3rd Formal Engagement Gift I gave to her while asking her to marry me.

She still has chosen to keep the Diamond encrusted Butterfly with custom gold chain designed for her by Geoffrey's in San Carlos, by her choice, as was the Ring.

Would someone like to tell me why she kept the very first engagement gift I gave to Megan, while she returned the ring, out of fear of what "questions" people might ask,

and she clearly wanted to keep the Vespa, but again worried about "questions"... I loved the Vespa.  Megan cried the first time I taught her to ride, again she was 

worried other people would judge her as she practiced, wobbling.  As a dance major, everything is a performance, everything must be perfect.  Why did she leave me?

I am not perfect, I am not on time, I like wobbling, maybe?  I still adore Megan, as you can tell. I hope we meet face to face and work things out, at least try.

I hope she agrees to go with me to visit my Mom again, my Mom deserves an explanation, why Megan was introduced to my Mom as my Fiancee at Christmas,

while Megan was cheating on me.  I remain utterly appalled and deeply disturbed by the American Physical Therapy Association's PR campaign pretending to be heroes

pretending to care about people, pretending to care about diversity, while violently destroying my life and my career, solely due to my skin, my pierced ears.  Hypocrites. 


8/12/2019:  Theoretically today here maybe thoughtful readers might be wondering what I might want to say about the demise of Jeffrey Epstein, or the article in the Nevada Independent 

about the Massage Board supposedly being opposed to prostitution in massage parlors.  Okay fine, I will briefly comment on these things, but these topics are not today's primary question.

Eleven years ago, there was the claimed story about the very well connected suicide of  - I do not personally believe this was suicide,

I think a lot of powerful people did not want her to testify.  "Dead Men Tell No Tales", is Dr. Straub's favorite T-Shirt.  He used to work for the Coroner's office serving Oakland, picking up five 

murdered bodies a day, stories you don't see in news.  Now Dr. Straub teaches Microbiology and other traditional sciences at Life Chiropractic College West.  He has a lot of great macrophage jokes.


So no, I don't think Jeffrey Epstein's death is so easily called suicide, though clearly he was facing serious problems for the rest of his life, and maybe saw it as an easy out.  I just also think, 

like me, that a lot of people do not want him testifying.  Robert Mueller, Diane Feinstein, Kamala Harris, Gavin Newsom, Nancy Pelosi, Will Hearst, Massage Magazine, David Palmer,

Beverly May, Mark Dixon, these are just a few of the names of people who do not want me testifying, telling the truth.   Robert Mueller does not want the truth known or told.  True story.

The Nevada government and the media at large has used massage as a front for promting prostitution for decades.   The California Massage Therapy Council was created by prostitutes, 

how different is Nevada?  The Yellow Pages ads for Dennis Hof's Ranch were under Massage.  Like New Zealand, the act of prostitution is ok, saying the word in marketing is not.

So on please to my real point today.  I lost my wallet over the weekend.  I went to the CA DMV to get a new driver's license.  They said I have to provide a Social Security Card,

because everything is Federal now, and I have to get a "Real ID".  This is impossible, because I was born during a divorce, and was legally adopted, in a country 1/3 run by Catholics,

another 1/3 run by Evangelicals or Protestants, and divorce and adoption are tolerated, but not actual seen as "real".  My real birth certificate was sealed by the state of GA, so I cannot

use my real birth certificate for legal purposes.  I have to use my Fake Birth Certificate which falsely claims that my stepfather is my real father to get my fake "Real ID".   


My real Birth Certificate is fake, and my fake Birth Ceritficate is "real".  In an attempt to please my Grandmother, who I was a pallbearer for at her funeral, I changed my name back to 

my birth name.  Then I was told after the Patriot Act that if I changed my name again I couldn't fly for a long time.  Then to appease my stepfather I blended my real father's name and 

my stepfather's last name, and had that put on my Social Secrity card.  That won't fit on my credit card, so my bank invented another fake name to put on my credit card.  Now my 

Social Security Card does not match my Driver's License, or my Cell Phone Bill, or my Massage License in CA, though it matches my Massage License in WA state.  I cannot get a CA 

driver's license until I go back to court and change my name again.  Meanwhile I am living in a kitchen dining area for $900 a month through Air BnB.  I really need to find my wallet.

America's government needs to figure out whether it believes in divorce or not, and how.  How can I be attending family reunions for the family on my real birth certificate, but this is not 

"real" or part of my "Real ID"?  How insane is our family law system?  How can I attempt to get our government to recognize healthcare or massage, when it doesn't even know what a family is??? 

How many Catholics are on the Supreme Court?  You don't see the media or other candidates asking about anyone's religion as an influencing factor, but how can it not be?  Catholics don't believe in divorce.


Sometimes the mainstream media will whine about Trump and evangelicals, but Jimmy Carter is an evangelical and they never say anything about that.  How am I supposed to get anything done

without a driver's license?  I have to go to court again?  What name to choose?  I bought because Megan Binley agreed to marry me and have a baby with me and let me be Mr. Binkley.

My last idea was to drop both my Father's names, make my middle name my last name.  I don't feel close to either really anyways, then I will have a name that fits on my credit card, and be like movie star Brian Keith. 

Will I ever get married?  Will Megan and I work things out?  How am I supposed to get through Chiropractic College this Quarter with all these ridiculous problems?  If I give up and leave I might move to WA, just do massage...

I'm getting too old for all this BS.   Ip Man's son Ip Chun is still teaching kung fu at 95, Iyengar taught yoga to 95 also, so he is my inspiration, though now Hong Kong is on the brink of Civil War, so who knows about that?   I don't believe this story is accurate or well researched. 




7/4/2019: I want to offer again to testify on behalf of Kevin Spacey, because it seems to me that in CA, what he is accused of doing is simply business as usual 

I agree wholeheartedly with the Massage Therapist objecting to what amounts to sexual assault, of course,

but the problem is the government, media, and society in CA have made massage = prostitution.  Have I talked about this too much?  Is it still interesting?

What did Kevin Spacey do exactly here that is in any way unusual or illegal?  Tell me, Arnold Schwarzenegger.  Tell me, Kamala Harris.  Nancy Pelosi.  Diane Feinstein.  Gavmeister.


7/2/2019:  I was on this webpage this morning looking for the Maxine Doogan lecture at Sonoma State University in 2017:  

and I noticed today is the one year anniversary of the day I posted about promising to buy Megan Binkley a house.

I also noticed I need to find again and correct a typo where I accidentally hit the "R" in the middle of typing Governor Newom's last name.  Sorry Gavvy Gav!

I really would like to know what Laurie Revnes thinks about Gavin Newsom today.

I finished my first Quarter at Chiropractic College in Hayward, but I am finding it very hard to bite the bullet and Register to start 2nd Q after the 4th of July,

being that the original plan here was 10000% centered moreso on my relationship with Megan and her directive that I start Chiropractic College in April,

(it's so weird too since she kind of knows the Center from the Warriors who has this big decision to make by Sunday, is it DeMarcus Cousins, she has a picture of his calves...)

I wish had that kind of money on the table, then buying Megan a house would not be a question, she would have stayed with me, I firmly believe that.  If only I had mucho dinero. 

I was at Target in Redwood City and there was a brand new Lambourghini in front of me and I just had to laugh.  

Even when I bought Megan the $5K engagement ring she said, "You can't afford it".  



As I predicted in 2011, Rock Climbing has become a high-end fashion sport:


Louis Vuitton CHALK BAG



  • Bradley Cooper and Irina Shayk have ended their relationship after four years together, 
  • and a source just said it was actually Irina who did the breaking up.
  • The two share a daughter, which was one of the main reasons they were still together, according to this source.


"...develop a moral core, looking at humanity’s darkest impulses and questioning, ’Why?" 


Text me Hillary Clinton, Robert Mueller, Ivanka Trump, Susie Tompkins Buell, Gavin Newsom, Arnold Schwarzenegger: Brian 415-350-8893.

Let's talk about sexual harassment, Hillary. & Hunter College stabbing me and all PT students in the back; "cover up, deny, and ignore", it's the American Way!

Who in America is ready to have a rational conversation about reality?  Is the Royal College of Nursing run by closeted prostitutes?  Here is the evidence?  

Why is their supposed new concern an ignorant betrayal and abandonment of Massage Therapists rights, Massage patients rights, exactly as crooked and corrupt as New Zealand and America?


How would this matter to Megan?  Joseph Pilates was a Nurse.  Megan has a degree in Dance from San Francisco State University.  


5/30/2019:  Someone asked me why I haven't posted anything about the proposals made by the Royal College of Nursing to decriminalise prostitution in the UK:





So obviously this is something I could sit and talk with Hillary Clinton and Susie Tompkins Buell and Robert Mueller and Ivanka Trump about, right? 


5/29/2019:  Very closely followed the Commencement Speech given today in Manhattan at Hunter College by Hillary Clinton. 

Too many coincidences for it not to be clear that Hillary should agree to talk to me face to face.  You want to talk to me, but are you afraid,

afraid I will bring light to the subjects at hand?  Hillary?


5/23/2019: NBA Warriors Chiropractor Lenny Stein sent me an email blowing me off.  I'm super disappointed about that, being I've known him for almost 20 years. 

I hope Lenny chenges his mind, as I was quite serious about what I said to him.

777  (Gary is from Richmond, home of Pixar, so close to Sausalito, but so far away)


5/23/2019: I just watched the interview of yet another Presidential candidate, NYC Mayor DeBlasio, talking about how he loves The Clash and The Skatalites. 

I recall seeing the original Skatalites in the early 90's, I think they played with Let's Go Bowling and Special Beat.  Is DeBlasio serious?  What an odd election cycle we are having.

I guess I only bring this up now because for some reason I think it is so obscure, yet 100% possible, that my connections to Mueller, Pelosi, etc. are 

in some ridiculous way related to the current bickerfest between Trump annd Pelosi accusing each other of being crazy or obnoxious, and how this might relate 

to my decision to out myself as a former College Radio DJ.  What do you want from me?  Why can't the American Physical Therapy Association have a rational conversation?

I pierced my ears to impress Joyce Breckenridge, and be "cool" in the 90's.  I as at all four Lollapalooza tours.  I saw Ice Cube and Joan Baez play the same stage.  So what?


5/23/2019:  I used to think my story was impossible, and would never go anywhere.  Today I again emailed the former Chair of Physical Therapy at Hunter College,

Gary Krasilovsky, PhD, who suggested I sue the American Physical Therapy Association for discrimination, breach of contract, and fraud. 



Hilary Clinton is the best friend of my oft mentioned client Susie Tompkins Buell. 


Better still, I read this incredible quote from the Governor of Montana Steve Bullock, who is among the throng running for President,  

"Why would I be the 37th or 24th (laughter) candidate or whatever it is?...

- I think I'm probably the only one in the race that actually won in a Trump state...people want government to function.

I've been able to bridge divides in a very partisan time and get Republicans and Democrats to work with me to try to improve people's lives." 


Sure, I can't get the APTA, or anyone else in government, to do it's job, but maybe I do at least exist as a pebble in the pond.


5/17/2019:  Megan Binkley, I asked you to marry me, because I love you, even if you are a grumpy cat sometimes.   Am I good enough for you?  Is the ring bright enough?

What if I make $375 Million for you, with you, once I convince William Randolph Hearst III & Susie Tompkins Buell & Robert Mueller, etc. to work with me as friendly clients,

instead of their current work promoting sexual harassament of healthcare patients and healthcare professionals

Did anyone else reaad the hypocritical BS posting by the American Physical Therapy Association trumpeting it's care for transgenders,

while in fact they killed me for having pierced ears, such a minor tiny little piece of metal, in my ear instead of my knee?  

Still waiting for the APTA to take responsibility for it's terrorism and hatred for humanity.


5/16/2019: I need to apologize to readers of this website, as there is at least one mistake I am now aware of. 

Is it challenging Susie Tompkins Buell and her puppet entourage to a public debate? 

You will lose that debate, Gavin, Kamala, Feinstein,Pelosi, Speier,  because you know you are wrong,

you know you are intentionally promoting sexual harassment of both patients and healthcare professionals, every day.

I volunteer here to testify in Kevin Spacey's defense at the trial where he was accused of sexually harassing a Massage Therapist-

because the AMTA/CAMTC are front groups for promoting prostitution, supported equally by Republicans and Democrats, by Trump and Obama, covered up by Mueller...

How has Kevin Spacey commited a crime?  How has Robert Kraft commited a crime?  American society, it's hypocrisy and lies, this is the crime. 

How can you say you oppose sexual harassment, and are so concerned about "Women's Rights", Susie,

while treating Massage Therapists like prostitutes, Susie?  Even worse, you treat Prostitutes like Massage Therapists.  There are a million ways you could apologize, Susie.

How about repeating what you did for Nancy Rosellini?  Give Megan Binkley $375K to expand her already successful Pilates business

and put a down payment on a house.  Would you agree, Megan?  Megan?  Are you listening to this?

My mistake is beleiving Les Claypool's joke.  Primus is not opening for Slayer at any upcoming concerts.

I am calling out here today for Megan Binkley, CEO of Core Values Pilates Body, to contact me immediately,

so we can decide whether I will continue working on my Doctorate in Chiropractic, (Megan's idea!)

since the reason I am currently a Doctoral student at Life West (across the 92 bridge from the Silicon Valley)

is entirely due to my love for Megan, she wanted me to do this for her, so I did, but now we are having a silent squabble... I don't know what to do.

I got an A on my Skeletal Anatomy lab exam, as long term memory is a wonderful thing. 

Did you know that the lead singer/bass player for Primus and the lead guitarist for Metallica went to High School together?  


Thank you so much Susie, your ongoing interest and support for my campaign is spectacular.  Truly.  I wouldn't be here today without you.


...powerhouse San Francisco donor (Susie) sent out emails announcing her intention to hold a fundraiser... and inviting supporters to attend...

“He adds a rich, deep, thoughtful and resonant voice to the conversation and it’s evident that the country is responding to him.

He is a special guy and formidable candidate,’’

While Tompkins Buell has noted that she and husband, Mark, are still backing..., she said... that “we believe he needs to be part of the presidential field’’ 


Call me anytime Hilary.  Actually text me, I really respond better that way.  Let's meet for lunch at Susie's house.  Chez Panisse? 


I want to have lunch with Kamala Harris at Ranjan Dey's New Delhi Restaurant. 


Let's talk about why the two of you, along with Nancy Pelosi and Jackie Speier, have systematically covered up sexual harassment and rape of Massage Therapists for your entire careers. 


And absolutely noone will call you on it, except me.  Bob Mueller won't call you on it, because he has no balls.



$2 million apology... (How much does the APTA/AMTA owe me?) 

note again the AMTA threatened to murder me, because I told the truth about Big Gay Power and the Sex Work Supremacists control of them & the CAMTC,

while the APTA destroyed my career for seemingly opposite reasons, being they are run by

right wing evangelicals and closeted gay/anti-gay/anti-everything they don't dominate or destroy Catholics)


We hope we can continue to be a catalyst for meaningful changes that makes... inclusive for all.”

...In its original letter to Lora DiCarlo, obtained by TechCrunch, the CTA called the startup’s product

immoral, obscene, indecent, profane or not in keeping with the CTA’s image” and that

it did “not fit into any of [its] existing product categories and should not have been accepted”... 


5/5/2019:  Anyone following this should not be surprised to see these stories of nonstop 24/7 hypocrisy and bullshit... What is the cure for Pelosi Traumatic Stress Disorder?

I am Linked to the APTA top dog Justin Moore on LinkedIn and he has been personally aware of every detail of how the APTA fucked me over in the name of Jesus for over 5 years... 

So today Justin & the APTA posted this outright lie, knowing that the APTA denied my Doctorate education and even presence on campus based on religious beliefs and ordinary bigotry, and has since 2003...:

APTA Retweeted NPR

APTA strongly opposes any rule that promotes the freedom of health care providers to deny services to patients based on religious beliefs.

Such actions run counter to the physical therapy Code of Ethics and the principle of patient-centered care. 


5/5/2019:  In other news:  The FDNY simultaneously told a 37 year old Navy SEAL with top 1% testing scores that he is too old, so unfit and unqualified to even apply for the job

while making a 50yr old lesbian Chief of Emergency Medical Services... which makes perfect sense, right?

(This reminds me so much of my dyke cousin Shelly...) 




I am also following the story about NZ approaching legalising marijuana tomorrow.  When I met NZ head of Parliament Tim Barnett in 2006 to hear his talk about decriminalising prostitution,

he was headed straight to a "cannabis" dispensary in SF with Robyn Few afterwards, and clearly was an active user.  A lawyer friend is telling me I need to learn to "swim downstream"???  WTF???

Still waiting to hear from Robert Mueller, or Megan Binkley, or James Hetfield... Father David Deibel... Donald Chu?... Elon Musk?... What is the future of all these things?  What Does Madonna Know?


4/28/2019: started giving me professional manual medicine prescriptions in 1997 & referrals in 2001.  Lenny is the DC (Chiropractor) for the San Francisco Ballet, the Golden State Warriors, etc.

I meant to say that to Ron Oberstein, when he asked me if I knew anyone famous.  I also forgot to mention Sharon Stone, and Sean Penn, etc. ... others.

Robert Mueller will tell you I don't exist, even though he came to see me at and I visited his house several times, to see him and his wife.

I have angel investors for Google on my client list?

Is this website comparable to Uber or Tesla, as I have argued with Megan?  Worth millions, perhaps over $1 Billion, yet day to day operations are hard to pin down, economically. 

Who Moved My Cheese?  




Looking for some inspiration, after learning that the drummer for the Clash is a Chiropractor in London, I swear I was looking for something I had heard

years ago about the lead singer of Social Distortion having a PhD in English, when I found this on Wikipedia:

BRIAN KEITH Holland attended Pacifica High School in Garden Grove, California, where he graduated as class valedictorian in 1984. During high school,

BRIAN KEITH Holland was the best student in mathematics in his year, and he found it "just as exciting as punk rock."[4] He then attended the 

University of Southern California, where he earned a B.S. degree in biology and an M.S. degree in molecular biology,

BRIAN KEITH was a candidate for a Ph.D. in molecular biology.[5] However, after the success of The Offspring, he suspended his candidature to focus on music.

BRIAN KEITH Holland had said in 1995 that, when he turns 40, he would rather be a professor at a university than play music.[4]

Holland was a doctoral student at the Laboratory of Viral Oncology and Proteomics Research, Keck School of Medicine,

where he was supervised by Professor Suraiya Rasheed.[6] In March 2013, Holland and co-authors published a paper in PLoS One 

regarding microRNA in HIV genomes,[7] titled "Identification of Human MicroRNA-Like Sequences Embedded within the

Protein-Encoding Genes of the Human Immunodeficiency Virus".[8] The original academic paper describes the use of 

computational molecular biological (in silico) approaches to identify microRNA-like sequences in HIV.

These sequences are suggested to have evolved to self-regulate survival of the virus in the host by

evading its immune responses and thus influence the persistence, replication, and pathogenicity of HIV.

BRIAN KEITH Holland was awarded his Ph.D. degree in molecular biology during the USC Commencement on May 12, 2017...


I hate the Offspring, because they suck, and I would much rather talk about Tom Araya's cervical spine than Jame Hetfield's... but it makes good conversation, right? 

Gotta love Primus opening for Slayer's real last tour (after 37 years...) 


Who is mad at me now?  Why?  WTF? 

My professors at Chiropractic College keep wanting to call me a "bodyworker" when I say I am a "Licensed Massage Therapist" (active in WA State)

and it is clear that noone wants to acknowledge the lesbian prostitution industry, or their ownership of the

(founded by SF gay male Joseph Kramer, as I recall, how long have I been blogging about this now?  Since 2003?) 

Still waiting for my friends Robert Mueller, William Randolph Hearst, Michael Tilson Thomas, and James Hetfield

to do a round table on CNN with Anderson Cooper about this...



(I am posting this because I met Princess Mary at the 2002 Winter Paralympics, and because it "rounds the square" of this story.  Recall that Chiropractic education is free in Denmark,

Lars and Torben Ulrich are from Denmark, and Metallica's first album was recorded in Denmark... my first major writings as a youth that weren't about President Taft were about Danish vikings...) 

I might as well also add here, my plan today in regards to pursuing my Doctorate in Chiropractic are to adjust my schedule slightly so I will graduate in Fall of 2022.

I had my first chance yesterday to look at full X-rays of my spine, and it confirms what I knew, besides the fact that the San Francisco Police covered up and ignored

the time I was mugged by three gangsters in the stairs near the Sutter Stockton garage, besides the emotional trauma, broken teeth, and $20 bill they took from me,

they totally fucked up my neck.  There are other injuries I could mention, but that was the worse.  The SFPD laughed at me, and hung up on me, when I called them for help.

Just like Kamala Harris, Robert Mueller, Gavin Newsom, and every other politician I have ever met.  Princess, will you care?  Or will you stab me in the back, like the Queen of England,

and Hilary? 



(Apparently she thought he wanted the "Al Gore" treatment...) 




The American Physical Therapy Association, University of St. Augustine, University of Central Florida, etc. as expected continue to claim I don't exist, and I have never existed!...



"At the end of the day, the love... can be fickle" Klay Thompson said.

"We live in a time where it's 'What have you done for me lately?'

You can't get caught up in the love right now." 



Warriors announce first event at the Chase Center


Golden State won’t kick off the new arena. Metallica and the San Francisco Symphony will.


So please note, Megan if you read this, that impossibly, so very impossible!!! enough, past clients I am proud to have served,

SF Symphony Conductor Michael Tilson Thomas

and Metallica's lead singer James Hetfield and current bassist Robert Trujillo, 

are playing the inaugural ball at the NBA Warriors new Chase Center stadium. 

(Personally related, the ony CD I am saving from recent water damage is one with Rachel Barton Pine's autograph,

and I am proud of the coincidence of having Yngvie Malmsteen's new album come out on the same day I start Chiropractic College...

Kirk Hammett might appreciate this kind of trivia...)

Will these facts make Megan stop and wonder, maybe we should talk more about this impasse.  The pink Vespa must ride again!

Planet Granite yoga tonight. 



Please note that Jackie Speier lives here 


Which story is more important to you and the future of America?  Will the presidential debates address these serious topics? 



With the announcement of the proposed inclusion of Sport Climbing in the Olympic Summer Games in Paris 2024, 

and given the continued growth of competition climbing in the US and around the world, USA Climbing announces the formation of a new Competition Task Force (CTF)

and an updated charter for the existing Realignment Task Force (RTF) to assess, identify, and implement sweeping changes to recreational, developmental,

and elite athlete development for implementation in the 2020-2021 competition season. 


3/4/2019:  I have been offered a $7500 scholarship from Life West Chiropractic College, based on a love letter I wrote to Megan Binkley,

and my entrance GPA of 3.5+.  Hearing commercials for the California Physical Therapy Association on CBS newsradio make me wince in pain.

I will note for comfortable and rewarding conversations sake another related matter being debated so hotly these days,

that my apartment right now is a disaster area, with very little art to speak of, but what do we have here?

An absolutely terrifying Black Diamond mountaineering poster.  A picture of Marin County's Mt. Tam covered in snow.

A poster of Carl R. Alving, M.D., inventor of the vaccine patch, University of Miami '66. (American Association for the Advancement of Science)

But you thought I wanted to talk about the blatant corruption, collusion, and business as usual conspiracy to proudly using massage as a front for promoting prostitution by 

the California Police Chiefs Association & the California Massage Therapy Council, didn't you?...


3/1/2019: My Mom says if her Mother hadn't died so young, she would be 91 today.

My Biochemistry professor just mentioned that she also teaches Ethics in Biomedical Engineering at UC Berkeley.

How poignant and timely.

Maybe Megan, or Kamala, or Gavin, or Maxine, so many people, let's take a minute to talk about Ethics...

Don't even try to get the American Physical Therapy Assocation or Diane Feinstein to talk about Ethics...  

Give up. 

"Grand Del Mar Massage Therapists Sue Over Client Sexual Harassment"

Sue who?  NBC News?  Slinky Jackie Speier?  Ali Raisman?  Ted Turner?  William Randolph Hearst III?  Gavin Nerwsom?  I only wish... 


2/28/2019:  Today is the last day of February, and many decisions await fulfillment.  I applied for a position on the California Massage Therapy Council (CAMTC).

Senator Kamala Harris is cooking fresh waffles on the question of whether prostitution should be decriminalized.

My first date with Megan Binkley was at Chef Ranjan Dey's New Delhi Restaurant; Kamala has had fundraisers there.

I think Megan is upset about some details of my story here, and wished I would find a better way to tell this story and

move my life forward, but what do we see really happenning today?  I cannot talk about the fact that Washington DC is being forced

to watch and listen to transgenders in the military kicking ass and taking names, while the APTA still says I have never existed in any uniform...

my voice should be crushed, killed, despised, hated, silenced, forever...

I laughed reading the BBC calling the Russian River floods of "wine country"; You would think the BBC would mention the fact that Guerneville

is possibly the gayest town I have ever seen.

Megan went hiking at the Armstrong Redwoods last summer, accidentally during the Guerneville Bear Weekend, hairy fat gay men in g-string bikinis everywhere... 

Megan won't talk to me right now, so here I want to remember that once after Joyce Breckenridge broke up with me, we rekindled our romance 

camping at Bullfrog Pond... I want to sign up for the Ropes Course weekend assuming I will start studying for my Chiropractic Doctorate soon...

Megan if you read this please call me.  Kamala Harris if you read this please call me, I'll meet you at the New Delhi restaurant, we can hang out with Ranjan.

Let's talk about this. 


"...the Medical board must file an Accusation (formal charges) against a doctor's license within three (3) years of the date the Board is first notified

of the act or omission alleged as the ground for disciplinary action or seven (7) years from the date of the incident, whichever occurs first." 



Police said Kraft was driven to a spa by Senator Diane Feinstein's gun-toting chauffeur. 

(prostitution = massage) as obvious and real as 2,3-Bisphosphoglycerate regulates O2 binding


2/21/2019:  Hilary Clinton's best friend, Susie Tomkins Buell, would you come to this debate, with your daughters Summer and Brooke?

I just applied for a Presidential Scholarship from Life West Chiropractic College in Hayward.

Who will support me here, of my old clients with money to burn?  Dupont, Hearst, Susie?

Someone said they thought my suggestion to debate in Chinatown was racist and provocative.

Then have Leo Fong come sit with me on one side, and Donnie Yen on the other. 


2/20/2019:  Yes, former FBI Director and current lead investigator of "Trump-Russia", Robert Mueller, you and your wife Ann,

as esteemed and well respected members of my client list, are of course invited 

to the debate between "Massage Therapist" Maxine Doogan and myself, to be moderated by CNN in San Francisco.

I decided it would be spineless to have the debate in the Castro, and have settled on at least offering to do it in Chinatown instead. 

On the entertainment side, I of course invite everyone in Metallica, and their wives...

Donald Chu, past-President of the California Physical Therapy Association

Steven Winter, my Athletic Injuries professor and past lead lobbyist for the California Athletic Trainers' Association.

Megan Binkley, Pilates Instructor at the Bay Club, not my wife, but I did ask her to marry me 7 times.

Oh!  Some top prostitutes, say Beverly May and Mark Dixon of the California Massage Therapy Council...

Gavin Newsom (Laurie Revnes ex-boyfriend) is of course center stage, along with Arnold Schwarzenegger, who started all this mess, idiot!

Invite Chiropractor Frank Columbu, excellent choice. 


Feb 19, 2019: The California Medical Board and Department of Consumer Affairs are using a common tactic to protect criminals and dickheads in fact

identical to the techniques used by the media, the American Massage Therapy Assoication, the American Physical Therapy Assoication, etc.

Their website for processing complaints doesn't even work. 

So I will whine to you, because you care, like Kamala Harris, or a similar houseplant... (Diane Feinstein needs some watering!)

I think I first herniated my spine trying to break dance, doing a forward flip onto a concrete floor at Sean Hidalgo's house when I was 14...

My gangster Filipino friend Pat Rivera could make his eyeballs vibrate, and hold ridiculous positions like something out of a kung fu movie, but 

completely frozen, absolutely still.

I was watching these great youtube videos of a global Tae Kwon Do champ who looks a hell of a lot like a younger Megan (who has a black belt in TKD)...

so I was visiting Jeffery Sternberg at his Van Ness offica in San Francisco, and yes technically he is a colon and rectal surgeon, but he had no reason 

to be probing my hot tight virgin ass for buried treasures and pleasures,

as Ali Raisman winks and nods, and looks the other way, because it's happening to me, in a gay neighborhood, so a little anal rape is okey dokey Karaoke,

isn't it Ali?  You're so special!

I have an abnormal skin fold near my anal opening because of chronic inflammation in my lower spinal nerves, making it feel like an burning itching, but it does nothing

because it's not the skin, or bacteria, or anything like that.  But when Megan was stroking my ass in the shower and she touched the skin aberration, I was embarassed,

so I started trying to find a way to truly fix it finally, so my sexy girlfriend can have intimate showers with me, without embarrassment.

I went to Premier Dermatology in San Carlos, and the MD's assistant Nurse Practitioner had no problem simply grabbing the skin fold and saying, "You need to see a general surgeon".

I wanted to see a specialist.  I found a few MD's who specialize in "anal rejuvenation" for gay men in LAW and NYC, and I thought about seeing one of them, but I found 

Jeffrey Sternberg in SF, and figured I should try a consultation with him.

He ignored my complaints about my left foot going numb, and the spinal nerve inflammation.  He ignored my story about the time I fell into the full splits.

He ignored my 100% external skin tag/skin fold.

He stuck his finger as far up my ass as he possibly could. 

Thanks, Doc!

Thanks, California Medical Board (how insulting and disturbing, the Governor Gavin Newsom link, psychopath, with his name right there like some kind of hero authority...) 




Feb 15, 2019:  Sitting in my Biochemistry class at UC Berkeley Extension campus in San Francisco's Financial District, "MAXIMUM OCCUPANCY 37", talking about myoglobin.

Since CNN has decided to once again glorify the woman who threatened me, Maxine Doogan, I cordially invite CNN to have Maxine Doogan debate me on live television.

Let's do it in the Castro, invite Anderson Cooper!

Invite Jackie Speier and Nancy Pelosi, so they can to explain to my double mastectomy breast cancer survivor MD client why women's rights are irrelevant, only money matters,

and all massage clients deserve sexual harassment and rape.   That is what massage means, right, Nancy?  Right Maxine Doogan, how did you like having your propaganda supported by

the Sonoma State University Nursing Department, where I taught nursing students anatomy? 

Let William Randolph Hearst III and his wife Margaret attend, please. 

Let us also talk about the sexual assault case I am filing with the California Medical Board against Jeffrey Sternberg, MD, looking for nonexistent diseases up my hot tight virgin ass for jollies, Larry Nassar technique... 


January 30, 2019:  Ok, no, you're right, I haven't commented at all on Israel's new prostitution law, which some people might call a fine on Johns, 

but others, maybe someone with $75 million to burn, like the man who is supposed to be President, Eliot Spitzer, might look at these fines and giggle.  Why would Eliot Spitzer care if he was fined a few thousand dollars?

I found out that the guy who took Megan to that Warriors game is only worth $225 Million, typical Silicon Valley White Trash, worth less than 1% of someone crazy rich like Will Hearst, and I was therefore somewhat amused by the idea of that measure mark for wealth. 

I was reading some article about a Massage Therapist giving discounts to MAGA hat wearers, and how his coffee cup celebrates having Trump as president.

My coffee cup says, "Life is merrier

                              With a Yorkshire Terrier"

I completed my application for Financial Aid as I strongly consider giving Chiropractic College another go,

and I discovered just how severe and extreme the corruption is at the American Physical Therapy Association-

the Stanley Paris mindset, the Federal Financial Aid System, of course the APTA, AAOMPT, etc. -

fucking deleted the fact that I borrowed over $15,000 from the government to get my PT Doctorate-

The United States Federal Government is denying I borrowed a lot of money from them to get my Doctorate.

Since when does anyone deny someone owing them money, or gaving loaned it in the first place?

This happened through an amazing level of corruption, obviously, incredible power, to manipulate federal banking records?

Isn't that supposed to be a felony?  As in prison time? 

Wow, APTA, I didn't know you had sunk so low!  Or had so much power!

When is Larry Nassar going to be recognized as a "Pro Bono Sex Worker", and given an award by Nancy Pelosi? 



January 14, 2019:  Congratulations on the obvious are in order perhaps, as my dear and wonderful Megan was sitting on the floor at a recent NBA Warriors game...

I am told Klay Tomson was flirting with her, and the NBC cameras gave Megan a close up, twice...  

Which I find pretty damn amusing due to my at times rather adversial and quite pissed off relationship with said assholes at NBC... Megan is better than you are, please cry for me, William Randolph Hearst

Cry harder still, Slinky Jackie Spier...I reapplied to Chiropractic College, and may indeed start in July and finish in 3 years...I am thinking about the baby name Basil, greek for "royal". 


4/27/2019:  I am positive that I have posted this before, but in light of several recent events in my life, and inquiries about my seriousness here,

particularly the absurd postings about prostitution massage in Davenport, Iowa, 

I feel the need to say this again:

For the total assholes running the APTA, for my love Megan, for libertarian William Randolph Hearst, for Dr. Ron Oberstein, as yet undefined President of Life West Chiropractic College,

gangbang cocksucker cokehead Governor Gavin Newsom, Sir Betray-a-lot Arnold Schwarzenegger, perhaps others:

I was taking professional manual medicine referrals from the Chiropractor for the San Francisco Ballet, NBA Golden State Warriors, etc. right LENNY? -

while working for - before I went to the Olympics, in 2001.   Robert Mueller came to see me at the Stone Clinic.  But I don't exist, right?  Bob?  Where are you Bob?

And you all just sit there, and act like nothing is happening.  Nothing.  In Facebook We Trust, where prostition is everywhere, as long as we call it massage, right Redwood City?

Pelosi Traumatic Stess Disorder has the world frozen, like a deer in headlights... so quiet, so afraid to face reality... to speak English, to have an honest conversation, about anything, anything at all.

Of course prostitutes and Catholics can and should run everything, for Princess Francis... because we are at war with Islam, and the Jews, and the Buddhists, and the Hindus, and the Atheists of China... so much to be afraid of!

I think this website and my career thus far, as I have said to Megan, is at this time comparable to Tesla or Uber, not exactly profitable, but worth millions, perhaps a billion or more.

My client base includes angel investors in Google?  True.   Can't wait for your quiet leafblower, Captain Musk!

Dress for Success!  Book Yourself Solid!  Make friends and Influence others!  Who moved my Cheese? 




Let's talk about brand names and consumer protection (Are Megan and her step-mother enjoying their massages at Canyon Ranch?  How long will Gavin Newsom spend in prison for conspiracy and fraud?)




are just two of the stories on this topic that the media-at-large managed to do a half-assed job covering with objectivity and intellect.

Please note the observed realities: Claiming a need for clear communication and fair business practices, the difference between Weetabix and Weetbix led to 

censorship, destruction, and forced renaming of one versus the other.

This is all happening in New Zealand, birthplace of Stanley Paris, home to Tim Barnett, with the most liberal massage=prostitution laws on the books, not just a wink and nod, in the world.

You don't think NBC News is stand-up comedy? 

Parliament is stand-up comedy.

The American Physical Therapy Association is stand-up comedy. 

Prince Harry is the 4th stooge. 

Where is Shakespeare when you need him? 


10/18/2018:  The San Jose City Council & Mayor (including my roommate's sister-in-law, Vice Mayor Herrera) completely blew me off and ignored me when I testified before them over a year ago, but for some reason 

now they are closing over 100 massage parlors for prostitution related "offenses"?  Better still NBC & the SF Chronicle are covering this as "activist sex workers" protest?

I was thinking of getting stand-up comedy tickets at the Punchline in san Francisco for my Birthday, but who needs stand-up comedy when we have NBC news? 

Megan is going to Canyon Ranch for massages soon with her step-mother, who has a house (she has several) down the street from Donald Trump in FL; an "annoying neighbor..." apparently. 

Have I ever talked about my old friend Sutat here?  He used to be a monk & taught yoga at the prestigious spa Rancho La Puerta; now he wants to drive his ex-wife's car off a cliff... (he won it in their divorce)

I should also acknowledge the further media psychosis here of the local story about a Massage Therapist at the Claremont Hotel sexually assaulting a guest.

The entire media, everyone! covered it up 

when Massage Therapist Christine Mihelich (San Francisco State University BA in Biology) testified about the exact same thing happening to her - by a guest...

the testimony video is on my youtube channel, and has been there since 2005.  But you ignore that, right?

Christine's testimony was originally posted on the State of California's television channel, but did anyone, even one person! in the Media or anyone notice or say anything?  No. 

Who fought the hardest to cover it up?  The California Massage Therapy Council, Massage Magazine, the Spa industry, etc. 

Look up the Spa ban in Maldives, and it all makes more sense, the money flowing... 

Celebrate Sexual Harassment!  Vote Democrat! Or Republican!  It really doesn't matter...

Better still LMFAO watching CNN & the NYT squirm trying to cover the success of the pro-gay marriage Greens in Germany (opposed by the Party that CNN & NYT liberals like...) 

I must move forward still with so many projects.  I want to build my own ofuro Japanese soaking tall hot tub.  I want to finish Biochemistry, but I might switch to the 4-unit online one

through the New England College of Osteopathic Medicine.  I read Leon Chaitow died, I really like his book on muscle energy technique.  Do your homework!


9/28/2018:  So the classes I was taking in LA were at the Orthopedic Skills Laboratory at the Physial Therapy Department at West Coast University-

(Still waiting for the American Physical Therapy Association to acknowledge that I exist, and that the APTA destroyed my life, intentionally, proudly, vindictively...) 

near Bagel Lords, across from the S & M supply house, Rough Trade, is that Sunset Blvd or Santa Monica Blvd?  Lots of people wearing very fancy pants... 

I didn't know that Comcast NBC Universal Sky is in fact directly across from the largest porn producer in the world, Vivid Entertainment.

Congress, the Senate, and the Supreme Court, EU, etc. it all makes so much more sense now.  When will Disney buy Vivid outright, and for how much? 


9/20/2018: We are going to Thomas Myers intro to Structural Integration (Myers Method) in the Hollywood area, and I am hoping to visit comic voice master Mel Blanc's grave,

maybe visit Hollywood Boulders (Touchstone), and it's hard to ignore the vastness of LA, knowing I have sent letters to USC and UCLA and NBC and Children of the Night

(maybe the only organization in America working directly with male teen junkie street prostitutes in West Hollywood... Rozz Williams & Gypsy Boots are buried nearby...)

Yet I want to buy Megan an awesome pair of motorcycle boots, and we are right by the Eagle nightclub, I could ask someone there?  Who makes the best boots in LA?

I started studying Biochemistry, and I am thinking I would have benefited from taking Quantitative Analysis first.  I am doing my best, all things considered. 

Michael Hunkapiller has a PhD in BioChem, I beleive from Oklahoma Baptist University?  Maynard Webb has a new book out, co-released in Seattle with Mr. Starbucks.

I wanted to visit Benny Urquidez's stunt actor academy, and/or Leo Fong, but I am having a hard time tracking them down.

I got a letter from Hunter College in Manhattan's PT Department, and I am bemused by the APTA website and it's current "diversity" page.  

I told Megan I want to buy her a $5million dollar piece of crap house here in the Silicon Valley, but I don't think she takes me seriously right now.

True, I don't see any real changes happening, anywhere, which is why I have had nothing to say for 6 weeks.

I'm alive, I am in love with Megan, and we are going to Hollywood this weekend. 


8/6/2018:  I gave Megan a round brilliant 0.7 carat diamond solitaire, and she had it sized to fit "the crazy finger", for which she chose a rose gold ring setting.

She refused to let me meet her in Maui, where I would have formally proposed to her, and now Yosemite is closed, where I would take her to Taft Point.

We have, it seems, differed perhaps on whether to have a pot-bellied pig, or an actual baby.  Megan can very evasive on how seriously she really takes all this.

How can you call sizing a $5,000 diamond ring for "the crazy finger"- "just dating"???

Are we just dating, Megan?

I read the celebrity Dads over 50 article in Parents Magazine, and thought, wouldn't parenting over 50 be easier with Mick Jagger's money?

I will be 48 in October, and Megan just turned 38.

Wouldn't now be a nice time for the American Physical Therapy Association to end it's parade of terrorist bullshit, fucking over my career and my entire family?

Stanley Paris, how about getting off your high horse, you fucking prick?

I''m trying to get married and have a family, and all you care about is my pierced ears, and that self-centered arrogant asshole Jesus Christ, the Lord.

Mrs. Hunkapiller, wife of DNA process developer Michael Hunkapiller, says I am, "elegant" and "deeply intellectual".  So you destroy my life and blacklist me?

You call that Christianity?  You call that science?  You call that healthcare?


7/19/2018: I'd like to observe today what a completely hypocritical and insane fraud it is for the pro-"massage=prostitution" owners of ESPN, including my client William Randolph Hearst III,

to be giving an award to Larry Nassar's "victims".  ESPN condones, promotes, and profits from the massage=prostitution industry, at every level, at all times, as it has for decades.

ESPN promotes rape of athletes by Massage Therapists, and promotes rape of Massage Therapists by athletes.

Without pause, reflaction, or debate of any kind whatsoever.

Fuck you William Randolph Hearst III, Disney, and everyone in between and underneath, from Disney to Congress, to the dickheads at the New York Tiimes, Jeff Bezos, it's an ocean of corruption.

Mark Zuckerberg knows, just like Sergei Brin knows.  Couldn't care less.  Like you. 

Liar.  Thief.  Rapist. 


I found a picture of my stepfather, a product of Catholic education, skated by graduating based on his football record (he was scouted by the NFL to be a running back before he broke his hand),

who hates men with pierced ears, wearing psychedelic Monkee-era striped pants, looking like an absolute clown.

It's so bizarre to me, how each generation, each culture, seems utterly convinced of their own perfection,

and that everyone else is trash.  I remember talking to NATA lobbyist Steve Winter about this in his office, while the NATA was promoting itself as "rainbow friendly", while stabbing me in the back.

Remember when politicians wore wigs, tri-cornered hats, and buckles on their shoes with tights?  Isn't George Washington still on the $1 bill?

Megan wants a Ducati, so I had the idiotic idea to tell her she should get an NCR Ducati, so now she wants one of those.  She would look great on it, I'm sure.  Does anyone have $200K I can borrow?

This is what I get for falling in love with a girl whose father lives in Belvedere (the rich side of Tiburon) and whose Mom lives in Palo Alto... 


7/18/2018: I need to point out that you need to watch the entire Depeche Mode " Strange Love" mini-movie to see what was personal to me, and made me cry.

The ridiculously beautiful and sexy Italian woman on her Vespa sees singer Dave Gahan, in a suit with his pierced ears, standing with crutches on the side of the road.

She stops and offers him a ride.  He throws the crutches away, finding new strength and health, and sits behind her on the Vespa, wrapping his arms around her waist.

My new girlfriend wants me to buy her a Ducati, but for now I just give her rides on my BMW.

The APTA thinks I'm gay, because of my pierced ears, and won't let me study for my Doctorate because my ears have sinned.

I might go to Switzerland and/or Holland to take a workshop or two under Tom Myers Anatomy Trains Structural Integration; prostitution is legal there.

I am still perplexed by the completely psychotic coverage and commentary about FOSTA/SESTA by Newsweek, though I know the Daily Beast owns it now.

FOSTA/SESTA, which is completely leftist and came out of years of lobbying by Democrats and those even further left, is reported by Newsweek as "100% Trump".

In reality, it passed the Senate with a 97% Yes vote.  One Reublican voted against it, one Democrat voted against it, and John McCain was too sick to vote.   How is that 100% Trump, Newsweek?

Whatever.  I am so sick of journalists who lie.  I went shopping for a ring for my girlfriend today; I think she would look so nice dancing on the beach in Hawaii wearing it.


777 (Master Ken explains why you should join M.Y.A.S.S., please compare to the APTA, AMTA, CAMTC, etc.)
7/12/2018: My old coworker Neka Pasquale's business Urban Remedy has taken off big time and now has a huge display with excellent placement near the express line at Whole Foods.
Neka owes me for a massage she never paid me for.  Neka's mom is the owner of Evo Spa in mill Valley, and starting Urban Remedy was likely helped along by her boyfriend's mom,
who owns Miraval in Arizona.  
So that makes 2 product launch parties I've attended, Dr. Kevin Stone M.D.'s Joint Juice, and Neka Pasquale's Urban Remedy
Still waiting for the APTA or someone similar to get their head out of their ass and acknowledge that I exist.
I found a great video by martial arts comedian Master Ken talking about how lame associations are, so he started his own, "M.Y.A.S.S."-"a warm, welcoming environment".
I am also reminded how funny it is that yoga teacher Sarah Pascual told me about the comedy video "It's Getting Real In the Whole Foods Parking Lot"... 
I was watching Depeche Mode's "Strange Love" VHS collection this morning and "Never Let Me Down" made me start to cry uncontrollably... Maybe it was the Pilates session I did earlier?  WTF? 
7/3/2018:  Maybe some people might think I should be prone today to commenting on the Libertarian Party's endorsement of decriminalising prostitution (with no mention of gun rights,
or how these two rights of prostitution and guns are supposed to work together???), and contrasting these positions with Deomocrats, greens, Republicans, and other clowns.
but today here, because Karel Lewit is still alive at 102, and my various disuputes with the National Athletic Trainers' Association, American Physical Therapy Association, etc. continue,
largely ignored, and completely unaddressed, I will instead repost part of Karel Lewit's story
(while noting I just bought a used 37" high massage table from Palo Alto DC Alen Heshmat, directly across the street from 2-Michelin star restaurant Baum'... recently reviewed by Hearst...)
It just gets more ridiculous and absurd all the time.  I wonder if I will get married, and change my name? 

Early life and education

At the end of World War I, Lewit’s father, Dr. Egon Lewit, moved the family to Prague, where Karel was educated and became immersed in Czech culture

(the most secular culture in the world)

At the completion of his primary studies, Karel enrolled in the Prague Medical Faculty and began his studies to become a physician like his father.

Like many of his contemporaries, Lewit’s education and career were disrupted by the Nazi occupation and WWII. The family’s Jewish heritage put them at odds

with conditions in the Czechoslovakia, and on March 13, 1939, they left Prague for Paris, where Karel found work at Bichat hospital in their surgery department.

Not long after arriving in Paris, Lewit became involved with the French Resistance, and in October 1939 he joined the British 1st Infantry Regiment in Agde, France on the Mediterranean as a medical officer. As France was overrun by Nazis, The 1st Infantry fought the Germans along the Seine and Loire rivers as French and British troops retreated. He was later transferred to England, where he met his future wife Iris, to whom he remained married for more than 60 years. He worked in England until 1944, when he was transferred to Normandy as a member of the 1st Czechoslovak Armoured Brigade and fought in the famous Battle of Dunkirk. He was awarded the distinguished Golden Cross of Czechoslovakia for his activities in the Resistance.

At the end of World War II, Lewit returned to Czechoslovakia to take up his studies once again at the First Faculty of Medicine, Charles University in Prague earning a doctoral degree in 1946.


Beginnings of Lewit’s Career in Neurology and Rehabilitation 

After the completion of his studies, Lewit began to pursue the field of neurology, and he joined the neurological clinic of prominent neurology professor Kamil Henner.

There, Lewit focused on spinal and disc disease and became interested in neuroradiology (scanning by X-ray).

As a spinal neurologist, Lewit explored manual manipulation techniques used by chiropractors and holistic practitioners, and began to apply his knowledge in the rehabilitation of patients.

As he grew increasingly adept at using manual techniques for clinical diagnosis, he dismissed the escalating use of technological diagnostic tools, insisting that they were mere complements to diagnosis, and inferior to hands-on clinical examination.

Lewit began to promote the unique treatment methodology of manipulation therapy through lectures and the training of doctors around the globe. Lewit wrote the first textbook of manipulation therapy, Manipulative Therapy in Rehabilitation of the Locomotor System, which has since been published in many editions and languages.

The Prague School of Rehabilitation[edit]

In the 1950s, Karel Lewit, along with professors and key neurologists Vaclav Vojta, Vladimir Janda, and Frantisek Vele, established the Prague School of Rehabilitation and Manual Medicine,

laying the foundations for the 20th century rehabilitation movement. The school’s neurodevelopmental and rehabilitation principles are only recently being embraced globally by athletic trainers and physical therapists for their effectiveness in restoring functional movement and enhancing performance.

The premises of the Prague School are based on the skill of observing total body movement patterns and understanding how they influence the entire kinematic chain. Lewit described the importance of identifying and treating the major mechanical failing in the kinematic chain for a given movement, often located far from the pain site. He understood that overly tonic or overly lax muscles in key areas could affect whole body movement mechanics and cause pain in joints, muscles and nerves farther along the chain. Today, the Prague School model has been further developed by Pavel Kolár with his system of Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization (DNS), based upon three levels of motor organization.

Some attribute the success of the Prague School to its relative isolation during the Cold War, where it was unaffected by innovations in technology and evidence-based approaches to treatment. Western medicine has been slow and reluctant to accept the methods promoted by the Prague School, which deviates dramatically from trends in Western medicine toward greater use of pharmaceuticals, surgical interventions and diagnostic technology.

1968 to 1990

In 1968, the Department of Hygiene of the Medical School nominated Dr. Lewit for a professorship, but his nomination was frozen when the Warsaw Pact went into effect and Czechoslovakia was invaded by the Soviet Union. Due to his anti-Soviet stance,Lewit was forced to leave the Neurology Clinic and found temporary employment at the Research Institute for Rheumatic Diseases, and later with the Railway Workers Clinic in Prague. He became a professor only after the Velvet Revolution in 1990 (waiting 22 years!)
I've only been "frozen" & stabbed in the back by the "Christian" goon squad at the American Physical Therapy Association for 15 years (so far).  I'm so lucky! 
July 2, 2018: Real Estate: Atherton: 329 Walsh Road, 94027, built in 1974, Gj Trust to Edward Cluss for $10,375,000, closed May 24 (last sale: $1,6325,000, 1992).
I held her hand and told her, "I want to buy you a house"; she cried silently, then kissed me again.  The next day she said, "Don't be so serious all the time".
2786 Ohio Avenue, 94061, Redwood City, built in 1951, closed May 18 for $2,560,000 (last sale, $370,000, 1990). 
For my mom?
When will I softly say, "I love you"?
6/29/2018:  In light of noting the complete and total fraud that the formerly scientific journal, the British Medical Journal, has become a voice for corrupt propaganda,
instead of peer-review and balanced thought, I am thinking more and more about the lessons I am learning about life, love, and business
from a premier protege of dance medicine pioneer Elizabeth Larkam, of Stanford University, Balanced Body, Polestar, and St. Francis Spine Insittute in San Francisco.
Maybe the dance angle reminds me, again, of how the Hearst Corporation stood up for strippers rights to not be sexually objectified and harassed, while intentionally 
promoting sexual harassment of Massage Therapists, without apology or debate, for decades, while inviting me into their home to work on William Randolph Hearst III, etc.
Can the bullshit be bigger or brighter, more obnoxious or cruel, sadistic and sedated?
Independence and freedom are more reliable and essential, says the muse, because the sad reality is all your mentors, teachers, and partners, might be lying to you,
stealing from you, preying on your weaknesses, your vulnerabilities, your trust.
The APTA remains the biggest source of pain and misery in my life, driven by hatred in the name of Jesus.
I was looking at some pictures of the esteemed MD Manual Medizin specialist Karel Lewit, from what I guess is now Czech Republic, and it's sad to see his spine as he aged,
versus BKS Iyengar, or Joseph Pilates.  What happened to Lewit's body?  His knowledge was wondrous, but he neglected to balance his work for others with work on himself. 
I renewed my Planet Granite membership, and I am still putting enormous amounts of time and energy into organizing my files and belongings.
FYI: Anyone who is trying to get in touch with me, I am getting new phone in the next 24 hours or less.  I think I lost all my texts, phone numbers, and data...
It is such a tragedy, what evil the American Physical Therapy Association is obsessed with endearing.  When I read about the journalists being shot in Maryland,
I can only say I'm surprised that doesn't happen more often, they are such sleazebags and lying thieving scum.  Doyle Publishing is worse than,
but watching the BMJ follow that same path leaves me stunned, that there isn't even a vague effort at taking a scientific or medical approach, it's pure propaganda now.
Yoga Journal profited off of leading me up the garden path and stabbing me in the back, as did MPA Media, Hearst, etc.  All I can do is write here, honestly.
I have a lot on my mind, mostly about letting myself fall in love, thinking about taking a more independent path...
I notice that Thomas Myers knows Elizabeth Larkam, and is now starting a new school bridging his Rolfing background with Pilates-influenced teachings...
I can only assume that the American Medical Association, Lancet, New England Journal of Medicine, Science, Nature, etc. are facing similar pressures as the BMJ,
and buckling to being fountains of flatulence, methane ready to burn.  Yet the APTA is all Catholic, all the time... so absurd, so far from the science they claim to be. 
6/23/2018: Wakey wakey!  So the British Medical Journal published this opinion article by a NZ based professor at Otago
titled "Commentary: Sex work is here to stay and decriminalisation improves safety and social justice", though it seems to only consider the interests of
one party, in a commercial enterprise which clearly effects the entire ecosystem, if not in fact the entire biome. 
In light of my interactions with prominent NZers effecting my story: Stanley Paris, the Physical Therapy guru who screwed over my PT career, Tim Barnett who wrote the PRA2003,
and I've been thinking lately about Donnna Farhi, the yoga teacher, maybe one of the most successful and wealthy yoga teachers in the world.  I trained with her in 2005,
as part of an educational incident I may have alluded to here previously, where Sonoma State University was advertising a Master's Degree in Psychology in Yoga Journal,
which had not been approved or reviewed by anyone at the University and in fact was a money making con set up by my mentor, Eleanor Criswell-Hanna.
When I complained about that, everyone covered uo everything, from SSU to WASC to everyone in between.  Subsequently, and paradoxically, as I recall the LA Catholic Loma Linda University 
claims to be the first graduate program in the USA teaching yogic sciences. 
I recently started what I hope to be a delightful relationship with a Pilates teacher who has had her own string of run-ins with various self-styled gurus of Pilates;
I see the benefit of maintaining the marketable Pilates brand (which went before the Supreme Court of the United States) but I also see her developing her own brand.
I recall writing the University of Otago, I think I wrote their "gay rights" club, in maybe 2014, reaching out again and again and again for help in addresing my dispute with Stanley Paris,
which as we know continues to be covered up, denied, and ignored.
I look forward to writing Dr. Gillian Abel about the global Public Health nightmare being orchestrated and overseen by Stanley Paris and the American Physical Therapy Association. 
An IBM executive told me I should in fact write a book, but it will take time to redesign and re-edit a linear story that leads the reader along by the hand... 
I will certainly consider this if I have time, though it's funny of course that I should have an easy friendly publisher in Hearst, and yet Hearst has screwed me over for decades and that is part of the core story... 
Before reading note again my ongoing point that the APTA & Stanley Paris have systematically ignored their own Mission Statement and Code of Conduct for decades, because "some animals are more equal than others"... 
Erica O'Connor has been lying about me and defaming me for ten years... The American Physical Therapy Association has been stabbing me in the back for 15 years, along with the AMTA... I slept well last night anyways.
6/20/2018: I was driving through Palo Alto to Evolution Trainers to see my friend Yoshiko Sakai, the acupuncturist from Japan,
and it was certainly another day of being overwhelmed by Silicon Valley life. 
At Evolution Trainers, I parked next to a brand new Bentley sports car (someday you'll afford a Bugatti! You can use 100 "racing fuel", while knowing that 93 is illegal in CA...
Ah! the hilarious hypocrisy...). 
On my way there, the Northbound Highway 101 was shut down by at least 20 CHP motorcyclists 
escorting who I can only imagine was maybe Angela Merkel, with German flags flying...
I'm just starting to read former EBay CFO Maynard Webb's book on modern entrepreneurship... You'll never believe who told me to read his book...
I think it's funny, actually, that Maynard lives in Los Gatos, where Massage is legally defined as a "sex studio", while prostitution is illegal.  What is a "sex studio"?
You're the one with the degree in Criminal Justice, Mr. Webb, can you answer that one for me?
Leaf blowers are illegal in Los Gatos, but thinly veiled massage=prostitution is okey dokey karaoke!  What would your wife or daughter say to that, Mr. Webb?
The APTA released a "white paper" insisting they care, and have the right answers for the opioid crisis... While refusing to acknowledge my phone calls for 15 years...
Here's a fun one!  I found the diamond necklace I gave Erica O' Connor in a box out of the storage unit the other day; so posting this somehow feels right, poetic... 

Intel Corporation today announced the resignation of Brian Krzanich as CEO and a member of the Board of Directors.

The Board has named Chief Financial Officer Robert Swan Interim Chief Executive Officer, effective immediately.

Intel was recently informed that Mr. Krzanich had a past consensual relationship with an Intel employee.

An ongoing investigation by internal and external counsel has confirmed a violation of Intel's non-fraternization policy,

which applies to all managers. Given the expectation that all employees will respect Intel's values and adhere to the company's code of conduct,

the Board has accepted Mr. Krzanich's resignation.

"The Board believes strongly in Intel's strategy and we are confident in Bob Swan's ability to lead the company as we conduct a robust search for our next CEO.

Bob has been instrumental to the development and execution of Intel's strategy, and we know the company will continue to smoothly execute.

We appreciate Brian's many contributions to Intel," said Intel Chairman Andy Bryant.

        Intel expects to deliver a record second quarter, with revenues of approximately $16.9 billion...Brian's total compensation topped $21 million last year... 
6/18/2018: Natasha Zouves, reporter and morning news anchor for KGO-TV in San Francisco, California, still has my Molecular Cell Biology text she "borrowed"
from me when she was still living with her M.D. parents and studying pre-med.  Her Mom is Chinese ethnically, though raised in Canada, and I'm curious how Natasha might 
personally feel, or professionally cover, the story about Harvard discriminating against Asians.  I hope Natasha is aware of my story, the APTA/Hearst 24/7 Cover-up, etc., 
which somehow makes more sense today after I read in more graphic detail about the J. Robert Port (Professor of Investigative Journalism at Columbia via Hearst) spa prostitution bust,
and it's proximity to Eliot Spitzer's corruption and money-laundering cover-up by J. Robert Port...
You know Eliot Spitzer is supposed to BE the POTUS right now, he was supposed to be Obama's VP...? 
6/16/2018: I was thinking of posting the lyrics to the title track to Robert Plant's 2017 album he is touring for now, "Carry Fire", (in my naked hands), set to Turkish Sufi rhythms...
I still am really not that impressed with one of his referenced Massage Therapists, though that Sufi yoga guy in LA seems super interesting, I know I have his name here somewhere 
or about Metallica's similarly phrased charity, but for now, here at this time I think the best thing to do is to post an article my Mom mailed me in 2005.
The Queen of England, as we know, recently "knighted" Catharine Healy, to reward her for her work promoting rape/sexual harassment of Massage Therapists. 
As expected, #metoo says jack shit, and Hollywood is silent, along with the NYT, etc.  NPR simply lies, taking the easy way out.
Anyways, the article my Mom printed out and mailed to me was published Tuesdsay, August 9, 2005 on New Zealand news site"
Clients' sex demands a nightmare for Massage Therapists... advertising puts them at risk...  stopped advertising in newspapers because of abuse...
emotionally damaging...
The Queen of England celebrates rape of Massage Therapists, and maybe you do too?  Nancy Pelosi & Kamala Harris love the corruption, and the money it brings to their coffers...
While the American Physical Therapy Association blacklists the simplest forms of diversity, and anyone discussing these topics, from having a voice or education of any kind. 
Being strangled by the Pope, the politicians, Paris, the Press... "Fresh Air" is Dead Air, a perpetual bullshit parade. 
I may have met a new girl I think I might like, and she might like me, though I don't know whether or how to talk about these things, she works in the outer circles of the Physical Therapy world as well... 
I still don't really feel comfortable with the title of the gay-rights group, Human Rights Campaign (HRC)
but I found the cv for Gary Gorniak again, knowing he was supposed to be my Program Director for my DPT under Stanley Paris @ St. Augustine,
and it makes me cringe when I read that he lists his work promoting genocide and discrimination against gays with the Catholic Church is listed as, "community service". 
at least reading and understanding these truths about Dr. Gorniak's deep-seated hatred for his fellow earthlings gives the way I have been treated context. 
Why would I expect to be treated with fairness, fidelity, or fraternal friendship by someone who wants to kill me, and a lot of my friends and associates, with the support of his church? 
6/13/2018:  This can't be happening, this is completely impossible, but so true...  I was reading documents pertaining to my relationship with the DPT at the University of St. Augustine,
and I was completely blown away to find that six years after I started writing these snippets and postings at, my faculty advisor, Sharon Fair, PsyD, PT,
authored and published a textbook: Wellness And Physical Therapy (Contemporary Issues in Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Medicine) (2009) Paperback
Guess how long it is?  370 Pages.
Tell me again how I don't exist, that I have never existed, how I'm completely irrelevant, and how my story has made no waves at all... We really should talk, Dr. Fair.
6/12/2018:  I went to the Biochemistry lecture at UC Berkeley last night, and one of my classmates was deaf, so he had a translator, two actually, they trade off to rest. 
One of the sign language interpreters was a male with pierced ears; not just pierced, but with the large skin-stretching hoops.  I'm the freak?
I keep finding ridiculous gems while organizing boxes from my storage unit.  I found a flyer from what was supposed to be my 1st concert, the Toy Dolls, with opening act the Cosmic Spatulas.
Dig That Groove, Baby!
Worse Things Happen at Sea!
Don't Step on My Blue Suede Shoes!
I've probably said this before elsewhere, and questioned the sensitivity and relevance, but at the time I was 14 & madly in love with Karin Swinney, who later married a UCLA MBA transgender 
and opened the first body piercing studio I think in all of New Mexico, after doing lesbian BDSM porn for Susie Bright, maybe to piss off her evangelical banker Dad, or me (she mailed me these things)
then marrying famous punk rock photographer Edward Colver... We never made it to the Toy Dolls concert, so my actual 1st concert was Siouxsie & the Banshees with Love and Rockets... 
But seriously, folks, I found the absurd and lie-filled album of documents relating to my 2003 dispute with Stanley Paris and the American Physical Therapy Association, U of St. Augustine, etc.
It is important to note several points: I am accused of being uneducated, by the people refusing to abide by their own contract and rules, and educate me.
It is falsely stated by Stanley Paris and the University of St. Augustine that, "Mr. Longcor never filed a complaint... never made an effort to resolve his concern."
This lie and many others are given complete confidence and trust by the APTA, while I am thrown under the bus.
Specifically, Stanley Paris wrote me an email June 23, 2003 which clearly states, " are not entitled to a refund."  So who paid off my student loan, and why?
Dr. Paris also states, "You did not follow the grievance procedures...".
And as we all know, the only agenda actually happening here is: Cover up, deny, and ignore. 
Thanks Mom!  Thanks Dr. Paris!  Thanks Dr. Gorniak!  Thanks for the poverty, the knife in the back, and the teachings of Jesus Christ, the Lord!
6/11/2018:  I was talking to an IBM executive about Bitcoin today, and now his perspective makes more sense after I read the Forbes article, "IBM will beat Bitcoin"
I think this article and topic create an introspective interlink re: all I have written about here of late, from corruption to organizational structure, to old-school vs. new school. 
I am looking at a threatening letter written to me from the Attorney representing the University of St. Augustine, falsely claiming my "case is closed" and I can only talk to him...
Note that I was advised to to sue him and his employer, and the Association (APTA) by the Dean of Physical Therapy at CUNY Hunter.
I finished reading Client 9, and it seemed to be more about the author cheerleading for the Democratic Party and admonishing Post reporter Fred Dicker than Client 9 in fact.
I may note though, that Eliot Spitzer's happiest time as Governor is said to be his going to see Bruce Springsteen (a man with pierced ears) in concert.
There are several interweaving undercurrent reasons I brought up Tom Araya. 
His lawsuits against identity thieves (Identity Thief of Massage Therapists, Catherine Healy, was Knighted/Damed by the Queen of England... and noone says a word...)
His orthopedic cervical injuries and surgery, and likely significant Physical Therapy, etc. are a huge issue.  He has to know Robert Trujillo, and Chloe, who I know as well.
His relationship with James Hetfield comes to mind, and also his sister's fight with cancer.  His albums being banned in India, I think "God Hates Us All" in particular.
On the current tour, Lamb of God changed it's name to that after being banned from playing the Staples Center in LA; their original name was "Burn the Priest".
My friend who wrote the legal textbook on money laundering might call a certain Supreme court Justice a "rock star", but will she talk about who paid off my student loan?
The University of St. Augustine won't tell me, the American Physical Therapy Association won't tell me, and the bank won't tell me.  Can I sue to find out who did that, & Why?
Although I consider my pierced ears a matter of generational fashion, it is likely that part of this debate's perspective is motivated by anti-transgender emotions,
so it is probably important that I mention here that certain politicians in NY recently proposed the most far-reaching pro-transgender policies so far in the USA.
I can take this a step further here by observing Trump's meeting in Korea, and noting that in shaman rituals in Korea, transgenderism is a frequent practice.
Kim should show up in a dress, that'll throw Trump off beat considerably, I imagine.  I have an organic chemistry/biochemistry review tonight, so cis/trans is on my mind.
Oddly enough, the only person I know who has ever made a living as an PhD Anthropologist works for Facebook, figuring out new tribes, for marketing purposes.
6/7/2018: I found my list of classmates from 2003 at the University of St. Augustine, and I wrote one of them, Hidelisa Manibusan, who is now at UCSF.
I talked about the way I have been abused by the American Physical Therapy Association, and screwed over relentlessly and ruthlessly by so many "mentors". 
I want to take the time here today to recognize three people who I think read this, and inspire me often.
All 3 are women.  All 3 are here in the Silicon Valley.  One is a lawyer with a degree in engineering; her father is an engineering professor, so like Krista Fechner, PhD,
she started learning math at home for fun at a young age.  She did engineering first, then law.  She seems awestruck by how much money people will pay for her advice.
The second source of inspiration for me today is the semi-punk who had no idea what she wanted to do, then met a friend who inspired her, 
so quite by accident, it seems, she became a research physicist at Stanford, technically working in biomedical engineering.  I don't think she knows her father.
The 3rd is another engineer, moving into business.  I hesitate to mention this, but she may have insinuated I have insulted her father, who is an angel investor heavy-hitter,
the kind of guy who would play golf with Larry Ellison or Tim Cook or Mark Zuckerberg- and beat them.  Did I insult her father?  Did I tell the truth about "the internet was made for porn"?
She has a sense of humor and an objective sense of how to triage a situation and make sacrifices.  Her father made more money in the last ten minutes than I will make this year.
My stepfather found his father's dead body after a successful suicide effort, and he was raised in a very complicated family and generation- it's hard for me to understand him.
I managed to walk in circles for hours at Ikea without losing my mind thinking about Amy Pfaffman, but then I found a short letter she wrote to me about picking her up at the airport
when we were living together as "breeders" above the Castro in SF, and I had to stop and take a break.  My heart medication wasn't designed for this level of moodswing.
I keep thinking about buying backstage tickets to meet Tom Araya & Co. during his final tour, after 37 years, and I love Paul Bostaph's video filmed in St. Augustine he posted on youtube...
Unless I start taking a Biochemistry class next week, or really want to take that next LSAT, every day off work for the next month I will be sorting through boxes from the storage unit...
My prize possessions which are so hard to move and take up so much space are all outdated, really- records?  VHS tapes?  books, including huge and heavy books like Black's Law Dictionary?
I have two Olympic signs left that I haven't given away.  I gave one to Steve Vera, my neighbor childhood friend, he owns & one to Kevin Stone, MD... CUL8R
Does the Queen of England, in fact, speak "the Queen's English"? 
Please let me restate here that in 2006 I met in person with MP Tim Barnett of NZ, author of the law Catherine Healy was just honored by Queen Elizabeth for her involvement in.
Will Tim Barnett be so honored by said Queen?  Will I be so recognized by the Queen?  How would that reflect upon Stanley Paris, the NZer who destroyed my PT career?
note that Stanley Paris was a "masseur" for the Team NZ Olympics, before I was born in 1970. 
New Zealand equates "massage" and "spa" with "prostitution", formally, and legally in both the 1978 Massage Parlor Act, and the 2003 Prostitution Reform Act.
By giving "Dame" status to New Zealander Catherine Healy, is it not true that
the Queen of England has in fact given 100% endorsement to Larry Nassar's "massage" methods,
to the rape and harassment of massage clients,
and the rape and sexual harassment of Massage Therapists, both in New Zealand and in all areas prone to recognizing "the Queen's English"? 
Does the Queen of England see the problem she has created here?  I invite the Queen, and other related parties, to formally address this issue as soon as possible.
I invite the Queen of England to kneel before me, to kiss my feet, and cry. 
As long as I am addressing English royalty, I want to take a moment here to recognize Prince Harry's beard, and his recent marriage to a woman of mixed racial heritage.
My stepfather gave me one line of dating advice: "No Blacks", which may be related to the mentality which told me I would be thrown out of the house if I pierced my ears,
and the fact that I have been shunned by him ever since I came out as an aspiring Lawyer/Scientist who fails to see evidence for: life after death, or many supernatural theories.
I finally got my biopsy test results and it says I do not have maxillofacial bone cancer. 
6/6/2018: What would be the perfect way to maybe synthesize and synchronize the fact that yesterday
the Queen of England gave Royal "Dame" status (read that history!) to the prostitute who worked with 
MP Tim Barnett in New Zealand to decriminalise prostitution, along with continuing other themes,
such as criticizing the media at large, the APTA, and even my fact-based analysis re: the body, including circumcision, going way beyond simple massage and bodywork concepts? 
Here you go:
British Journal of Urology International is seeking to appoint the next Editor at the end of 2018.
If you are interested in this role, please email Nicola Quinnen, BJUI Chief Executive, at 
6/3/2018: I am reminded again of the "time flies" saying that Benjamin Franklin placed on the first coins minted for the United States (before the absurd "In God We Trust" was added many years later)
(everyone knows the "Under God" Pledge of Allegiance that "conservatives" love so much was written by a Socialist/Communist, right?  Does America make sense, or even try?)
Anyways, I was thinking about Franz Hoek, who I still believe might be the most famous client I will ever have (sure, James Hetfield is famous, but with Hoek we are talking about the biggest sport on Earth)
Other names have been famous, Hearst, DuPont, the Olympics, top designers of the iPhone... are you famous?  Do you care? ...
Anyways somehow I lost track of Franz Hoek, who to this day gave me the most ridiculous job I have ever been assigned to: "Take my wife and daughter to Disneyland";
so now Franz has coached for: Ajax Amsterdam, FC Barcelona, FC Bayern Munich, and Manchester United, and maybe now I wonder if he will retire soon, working for a Turkish team and the Dutch National Team.
For some reason Franz once told me that he considers his bloodline to be, not Dutch, but "gypsy"... so working in Turkey makes sense for him, though a big switch after Manchester, Munich, Barcelona, Amsterdam.
I find it truly difficult to comprehend that the truly professional respect for my talents has come, no, not from the APTA or Stanley Paris, or Hearst/Disney ESPN, or the pricks at AP/BBC, but from Franz Hoek. 
6/3/2018: My friend Jessica, who blew $6K on Active Release Technique certification even before we met and worked together as MT's at the Jewish Community Center,
and is profoundly aware of the various aspects of BS and corruption I have attempted to consider here, has given up trying to have a rational Massage career after 17 yrs
to become a paralegal.  Jess says: Fuck you AMTA, fuck you Google, Democratic Party, fuck you Republican Party, fuck you New York Times, fuck you Fox News, etc.
Eventually we tire of your endless curruption and lies, you see.
I need to offer congratulations to Alex Honnold and Tommy Caldwell for breaking the El Capitan speed record on the Nose.  I almost met Tommy last year at Planet Granite in Sunnyvale.
I belatedly learned about Hans Florine breaking his legs on the Nose, and maybe I should follow through on a promise I made to him a few years ago about giving him my
red, white and blue Olympic fractional weightlifting plates
since Hans says now that he can't climb for awhile, he wants to make his arms huge. 
6/1/2018: A friend was suggesting I write a book, and it reminded me that I have thought for the last year about the possibility of
using a mixed acronym here for this website and it's future focus, like MASS Agarose Gel Electrophoresis Well, so I'm excited
that by a stroke of luck, I might be getting Michael Hunkapiller's autograph soon, or maybe even meeting him in person.
The WSJ just wrote this article about one of his current projects:
I am still such a neophyte in terms of studying genetics, but I find this interesting and inspiring.   
5/30/2018:  I found a nearly twenty year old check from Michelle DuPont, as in "DuPont", at my storage unit, I guess during a period of disorganization I neglected to cash it.
I'm glad I didn't actually, since my relationship with the DuPont's says a lot about my efforts to face various ethical and professional questions I have attempted to address here. 
Some people say I shouldn't post these facts, but others say it promotes a sense of transparency and honesty to my story here.
I remember talking to Michelle about prostitution=massage questions and related issues, and she seemed coyly aware of it's role throughout her elite circle.
I still think people like Gavin Newsom, the APTA elites, etc. should realize I have made more than one significant point, and my story deserves a fair hearing. 
I was at my storage unit today, moving everything to one location finally, reading Marie Kondo books as inspiration;
but while trying to throw as many things away as possible, to pare down and simplify,
I found my first Deep Tissue and first Prenatal Massage Certificates, both completed in 1994, the same year I got my BA in Psychology, the same year I met Tom Hendrickson,
my ears weren't pierced yet, I was only 23, and Kurt Cobain had recently stuck a shotgun in his mouth and ventilated his posterior cranium... I kept his picture on my wall.
I hadn't yet met Amy Pfaffman, and at that time was still vascillating with Joyce Breckenridge, the girl I got my ears pierced to impress a year or two later. 
I appreciate Professor Thomson's joke about flower (angiosperm) male parts having "style" (you have to study botany to get this)... 
Someone asked me why I was talking about Kellogg's book "Plain Facts", and apparently didn't know that he also wrote "Art of Massage" a textbook still in print & use.
"Plain Facts" gives a better vision into Kellogg's mind, morals, and legacy.  This reminds me I have never read William James "The Varieties of Religious Experience"; I refer to it so often... 
5/28/2018: I would be remiss if I did not note some extraordinary coincidences in regards to recent posts:
The World Golf Hall of Fame and the World Golf Village are both in St. Augustine, and Vijay Singh used to have a house in Ponte Vedra,
so, who knows, maybe Tiger Woods has for some reason stumbled across my story here and thinks I have a worthy story re: St. Augustine...
I have been shopping for furniture at Ikea, and I knew this would happen, because despite the passing years, I am clearly still in love with Amy Pfaffman...
So going to Ikea makes me think of Amy, and therefore I woke up twice last night in the middle of dreaming about Amy, crying... in both dreams she was with another man...
And yes, it is a collusion between Gavin Newsom's desire to promote prostitution as massage, and the simultaneous opposition by the APTA of ordinary student diversity
which destroyed and held back by Massage Therapist success in SF, and my Doctorate PT success in FL, and therefore our love, our marriage, and our family. 
I think Gavin Newsom is an absolutely wicked man, as is Stanley Paris...
Nevertheless, let's say my overpriced storage unit has filled some purpose, since today I found this delightful gem that you & Tiger Woods might get a kick out of:
Dead Point Magazine, June 2012 (The year Adidas bought Five Ten): Chasing Numbers: Constant cam angle in most spring-loaded camming devices (invented by a NASA engineer btw): 13.75
Estimated age of the universe in Billions of years: 13.75
...Limit in inches above the knee of women's shorts in WPGA golf: 6
Limit in inches above the knee in USA Climbing and adult ABS events: 4
Inches of inseam in Verve's best selling women's shorts: 3 
I have often found the topic of Tiger Woods interesting for many reasons, one of which is how most people I know say he is "black", when he is half-Thai
but they never talk about him being Asian at all.  Again, the University of Central Florida Institute for Diversity and Ethics in Sport clearly believes, 
with it's Director being on ESPN's (80% Disney owned, 20% Hearst owned) payroll, that Tiger Woods is not Asian, because Asians do not exist in America-
there is only Corporate approved Diversity.
Anyways, I'm very interested in the fact that Tiger has come out in support of a dress code change in his world:
"It would be nice to wear shorts. Even with my little chicken legs, I still would like to wear shorts." 
About halfway between the headquarters for Oracle and Apple, maybe 3 miles from the headquarters for Facebook, there is a gigantic statue of a male with pierced ears,
the Lord Buddha, next to the Highway.  The Buddha is sitting, smiling, making a gesture of peace in meditation.  Why do Christians so often choose hate and war?
Where in the Bible does it say, "Hate thy brother"?  Ask around...
Psalm 137:9 Happy is the one who seizes your infants and dashes them against the rocks. 
5/26/2018: I regret to say some time has passed since one of my Scottish friends (a male born in the 1970's with pierced ears)

suggested I consult Britain's Dress Act of 1746 in order to further understand that the history of
the intent of the dress code that the APTA, Stanley Paris, etc. is using to kill me and my PT career (and maybe you) is rooted in eccentric abuse of power, not reason:
16. And be it further enacted by the authority aforesaid, That from and after the first day of August, one thousand seven hundred and forty seven,
no man or boy, within that part of Great Briton called Scotland, other than shall be employed as officers and soldiers in his Majesty’s forces,
shall on any pretence whatsoever, wear or put on the clothes commonly called Highland Clothes (that is to say) the plaid, philibeg, or little kilt,
trowse, shoulder belts, or any part whatsoever of what peculiarly belongs to the highland garb; and that no TARTAN, or partly-coloured plaid
or stuff shall be used for great coats, or for upper coats; and if any such person shall presume, after the said first day of August,
to wear or put on the aforesaid garments or any part of them, every such person so offending, being convicted thereof by the oath of one
or more credible witness or witnesses before any court of justiciary, or any one or more justices of the peace for the shire or stewartry,
or judge ordinary of the place where such offence shall be committed, shall suffer imprisonment, without bail, during the space of six months,
and no longer; and being convicted for a second offence before a court of justiciary or at the circuits,
shall be liable to be transported to any of his Majesty’s plantations beyond the seas, there to remain for a space of seven years.  
Note that my banishment and blacklisting by the APTA, at 15 years and counting, is now beyond double this midevil torture method from 1746. 
5/25/2018:  I wrote a snail-mail letter to the founder of The Insitute for Diversity and Ethics in Sport (also Chair of Sports Management at the Business School)
at the University of Central Florida in Orlando, FL, including copies of my acceptance letter to the DPT at the University of St. Augustine, and last letter
from USA stating "you are not appropriate" from 2013.
This is important and timely since the APTA's convention is in Orlando in a few weeks, and the DPT Chair at UCF, Patrick Pabian, was my classmate at USA in 2003,
when I was told that males with pierced ears were commiting a crime on par with rape or murder, a position the APTA upholds, without debate, to this day.
I noted that the Institute of Diversity at UCF has zero Asians, and several other remarkable inconsistencies...
as well since Dr. Lapchick is on ESPN's payroll, I am sceptical of his ability to question how ESPN's overlords like William Randolph Hearst III continue to abuse me
and lie about me, every single day... 
5/21/2018:  I heard that WalMart has updated it's dress code to allow blue jeans, so now WalMart is only 137 years behind American fashion trends.
I expect soon they will require Management to wear top hats. 
I wanted to briefly clarify and elucidate some comments I have made in regards to the Roman Catholic Order, De La Salle Christian Brothers.
As  this Canadian Medical Association article about Heroin and Hospice makes patently obvious
what Brother Ron was doing in providing heroin to Brothers in severe pain was likely true to his principles and directives;
his closeted gay life, and the closeted gay life of maybe 30% of the Brothers, is another matter, quite beyond my control, or interest really,
other than to again compare and contrast how I have been treated by the American Physical Therapy Association, cult of terror,
versus the far more accomodating and friendly Jewish Community Center and De La Salle Christian Brothers. 
Why is St. Mary's inviting me to apply to their MBA, while the APTA continues to insist that I simply do not exist, I have never existed, & I will never exist?
5/20/2018: Earlier this year when I went to my Aunt's funeral in Georgia, I told my cousin, in an attempt to find common ground and mutual acceptance,
to treat my Atheist silence like he would a Quaker.  I had read Benjamin Franklin's autobiography, and recalled how he liked to take naps at Quaker ceremonies.
Which reminds me of my noting that Leaf Blowers are illegal in Silicon Valley's Los Gatos, and other wealthy enclaves run by the Siesta Party: Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Nappiness!
Anyways, then I read that actually the Baptist/Puritans in Massachusetts used to hang and torture Quakers (or even people who rented a room to a Quaker, tolerating or befriending them),
so I don't know if that reference brought peace to my cousin or our family... 
5/20/2018:  I have 2 somewhat major points to make here today.  One may significantly change my abilities to conduct the research I have commented upon here for over 10 years.
Google has again "upgraded" it's News page so that it is now impossible, as far as I can tell, for me to conduct successful searches for "real news".  Only fake news is available now.
They did something similar maybe a year ago, but I was able to figure out a way to override Google intentional censorship and interference by severely misspelling words, 
which would lead to an "archive" database where searches could be made by posting date and for specific words.  Now there is no index search option, and you are only given a 
few choices after searching for a word (often here that word is "massage" and it's various spin-off related terms) chosen by Google's "editors".  I will try to find a way to find "real news",
but I cannot honestly recommend anyone, anywhere, since literally every news source I can think of has major biases making it very difficult for an intelligent discerning reader to even try
to search for truth, or vaguely balanced reporting.  
The other point I wanted to make is that in the last two days-two years both Democrat President Jimmy Carter and Republican President Donald Trump has spoken at the Osteopathic Medical School 
commencement at Jerry Falwell's Evangelical Baptist "Liberty" University.  Maybe you don't think this is news, but I am fascinated by this tri-level congruence, this simple truth that Carter=Trump.
I'd also like to add here since it fits perfectly into what I've been observing here for years, a brief quote for Peter Elkind's book, Client 9:
"Chapter 6... In the City of New York, Expensive prostitution rings were one of those open secrets... hidden in plain view, and sometimes not hidden at all. 
New York magazine, the glossy chronicler of the city's upscale lifestyle, had for years filled it's back pages- and bank account- with ads for escort services..." 
5/19/2018:  I am truly amused to read that Stephen King's newest book centers on a "massage parlor" called Cloud 9; Mr. King, if you read this, please note my last phone call was to 
the Osteopathic Medical School in Maine; questions about Biochemistry.
I read recently about the Napa-based "life" movement winning a ruling in CA suspending physician-assisted suicide.
I fell ethically and morally compelled to note that, as far as I know this is still the way things are done;
I worked for 17 years for the largest Roman Catholic monastery in Napa, including for the retired and infirm, and I can assure you that while they may not allow "suicide"
what they will do is this:
The Brother Director will go to Oakland and get heroin for any Brothers who are in serious pain and likely dying of, say, bone cancer.  Heroin.  Addiction is not a concern at this point in life. 
I finished reading that book about Roger Williams.  I didn't know that 3.7% of England's population died in the Civil War leading to Oliver Cromwell's rule, when the House of Lords and the monarchy was banned...
Higher numbers died in Scotland and Ireland. 
5/17/2018:  With remarkably perfect timing, I emailed Michigan State University a question about Biochemistry prerequites, I received my copy of Peter Elkind's book about Eliot Spitzer, "Client 9",
(as Governor of New York he was routinely cheating on his wife with $5000 an hour prostitutes (while enforcing anti-prostitution laws) and posing with Hilary Clinton on the same day,
while aspiring to be President of the United States, remember Eliot?)- this cannot be stated without noting that Israel's Knesset is today looking at banning prostitution employment ads...
and all this happened the same day that Michigan State University was hit with a $500 Million fine, as in: 1/2 Billion Dollars.
for it's supposedly unusual inability to realistically approach the possibility that Osteopathic Physician Larry Nassar was being overly sexual somehow in his treatments. 
This is happening while local Silicon Valley pedophile Sheriff Bolanos is easily cruising towards election with little to no fuss whatsoever, not even a mild debate.  He will make $500K per year, and oversee Google, Apple, and Facebook.
A proper historical understanding of how ridiculous and hypocritical this all is is impossible without noting the ongoing influence of Michigan MD John Harvey Kellogg, who invented the corn flake.
Debates have sprung up recently in mostly Nordic areas: Iceland, Finland, Denmark, questioning the congruence of a Human Rights legal framework which simultaneously says,
"harming children is wrong and should be illegal", while falsely claiming that routing male circumcision is "not harmful", and should be perfectly legal, with really no reasoning whatsoever than "because I said so". 
Michigan's most famous Physician of all time is not Larry Nassar, it is John Harvey Kellogg,
who recommended routing male circumcision as a form of psychological torture to instill a fear of "the sin of Onan"-masturbation.  The famed Kellogg School of Business is named after his brother. 
Dr. Kellogg recommended putting carbolic acid on young girls clitorises to inflict pain and prevent pleasure.
Kellogg's ideas of the 1890's led to the extraordinary fact that although it was virtually nonexistent as a procedure before World War I, it is currently the single most common surgery in America-
with zero scientific reasoning, and zero regard for Human Rights laws.  This procedure was banned by an act of Congress on females in 1996, but Congress is incapable of mentioning it's effect on males-
because it's in the Bible.  Not one of the Presidents sculpted on Mount Rushmore were circumcised.  Zero.
The news today in Michigan still says, "John Harvey Kellogg was a great Doctor", but "Larry Nassar is a Monster".  Larry Nassar loses $500 Million.  Kellogg's makes $50 Billion.  "Crunch the Numbers"...
5/3/2018:  The Global MBA at St. Mary's College in Moraga, CA has contacted me about attending their program.
This is extremely significant, and almost impossible to believe.  I contacted them maybe four or five years ago, in a letter in which I mentioned some trivia,
such as the fact that their campus priest, Father Salvatore, is gay, as is the Brother Director at Sacred Heart Cathedral Preparatory in San Francisco;
after I was viciously attacked by Stanley Paris & the American Physical Therapy Association in 2003, and prevented from earning my Doctorate or License due to my ears,
the Roman Catholic De La Salle "Christian Brothers" gave me sanctuary at Mt. Veeder in Napa, where I attended Brother Jerome West's funeral-
there is a building at St. Mary's College named after Brother Jerome West.  So now, after years of silence, St. Mary's is asking me to attend their Global MBA?
What possible meaning might this have, in light of the fact that the APTA remains committed to bigotry, silence, and corruption, in the name of Stanley Paris, instead of health and healing? 
I should consider responding seriously to the Global MBA at St. Mary's College,
but first I want to get back in touch with national rugby team of Scotland and the University of Glasgow... Professor Thomson would be so amused... 
5/2/2018: I thought it couldn't get wierder, then I met a female lawyer from Christchurch, New Zealand with corporate banking law experience in London... we started to chat...
Sometimes I think it is possible that somehow, even though they seem commited to ignoring me and throwing me under the bus, that simultaneously in fact
I actually do in fact have the attention and awareness of the APTA, the New York Times, the Hearst Coprporation, Massage Magazine, and some other significant and influential voices. 
I got another call from China...Who was it?  I don't know.
The APTA today made mention which I thought might allude to recent posts I have made regarding interests in both science and law, which were for some reason
seen as worthy or insults and derogatory comments about having an identity crisis or some sort of mental illness.
Let me remind readers, especially at the APTA, that in fact Ron Scott, author of "mandatory" textbook Foundations of Physical Therapy, is in fact an MSPT/JD (better still an OCS).
I wrote professor Ron Scott in 2003 when this debate began, and like many at the APTA, his only response was to stick his head in the sand and hide,
because he knows he and Stanley Paris & the APTA are dead wrong.  What they are doing to me is unethical, unprofessional, and immoral. 
More generally, the founder of the Royal Academy of Sciences in the UK, Sir Francis Bacon, was in fact a lawyer/scientist who knew the King quite well.
Many want to argue that quite true points I have brought up, recently about George Gascon for example, are somehow inherently "antigay";
when in fact the only gay Prime Minister ever (a lesbian was elected in Iceland a few years ago...)
would likely agree with everything I have said, and certainly agree I deserve to be heard.  The APTA has hung up on me for 15 years, solid.
Perhaps more interesting still is the fact that I was talking to another female attorney about how
I was physically assaulted at Massage Envy by a female coworker a few years ago, and while at the time Massage Envy tried to offer me a hush settlement
I declined and wanted to go to trial, but at the time local attorneys in CA said "you are a male, therefore you have no case" -
this attorney seemed to imply things have changed, and the $250,000 out of court settlement I was first told would be mine (if I was a female) is something 
Massage Envy should be serious about writing a check that size or larger today, since they covered this up for years...
This doesn't come close to what the APTA is doing, every single day, in terms of grander consequences by blocking my Doctorate, but both are similar cases of power, coverup, and corruption. 
Both the APTA and Massage Envy are rock solid in absolutely refusing to tell the truth, absolutely refusing to consider justice or fairness or kindness as an option.
My dentist is from El Salvador, where the prostitutes have a soccer team...
I am almost done with the book about Roger Williams and the Separation of Church & State, and I know that in 1620 I would have had my ears chopped off, my nose split with an axe, and my body left in an open sewer...
in the name of Jesus!  Why?  For writing letters... for asking questions...
5/1/2018:  We could talk about flowers...
San Francisco District Attorney George Gascon announced an effort to put $1.4 million dollars into fighting massage parlor sex trafficking, while preparing to ride
in his own personal float, again, in a $3.7 million dollar parade promoting & celebrating massage sex trafficking
The story was announced in the San Francisco Examiner, which owns the SF Weekly, whose main source of income is publishing prostitution ads.